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    Kaps Binoculars Series.


    Description of Kaps Binoculars

    Third generation of Kaps Optik products can pride themselves in the best optical innovations and highly durable built materials. Kaps company offers series of mid-priced entry-level binoculars with four 8x32, 8x42, 10x42 and 8x56 models available, that provides extreme brightness and resolution. Brilliant razor-sharp image is definitely their best feature, with great ergonomics for easier handling and larger focusing knob that helps with incredibly firm and precise adjustments. Rubber armoring helps with protection against corrosion, impacts and scratches. They are also filled with nitrogen to eliminate internal fogging and are built with tight seals to make them impervious and indestructible. Kaps binoculars can satisfy every bird watcher, hunter, hobby astronomer and other outdoor enthusiast.


    Important Features

    The most prominent features of Kaps binoculars is their light transmission rate described below. The other great features these binoculars have is their upgraded ergonomics. They are lightweight and designed to feel comfortable in hands. With incredibly grippy central focus wheel that is also very big and easy to make proper adjustments with, these binoculars will help you with very comfortable use. The right-eye diopter set on the upper side of the barrel is also incredibly grippy and easy to use. Multi-positioned eyecups have click-stop mechanism that helps you with adjustments of proper eye-relief for those wearing eye glasses and those who don’t. When it comes to protection, Kaps binoculars won’t let you down even when facing extreme terrain and weather conditions. Smooth rubber armoring helps to protect the inner construction against impacts, scratches and also corrosion when the binoculars get into contact with water and other moisture. They are also tightly sealed to make the housing impervious to all impacts. They are able to withstand the rain, hurricane and snow, but also higher temperatures. They have implemented tripod adaptable screw to mount these binoculars to a tripod so shaky hands won’t be a problem, convenient especially when using those with higher magnification.


    Optical Properties


    Porro prism system on Kaps binoculars gives a little darker images compared to roof prism binoculars, but due to amazing high-quality coatings on all glass surfaces the difference is minimal. Kaps binoculars are multi-coated, phase corrected and equipped with Bak4 prisms. This helps with better light transmission rate and incredible contrast. View through is not only bright but it’s also incredibly colorful and razor-sharp from edge to edge. These coatings significantly eliminate the major distortions such as chromatic aberration and inner reflections. These binoculars will never let you down when facing challenging light conditions.



    These binoculars are equipped with padded neck strap for easy carrying and carry pouch for protection and storage. They also have objective covers and eyepiece covers for additional protection against scratches.


    Features of Kaps Binoculars

    • Multi-coated
    • Porro Prism Binoculars
    • Phase Correction
    • Prism Coatings
    • Bak4 Prisms
    • Rubber Armoring
    • Multipositoned Eyecups
    • Right-eye diopter
    • Central Focusing
    • Waterproof and fog-proof (Nitrogen filling)
    • Tripod Adaptable
    • Wider FOV (8x42)


    Accessories of Kaps Binoculars

    • Neck Strap
    • Carry Pouch
    • Objective Lens Covers
    • Rainguards
    • Lens Cleaning Cloth


    Available models of Kaps Binoculars

     Kaps 8x32

     Short-range, daytime binoculars

     Kaps 8x42

     Short-range, daytime binoculars

     Kaps 10x42

     Long-range, daytime binoculars

     Kaps 8x56

     Short-range, nighttime binoculars


    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    Kaps gives 2 years of warranty for their binoculars. The company repairs or replaces damaged products, without charge - covering defects in materials and workmanship.

    You can register these binoculars on http://www.kaps-zielfernrohre.de/en.


    You can learn more about our own warranty policy on the following link: https://www.optics-trade.eu/en/warranty-policy.html

    No matter what happens to your binoculars, we will be here to help you


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