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    Kahles Helia RF Binoculars.

    Description of Kahles Helia RF Binoculars

    Taking from their wealth of knowledge in ballistics and optics, Kahles has combined the premium level optics of their flagship Helia binoculars with a high-end laser rangefinder to offer the discerning hunter a superior quality instrument for the best chance of success.

    These Kahles binoculars come in 8x42 and 10x42 configurations to match your preference of wide-angle and superior low light performance versus long-distance observation.

    Available in a distinctive brown finish, the Kahles Helia RF Binoculars certainly stand out from the competition, but at the same time blend in with nature when out in the field and offer a good level of camouflage.

    Important Features

    As well as camouflage, the rubber armor exterior ensures a slip-free surface in all weather conditions and protects a tough aluminum chassis underneath. Fully sealed the Helia RF is both waterproof and thanks to the nitrogen filling, is fog proof as well.

    The integrated laser rangefinder has a range of between 10 and 1500 meters and the heads-up OLED display has five brightness settings for ranging in all light conditions.

    Intuitive menu navigation enables quick and easy adjustments to settings and modes. Here a standard range can be displayed as well as an angle-compensated measurement that takes ballistics into account.

    The rangefinder on the Helia RF also has a scan mode that continuously supplies distance information as you pan about and is perfect for moving targets.

    The Helia RF is powered by an easy-to-find CR2 battery and is said to provide over 3000 measurements before the need to change.

    Optical Properties


    A large, centrally located focus wheel allows for accurate single-handed focal adjustments, even whilst wearing thick winter gloves and the diopter adjustment ring is positioned in the standard position near the eye-piece and enables you to compensate for any differences in vision between your left and right eyes.

    The twist-up eyecups have 4 click-stop positions to enable a good level of fine-tuning, which in combination with the eye-relief of 18.5mm (8x42) or 16.5mm (10x42) makes these an excellent option for eyeglass wearers.

    The field of view on both models is more than satisfactory, indeed they compare very well with other leading rangefinder binoculars in the market.


    The package is beautifully finished off with the inclusion of beautifully handmade wool & felt protective case and real leather neck strap from the prestigious Waldkauz® company.

    These binoculars are also supplied with objective lens covers and a rain guard.

    Features of Kahles Helia RF Binoculars

    • Aluminum Body
    • Roof Prisms
    • Rubber Armoring
    • Multi-positioned Eyecups
    • Central Focusing
    • Right-eye diopter
    • Waterproof and fog-proof (Nitrogen filling)

    Accessories of Kahles Helia RF Binoculars

    • Handmade Leather-wool Neck Strap
    • Handmade Case-protection from alpine Loden materials
    • Objective Lens Covers
    • Rainguard
    • Lens Cleaning Cloth

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    Kahles offers a 10-year guarantee on these Helia RF binoculars, with a 2-year guarantee offered on the electronics.


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    Kahles Helia RF 10x42

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