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Docter Binoculars

Docter B/GA

Extremely durable Docter B/GA is perfect binoculars you can take with you when facing extreme terrain at the sea, deserts, permafrost and tropical areas. These unbreakable binoculars with unique traditional design are able to function from -25°C to +45°C. These binoculars are also equipped with DOCTER®multitop on ED low-dispersion glass and individual focusing.


Docter Compact

Docter Compact offers great ergonomic design and optical performance implemented into two 8x21 and 10x25 models. Extremely lightweight, small and hand-friendly binoculars are perfect for different use in the wildlife such as bird watching, traveling, camping, hiking, safari, sports events etc. Multi-coated system offers great optical performance and double-hinge allows you to easily fold binoculars together and store them into pockets.


Docter ED

The top-selling Docter binoculars with 42mm and 45mm objective lenses are extremely versatile and able to give bright images even during the most challenging light conditions with the help of DOCTER® multitop coatings on ED glass. These binoculars have wider FOV, multi-positioned eyecups and very durable armoring with nitrogen gas filling.


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