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    Celestron Binoculars

    Celestron Cavalry

    Cavalry series offers binoculars for observation in low-light conditions. They are extremely durable and suitable for hunting, law enforcement, military applications and also marine use with 7x50 model with integrated compass and GPS. Cavalry binoculars are fully waterproof and fog-proof, and offer fully multi-coated optics and wider field of view.


    Celestron Cometron

    Cometron offers award winning binoculars for amateur astronomers. These entry-level series have an incredible light gathering ability for stargazing and other nighttime observations with 7x50 and 12x70 configurations. Cometron binoculars are splash-proof, fully multi-coated with BaK-4 glass, using foldable eyecups and central focusing mechanism.


    Celestron Echelon

    Echelon award winning series offers high-power binoculars for long-range viewing, perfect for nighttime scanning and observations of the night sky. These binoculars have fully multi-coated optics for incredible performance with the help of BaK-4 prism glass, individual focusing, foldable eyecups and are also fully waterproof and fog-proof.


    Celestron Granite ED

    The high-end Celestron series Granite ED offers incredible award winning binoculars suitable for hunting, birdwatching, astronomy and other wildlife observations in the nature. Open-bridge design and ultra-light magnesium housing help for comfortable handling. Incredible optical performance is the result of fully multi-coated lenses and Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass. They are also fully waterproof and fog-proof, have central focusing system and eyecups with twist-up mechanism.


    Celestron Landscout

    LandScout binoculars are suitable for every wildlife observation, whether you are a hunter, birdwatcher or just nature lover. With incredibly small dimensions, these Porro prism binoculars feel incredibly comfortable when holding in hands. Great optical performance is a result of fully multi-coated system, phase correction and BaK-4 glass. These binoculars have large field of view and are fully waterproof and fog-proof.


    Celestron Nature DX

    Celestron Nature DX series offers versatile binoculars, from pocket, compact, all-round size to models for low-light observations. Suitable for hunting and birdwatching, they make a great companion in concerts or sports events viewing. They are fully multi-coated for high-quality performance, straight-through design for comfortable handling, wider field of view and are also 100% waterproof and fog-proof.


    Celestron Outland X

    Very affordable series Celestron Outland X offers entry-level binoculars for every nature adventurer. There are pocket, compact, all-round and low-light models available equipped with BaK-4 glass, multi-coated lenses, twist-up eyecups, central focusing mechanism and are fully waterproof and fog-proof. They are very lightweight thanks to polycarbonate body offering comfortable handling.


    Celestron SkyMaster

    Award winning SkyMaster binoculars offer extreme power and large objective lenses, which together make a perfect equipment for low-light observations of the night sky. There are also two models available with variable magnifications (zoom) so you don't have to change the position. SkyMaster series has a Porro prism design for incredible bright images, multi-coated or fully multi-coated (dx models) system and splash-proof construction.


    Celestron Trailseeker

    TrailSeeker series offer high-end binoculars for beginners in hunting, birdwatching and other wildlife observations. These award winning series are equipped with high-quality optics with fully multi-coated system and offers wide field of view. Durable construction is waterproof, fog-proof and offers ergonomics that are comfortable for handling.


    Celestron Upclose

    UpClose series by Celestron offers extremely powerful binoculars for long-distance observations during daytime and also low-light conditions. They are suitable for scanning of large areas and smallest are also suitable as a companions for concerts, sports events, hiking etc. All models are multi-coated and use BK7 glass, splash-proof, central focusing mechanism and twist-up eyecups.



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