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    Fujinon MF Binoculars

    As with all of Fujinon other higher specification models, the MF series is made in Japan and so as well as containing many top quality features, they also benefit from the companies undoubted expertise in the field of optics. Consisting of just two 42mm options, highlights include a sealed water and fog proof housing covered in rubber armour exterior that protects a fully multi-coated optical system with phase corrected Schmidt-Pechan roof prisms made from quality BaK-4 glass.
    Containing just two 42mm models, with a choice of either 8x or 10x magnifications, the Fujinon MF series is made in Japan using great quality components making the suitable for the discerning observer in a wide range of areas and interests. As well as making great general purpose optics, Ideal uses include many outdoor leisure and sporting activities like wildlife observation, birding and hunting.

    Important Features

    Advertised as being fully waterproof, the MF series is O-ring sealed which protect the optics within from moisture as well as dust. At the factory, the air inside the chassis is also replaced with Nitrogen gas, which is completely moistureless and thus prevents the internal glass surfaces from fogging up which often occurs on unprotected binoculars when they go through a rapid temperature change, like taking them out of a warm house on a cold winter's day. The exterior surface has a protective rubber coating that also does a great job increasing grip levels and making the instrument a more camouflaged.
    These Fujinon binoculars have a large centrally located focus wheel that is within easy and comfortable reach. There is also a diopter adjustment ring located on the right eyepiece which permits you to make minor adjustments to the focus of this side of the instrument independently of the other and thus allow for any differences you may have in the vision of your left and right eyes.

    Optical Properties


    Labeled by Fujinon as being fully multi-coated it means that all outer glass surfaces throughout the entire optical system on these MF binoculars have been treated with multiple layers of an antireflection material. This makes a noticeable difference to both the quality and brightness of the image as the treatment not only ensures that as much light as possible passes through the instrument, but it also reduces reflections that can cause undesired effects.
    Make from good quality Japanese BaK-4 optical glass, the roof prisms are of the Schmidt-Pechan design which has the advantage in that they are more compact than Porro or even the Abbe-Koenig roof prisms that are used on other binoculars. As well as this, they also have special mirror coatings on them to boost reflectivity levels and phase correction coatings which prevent the individual light waves from going out phase with each other and thus helps produce a sharper, higher definition image.


    Fujinon supplies their MF series of binoculars with the usual assortment of accessories. These included a Fujinon branded carry case and padded neck strap. You also get a cleaning cloth, rain-guard (ocular lens cover) and a couple of protective caps for the objective lenses.

    Features of Fujinon MF Binoculars

    • Fully Multi-Coated Optical System
    • Schmidt-Pechan Roof Prisms
    • Phase Correction Coatings
    • Protective Rubber Armour
    • Fog & Waterproof housing
    • Adjustable Eyecups
    • Diopter Adjustment

    Accessories of Fujinon MF Binoculars

    • Fujinon Carry Case 
    • Padded Fujinon Branded Neck Strap
    • Objective Lens Cover 
    • Ocular Lens Caps (Rain-guard)
    • Cleaning Cloth

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    The Fujinon MF series of binoculars have a two-year warranty period.


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