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    Fujinon HB Binoculars

    The Fujinon HB series consists of a couple of very high quality, high powered large aperture binoculars designed for long distance terrestrial observation, but which can also very effectively be used for astronomy. All Fujinon HB Binoculars have a very durable and waterproof cast alloy chassis, fully multi-coated optics as well as phase corrected Bak-4 roof prisms and many other impressive features.

    Fujinon HB Binoculars

    Designed to cater for the needs of the long-distance observer, the Fujinon HB series contains two high power 60mm roof prism binoculars. Ideally suited for terrestrial uses such as long-distance hunting, law enforcement, security surveillance, coastal and mountainside observing, they also make very effective binoculars for astronomy.

    Important Features

    Made in Japan, HB binoculars feature an extremely rugged, cast alloy chassis designed to meet the toughest of conditions head-on. The body is fully sealed and filled with Nitrogen gas making them both waterproof as well as fog proof. The exterior surface is consists of a shock absorbing, high grip rubber armor that also blends in well with nature.
    The focus wheel is positioned within the central hinge, as is the diopter adjustment wheel, which is unusual, but very effective in that you can adjust the binocular to match your eyesight and then easily change it if you often share your binocular with other people.
    The eyecups can be adjusted to match the specific level of eye relief that you specifically require and considering the high magnifications the amount of eye relief available on both models is impressive.

    Optical Properties

    When it comes to their optics, these Fujinon HB binoculars have all the important areas covered which ensures they not only deliver a superior quality image but one that is very bright even in low light conditions, which considering the high magnifications is impressive.
    To start with the optical pathway has been fully multi-coated using a special anti-reflection material that reduces unwanted reflections, prevents glare and prevents ghost images and at the same time increases brightness. The binoculars use high-quality Japanese made BaK-4 roof prisms to correct the inverted images. These have also been phase-corrected which ensures that all visible wavelengths of light pass through them with greater uniformity to produce a higher definition image.


    These Fujinon HB binoculars are provided with an excellent quality carry bag. Made from woven nylon, it is well padded, has two separate compartments and it’s own carrying strap.
    Also included are a tripod adapter, padded binocular neck strap, rubber eyepiece cover and objective lens covers.
    Fujinon also make an optional Magnification Doubler that can be fixed onto one of the eyepieces and thus doubles the magnification of the 15x60 HB, to make it a massive 30x power!

    Features of Fujinon HB Binoculars

    • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
    • BaK-4 Roof Prisms
    • Phase-Corrected 
    • Aluminum Chassis
    • Twist-Up Eyecups with intermediate stops
    • Fully Waterproof 
    • Fogproof - Nitrogen Filled
    • Tripod Adaptable

    Accessories of Fujinon HB Binoculars

    • Padded Carrying and Storage Pouch
    • Neck Strap
    • Objective Lens Covers
    • Rainguard
    • Tripod Adapter
    • Lens Cleaning Cloth
    • Optional 2x Magnification Doubler

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    With these Fujinon binoculars, you also get a two-year warranty as standard.

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