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    Bushnell PermaFocus Binoculars

    Always in focus, the PermaFocus series makes it both easier and quicker for you to find and then enjoy a clear, sharp image without the need to adjust any focusing wheel.
    This creates a far simpler instrument to use, they are less cumbersome, there is less to go wrong and they are generally more lightweight. This feature is also very handy in any situation like many sporting events, hunting or birding activities where the time it takes to clearly view your subject is important.
    With both porro and roof prism models available, each with a selection of size and power options, these binoculars are also suitable in a number of other scenarios like travel, safaris, hiking, general wildlife viewing as well as astronomy.

    Important Features

    These binoculars all sport a protective rubber coating on the exterior of the chassis. As well as protecting the optics contained within, the rubber improves grip and helps you remain undetected by both muffling sound and ensuring less light gets reflected off the surface. Roof prism models come with twist-up eyecups, whilst the porro prism versions have the more simple fold-down rubber design, but which some users prefer as they can block more light from the periphery of the view. The larger and more powerful porro prism models are also tripod adaptable which at high magnifications can be important achieve a completely shake-free image.

    Optical Properties

    The defining feature of this series is the focus-free optical design, that works because it has a very long depth of view and thus everything from around 12 to 15 meters away (depending on each individual), all the way up to infinity will always be in focus.
    An entry-to-mid level range, Bushnell have used BK-7 optical glass to make both the porro and roof prisms. The lenses on these are described as “Fully Coated”. This implies that all lens surfaces have been treated with a material that has special anti-reflection properties and which is designed to reduce undesired light reflections and thus help produce a brighter and better quality view. This is a big improvement on single coated instruments, but it is important to note is that higher specification ranges, like the Bushnell Legend Series, for example, are “Fully Multi-Coated”, meaning that more than one layer of this material is added to each surface which achieves even better results.


    All Bushnell PermaFocus binoculars are supplied with a soft, protective carry case, objective and eyepiece lens caps, a neck strap, cleaning cloth and user instructions.

    Features of Bushnell PermaFocus Binoculars

    • Fixed / Always in Focus Binoculars
    • Roof & Porro Prism Options
    • Protective Rubber Armor 
    • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
    • BaK-7 Prism Glass 
    • Twist-Up Eyecups on Roof Prism Models

    Accessories of Bushnell PermaFocus Binoculars

    • Protective Carry Bag
    • Neck Strap
    • Objective Lens & Eyepiece Caps
    • Cleaning Cloth

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    A 10 year warranty is included with all Bushnell PermaFocus series binoculars.


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