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    Opera Glasses

    General Properties of Opera Glasses

    Opera glasses are specifically made for indoor use and observing the objects in theaters, opera houses and galleries.

    They are simply made and usually don’t house a special optical technology which can cause slightly worse images and blurry edges but also makes them cheaper.

    4x magnification and lower is recommended for Opera Glasses to eliminate shaky images and get a large enough field of view.

    Opera glasses are compact and light enough to fit in your pockets or purse. 

    Main Features of Opera Glasses

    • Opera Glasses are small and light

    • Opera Glasses are cheap

    • Opera Glasses have integrated flashlight

    • Opera Glasses have a very chic design

    • Most Opera Glasses are not waterproof and fog-proof

    • Opera Glasses have lower power (below 4x magnification)

    • Opera Glasses have small lens diameter ( < 30 mm)

    Opera Glasses - Held magnifiers
    Opera Glasses


    Prism types of Opera Glasses

    • Galilean prism design
    • Roof design

    Opera Glasses with Galilean prism design

    In some cases, opera glasses use Galilean prism design, meaning that they have a convex objective lens and a concave eyepiece which produces an upright image.

    Because of this, opera glasses do not require prism and are therefore cheaper and more compact.

    Opera Glasses with Roof Prism

    Sometimes, however, Opera Glasses are equipped with roof type prisms which makes them a bit bigger and optically better.

    Protection of Opera Glasses 

    Because of their purpose of indoor use, most Opera Glasses are usually not waterproof and/or fog-proof

    Focusing option on Opera Glasses

    To compromise with image quality and a wider field of view, opera glasses do not offer zoom features and often have a fixed focusing option.

    Buil-in Light in Opera Glasses

    In some cases, Opera Glasses have integrated light that can be useful in low light situations. They come in many colors and designs to fully equip you with sophisticated opera companion. 

    Opera Glasses

    Opera Glasses with integrated light

    Different types of Opera Glasses

    • Traditional Opera Glasses

    • Lorgnette Opera Glasses

    • Opera Glasses with Chain

    • Opera Glasses with LED Light

    • Kabuki Opera Glasses

    Traditional Opera Glasses

    • Traditional Opera Glasses are the original, standard model, usually the cheapest one.

    Lorgnette Opera Glasses and Kabuki Opera Glasses

    Lorgnette Opera Glasses

    • Lorgnette Opera Glasses come with a stick that simplifies holding the binoculars and observing through them.

    Kabuki Opera Glasses

    • Kabuki Opera Glasses are binoculars mounted on the frame of the glasses. The user simply puts them on and watch through them.

    Opera Glasses with Chain/Necklace and Opera Glasses with LED Light

    Opera Glasses with Chain

    • The user simply hangs the Opera Glasses around its neck.

    Opera Glasses with LED Light

    • Small LED light is integrated on the Opera Glasses, which is primarily intended for reading the program when it is darkened in the theater

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