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Digital Binoculars

The ability to observe an object through binoculars and at the same time capture a photo or a video caused a development in producing digital binoculars that combine these two features. Today many big companies produce digital binoculars that present the future of optical technology. They enable you to take a photo and video with a press of a button therefore they house a digital sensor and do not require a prism. They are bigger than regular binoculars but in comparison to carrying both binoculars and digital camera separately the weight size is not such a problem anymore. Digital binoculars are suitable for birdwatchers, hunters, travelers and all who want to observe objects and immediately capture their image. They usually come with a featured LCD for instant display of an image. At most times they also integrate night vision ability, which makes them useful for observations in low-light and dark situations.

Features of Digital binoculars

  • (+) combined binoculars and digital camera
  • (+) included night vision
  • (+) suitable for daytime observations
  • (-) heavier and bulkier


Digital binoculars with camera

The essence of digital binoculars is that you can capture an image at the same time as you watch it (video or photo). Basically, digital binoculars are very similar to all other digital cameras that have an LCD screen (DSLR). The difference is in the fact that some allow HD and the other even a 4K capture mode.

Night vision digital binoculars

A natural step in the development of digital binoculars is that they enable night vision, that is, they have a sensor that detects light in the infrared spectrum and also have an infrared illuminator. In the future, all digital binoculars will have this. It is extremely useful because you can see at night and is especially practical for hunting and for protection. The police and the army will also use it on a daily basis. It is expected that these night vision digital binocular will replace the analog night vision of all generations.

Digital binoculars with a Rangefinder

Usually, these digital binoculars have the gadget to select an object/animal of a certain size (deer, pig, rabbit) and then use the button to move two lines that capture this object on both sides (from below and from above). Once they are correctly aligned, you need to press the button to confirm, and the correct distance (in meters) how far this object is located, is displayed.
It is the same principle as for tactical and marine binoculars, which have a milliradian system with an analog scale. With these digital binoculars, there is a chance not to display entire scale but only two dashes, the spacing of which is determined by you, and the device itself calculates the distance; you do not need to manually calculate it- you only need to choose the right animal for the measurement.


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