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    Compact Binoculars - DD Optics

    Compact Binoculars - DD Optics

    Compactly built binoculars are the most versatile types of binoculars, very convenient for different varieties of activities in the wildlife. They are suitable for sports, hiking, traveling, safari, camping and also bird watching and hunting, but due to less power perform sufficiently only during daytime. They can easily fit into pockets of trousers or shirts and are very easy to hold in hands and carry around the neck. If you look for compact binoculars choose roof prism design since they are less wide and easier to get stored. Compact binoculars have less power due to smaller objective lenses, which means smaller than 30 mm. Brightness will thus present a problem when observing during low-light conditions such as dusk and dawn, but will not be a problem during daytime. You have to watch out for coatings and quality of prisms and lenses that are exceedingly better with roof prism design. Compact binoculars also provide wider field of view, which helps you to capture more. They also perform very well when scanning for smaller and fast moving animals that are harder to track. You also don’t have to mount them to a tripod since they offer steady images due to its wrap-around size.

    Features of Compact binoculars

    • (+) suitable for daytime observations
    • (+) versatile
    • (+) easy handling and carrying
    • (+) easy to store
    • (+) wider field of view
    • (+) steady images
    • (-) not suitable for low-light conditions


    Compact binoculars for bird watching

    They are extremely compact, lightweight and suitable for those who do not want to carry too much weight with themselves and just want to enjoy observing. Compact binoculars are also very suitable for birdwatching since it is usually done during the day. They are bright enough despite small lenses. All of them also have central focus; most compact ones also have a roof prism which makes them ergonomically comfortable to use and store.

    Compact binoculars for hunting

    As far as hunting is concerned, compact binoculars are mostly used for stalking hunt in the mountains, because they are extremely light-weight. They can easily be worn around the neck, thus freeing both hands making it easier to walk on harder terrains when it is necessary to cling on sometimes. They are not the best for the low light use in dusk and dawn.

    Compact binoculars for safari

    The particularity of such binoculars is that their armourings are of sand colors and thus better blend with the surroundings. They usually come from a higher quality rank. Compact binoculars are much more comfortable for watching than pocket binoculars because they have a larger exit pupil and it's possible to see a bigger picture with the eyes. Their eye-box is much better than on pocket binoculars. Swarovski is best known for their sand brown compact models .

    Compact Vs. Pocket binoculars

    Compact binoculars have a lens diameter bigger than 30 mm and are more demanding to put into the pocket, as they are not so small. Compact binoculars usually have only one fold, while pocket binoculars have two folds so that we can really tighten them together. In fact, pocket binoculars are meant for those, who care the most about the appearance (small size, compactness) and not so much about the quality of observing, since they are a little uncomfortable to watch through. Compact binoculars are however much more comfortable and suitable for those who intend to take the observations more seriously. In low light conditions, none of them are doing too well; in general, pocket binoculars are almost unusable in such situations. Pocket binoculars are very hard to use when wearing glasses.



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