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    Binoculars Accessories - Shilba

    Binoculars Accessories - Shilba

    To provide a better viewing experience, many different accessories are available for binoculars. Either you need a good supported carrying strap if you have heavier binoculars, floatable strap if you mostly use them at the sea or a padded storage case for higher protection of your binoculars. Everything from cleaning supplies to tripod adapters and power cables can be found among accessories.



    Harness makes wearing the binoculars much more comfortable since we have both hands free. It does not swing the device left and right and is a perfect choice for hunting in the mountains, where it is good to have free hands for easier climbing and hiking. It often turns out to be a better solution than a strap. Harness is also highly suitable for heavier binoculars.

    Comfort strap

    Comfort strap is much wider than the standard strap and has air cells inside. It evens the weigh well even if we are wearing the binoculars around the neck.

    Rain guard

    There are neoprene rain guards that are worn over the entire surface of the binoculars and make them fully protected against water and dust. They are very useful in extreme weather conditions, since they protect the eyepieces better than the normal plastic covers (which are included when you buy the binoculars).
    Some of the special rain guards:

      • Swarovski rain guard
      • Kahles Waldkauz® rain guard
      • Leica Trinovid neoprene rain guard


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