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Armasight NYX-14

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Armasight NYX-14 Details

Armasight NYX-14
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Armasight NYX-14 Specifications

NV Monocular SeriesArmasight NYX-14
IIT GenerationGen. 2+, Gen. 3
Photocathode typeFOM 1400 Gen. 3, FOM 1600 Gen. 3, Gen 3 Ghost, Gen. 2+ High Def., Gen. 2+ Improved Def., Gen. 2+ Quick Silver-High Def., Gen. 2+ Standard Def.
Expected lifespan-
Lens diameter27 mm
Lens apertureF 1.2
Exit pupil-
Eye relief-
Field of view69.8 m/100 m
Field of view (deg.)40°
Apperent field of view (deg.)-
Close focus0.25 m
Min. resolution45 lp/mm (SD), 47 lp/mm (ID, QS, Ghost), 55 lp/mm (HD, QS-HD)
Max. resolution51 lp/mm (SD), 54 lp/mm (ID, QS), 57 lp/mm (Ghost), 72 lp/mm (HD, QS-HD)
Signal to noise-
Range of detection-
Automatic Brightness ControlNo
Bright Light Cut-offYes
Built-in IR illuminatorYes
IR Illuminator wavelength-
Equivalent IR Power-
Power SupplyAA
Battery life60 h
Filled withNitrogen
Relative humidity-
Temperature range- 40 / + 50°C
Length140 mm
Width49 mm
Height69 mm
Weight400 g
In production since-
Warranty2 years
Made in-
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