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Pulsar Helion XQ38 vs Helion 2 XQ38

QuestionsCategory: Thermal ImagingPulsar Helion XQ38 vs Helion 2 XQ38
Lui asked 4 years ago
Hi! I have a doubt. helion xq38 2,300 € and helion 2 xq38 2,290, what is the difference? Thanks

1 Answers
Andraz Staff answered 4 years ago

This was a mistake on our webpage, for which we apologize.

Helion 2 XQ38 is the successor to the first generation XQ38, the first generation is no longer available.

The second version comes with a new, magnesium housing which adds to the durability and makes the device look much more elegant. It also has an improved sensor with NETD < 40 mK and an improved display with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

The price is 2290 EUR.

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