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Shipping to Australia – customs included

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Shaun asked 2 years ago

I am looking at two binoculars in your store. Both have shipping options to cover all customs fees and say they are door to door delivery, I just want to clarify if that shipping includes GST as well as customs fees and really is a door to door delivery. Also wanting to know what the wait time from purchase date would be for both those particular binos.



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Klemen Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Shuan,
thank you for your question.
Yes, if you choose the shipping option which covers all the fees, then the customs fees and any other fees will be already covered. It is a door to door delivery.
Regarding the shipping time for the two binoculars, please contact us at info@optics-trade and tell us which two binoculars you are interested in because the shipping times vary.

Kind regards,

replied 2 years ago

Hi, I think what Shaun is really wanting to know is if he will get billed by Australian Customs on this item and as someone who purchases a lot of International goods, I would like to caution you against spending more than $900 in one invoice/package. The official number in Australia is anything over $1000 gets customs duty added somewhere in the region of 20% the invoiced purchase price billed to the buyer, however it is at customs discretion how and when this is applied so tread carefully if you don’t want a nice big unexpected bill to arrive with your new items. You could suddenly find it was actually cheaper to buy it from a local seller….

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