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Scope for Steyr AUG A3 Z

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G asked 11 months ago
Hi, I plan to buy a Steyr Aug A3 Z (police edition, 14,5 inch barrel length with a lot of Corvus add-ons) , and would appreciate some recommendations for an optic. I am a beginner, gun should be used for sportive action (no hunting) and on short to max medium range. I am wearing spectacles for convenience and have a light astigmatism. Thanks!

1 Answers
Klemen Staff answered 9 months ago

Dear Sir/Madam,

thank you for contacting us.

Here are a few recommendations as to what you should look for:×44-lr-rifle-scope.html×50.html×56.html

Should you require any further assistance, please contact us at

Kind regards,

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