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IR Illuminator for Digisight Ultra

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Phillip asked 3 years ago
Dear Sir or Madame,

I use the Pulsar Digisight Ultra digital night vision scope for wild boar hunting. Since the standard IR light is not focusable, I am looking for a pulsar light with a focus for a adjustable narrow light beam.

For that purpose I had a look at this two devices: \”Pulsar Ultra AL 915 Infrared Illuminator\” and the \”Pulsar Ultra 940 Infrared Illuminator\”.

The AL 915 has a laser built in, the Ultra 940 a LED.

Which one has the most narrow light beam?Which one is more suitable for wild boar hunting and is shockproof for the caliber .308, so I can mount it on the rifle scope?

Additionally I need an IR light which is unvisible for wild game.

Are both totally unvisible for wild game?

Do you have a recommentation which one I should choose?

Thank you very much for your great service and support.

Best regards


1 Answers
Matjaz Staff answered 3 years ago

The Pulsar Ultra AL 915 Infrared Illuminator and the Pulsar Ultra 940 Infrared Illuminator will fit only the Digisight Ultra N355. If you have this model then you can use both models.

Unfortunately we do not have Pulsar Digisight Ultra in our offer and we are unable to confirm which illuminator is the best.

On the link below you can find the Digital NV & IR Illuminators compatibility chart:

If you are looking for invisible illuminator then we would recommend the Pulsar 940 Infrared Flashlight

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