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Holosun QD mount

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Paul asked 9 months ago
I am looking to acquire a Holosun Quick Detach mount for stock Colt 6920 M-4 upper pica-tinny.

I already have a Holosun HS503FL 2MOA part # 4805000035.

I would like to get a One Piece QD 1/3 Co-witness mount.

Your offering as well as other sites is a Two Piece QD mount, the HSCQD1.

I have found before, and have lost BookMark of One Piece QD 1/3 co-witness mount.

My M-4 has the factory iron fsb sight. There is no purpose in absolute co-witness through sites that already exist.

Please tell me somewhere in your amazing historical knowledge you can either sell to me, or locate.

I am writing to you from Idaho, US. Home of 40% Oath Keeper/Trump, 30% relocated KKK, and 30% “Libertarian” retired P.D. Christians.

Attempting to mod out your rifle here requires inclusion into a secular ‘secret’ save the US batshit nutjob club. if one does not participate in said nonsense you will not receive valid, or honest tech assistance.

I am neither trolling you, or attempting to data mine your business.

Your videos are top notch, and rather educational.

I do not mind paying you and waiting forever Int’l parcel post.

Thks much to read this inquiry.


1 Answers
Klemen Staff answered 6 months ago

Dear Mr. Paul,

thank you for contacting us.

Here is the mount that fits the picatinny rail and has an adaptor for aimpoint micro standard for your Holosun:

Should you require any further assistance, please contact us at

Kind regards,

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