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NL PURE 8×32

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OUE asked 3 years ago
Hello. I am browsing a website from Japan.I found out about you on YouTube!I want NL PURE 8×32.Is it an overwhelming difference compared to 8×42?How long can I secure the inventory?Do you have customers in Japan?

1 Answers
Andraz Staff answered 3 years ago

Thank you for checking out our YouTube channel, we greatly appreciate it.×32-w-b.html×32-w-b.html

The most notable differences are as follows:

• the 32-model is smaller and lighter (200 grams difference);

• there is a difference in the field of view, the bigger models have a better field of view (for example, 8×42 has a FOV of 159 m on 1000 m whereas 8×32 has a FOV of 150 m on 1000 m);

• price difference (the bigger models are around 500 € more expensive);

• the compact models are available in both green and orange while the full-size models are only available in green.

You can already order it at our website. They start shipping them out today.

Of course, you can order it to Japan, we have many customers from there.

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