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Zeiss Victory V8 Rifle Scopes – New in 2014

Introduction of Zeiss Victory V8

After being rumored for the last couple of years (some rumors even suggested that these scopes will be shown to public at IWA 2013) Zeiss Sports Optics finally introduced new high quality rifle scopes named Zeiss Victory V8 at IWA 2014. The main feature of the new scopes is extremely high zoom factor greater than those found in hunting rifle scopes from other premium manufacturers. 

Interested in Victory V8 series?

Zeiss_victory v8_cta

At the moment there are two different riflescopes available in Zeiss Victory V8 product line:

Zeiss Victory V8 1.8-14x50 with ASV Long Range
Zeiss Victory – V8 1.8-14×50 with ASV Long Range
Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20x56 with ASV Long Range
Zeiss Victory – V8 2.8-20×56 with ASV Long Range

With such high magnification range both of these two V8 scopes are really usable in many different situations. What is really important is that Zeiss Sports Optics had invest a lot of effort into achieving better performance in almost every field of super-zoom rifle scopes.

Light transmission rate

A well-known fact is that super-zoom rifle scopes have lower light transmission rate compared to fixed magnification or compared to scopes with 3 or 4 zoom- factor. However Zeiss has done a lot or research and development in the previous year’s exactly on the field of this problem. The first major breakthrough were the Zeiss Victory HT rifle scopes introduced 2012 which were first ever that really had a light transmission level greater of 95%. Among other things the single most important factor for such high light transmission rate is the use of Schott HT glass.

This glass was also used in Zeiss Victory V8 scopes and combined with excellent Zeiss multi-layer T* coatings this made Zeiss Victory V8 first ever super-zoom to achieve light transmission rate higher than 90%. Zeiss states that the light transmission rate of Zeiss Victory V8 scopes is 92% and this means that this super-zoom scopes are even brighter than many of the 4-time zoom scopes from other premium brands. Definitely a remarkable achievement.

Illuminated dot in the reticle

Zeiss showed illuminated reticle with inserted optical fiber in the reticle itself already with the introduction of rifle scopes Zeiss Duralyt couple of years ago, however with each new series of Zeiss rifle scopes series (Duralyt, Victory HT, Conquest DL, Victory V8) this concept of reticle got more and more sophisticated. In Zeiss Victory – V8 scopes the illuminated reticle have a shape of reticle 60 and have the finest illuminated dot on the market. Reticle is placed in second focal plane and has the following sub-tensions:

Magnification 1.8x 2.8x 10x 14x 28x
Thin Lines of reticle [at 100m] 5.6 cm 3.6 cm 1.0 cm 0.7 cm 0.5 cm
Bulk Lines of reticle [at 100m] 26 cm 17 cm 4.7 cm 3.4 cm 2.4 cm
Illuminated dot 4.0 cm 2.5 cm 0.7 cm 0.5 cm 0.4 cm
Zeiss Victory V8 reticle 60
Zeiss Victory – V8 reticle 60

The fact that illuminated dot in Zeiss Victory – V8 riflescope is the smallest among all premium scopes does not affect its ability to be set to intensity levels high enough for bright day time use. It does however shines a bit and “bleeds” on the highest setting but this is obviously the price you pay if such a small dot is day time usable.
Illumination is controlled over a rotating button on top of the eye-piece. The button can be rotated without a stop in either direction. This became the standard of super-zoom premium class scopes, since these two Zeiss Victory V8 scopes both have a side focus – SF for parallax adjustment and thus no place for illumination control on the left turret. The Zeiss illumination system also has motion sensor for automatic turn-off when the rifle is put on the either side or when it is in vertical position. It also automatically shuts down when the rifle is not moved for some time and saves the last intensity setting in its memory for the next time you use it.

Video review of Riflescope

Need more infomation about 2.8-20×56 T*?

Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20x56 T_cta

ASV LongRange

Zeiss ASV LongRange Ballistic Turret
Zeiss ASV LongRange Ballistic Turret

Zeiss Victory V8 rifle scope can be equipped with a brand new ballistic turret (bullet drop compensation turret) called ASV LongRange. These turrets are very similar to ASV+ ballistic turrets found on Zeiss Victory HT rifle scopes. The basic principle of choosing an appropriate ring with engraved click values is the same on ASV+ and ASV LongRange, however the new Zeiss ASV turrets have far more elevation. ASV LongRange turns for 100 clicks (10 mrad – 1m/100m) in one turn and thus enabling the shooter to reach out to about 600 meters. This is a great advantage especially when using the Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20×56 model.

Size and weight of rifle scope

Rifle scopes with extreme zoom-factors tend to be longer than others. However this is far from the truth in the case of Zeiss Victory V8 scopes. Both scope measure in length approximately 350 mm and this does not exceed the length of traditional 3-12×56 scopes. A little unusual is however the central tube dimension which is 36 mm (the same as some Hensoldt models), but both scopes are also available with Zeiss ZM/VM mounting rail. With a weight of 680g and 830g these two rifle scopes are however far from being light.

Looking for Zeiss Victory V8 with ZM/VM rail?

Zeiss Victory V8 1.8-14x50 T M rail_ctaZeiss Victory V8 2.8-20x56 T M rail_cta
Zeiss Victory V8 Rifle scopes on IWA 2014
Zeiss Victory – V8 Rifle scopes on IWA 2014 (on hunting rifles)

Field of view

Not only that magnification range of Zeiss Victory V8 rifle scopes is impressive, so are the figures of Field of view. The V8 1.8-14×50 model has a field of view range of an astonishing 23m/100m and 2.8-20×56 a 15.5 m/100m. Again, these are figures that amaze.


Zeiss Victory V8 rifle scopes are specification-vise top of the current premium segment and others will have to come to the market with something extremely new to catch up. There is also no doubt that both of these two V8 scope will also be excellent in the field, when used on hunting rifles, since Zeiss has a long tradition of producing excellent products. The only down side to these rifle scopes are in my opinion currently a lack of low magnification model with a real 1x magnification. I am also sure that most of the mount manufacturers will offer suitable mounts for currently highly unusual 36mm central tubes oz Zeiss Victory V8 rifle scopes. MAK, Recknagel and EAW already did present 36mm mounts on IWA 2014.

Need a Neoprene scope cover for V8 scope?

Zeiss Neoprene Scope Cover_cta



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