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Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual


Instructions for use

Zeiss products are famous for outstanding optical performance, precision workmanship and a long service life.

Please observe the following instructions for use in order to obtain the best from your riflescope and to ensure that it remains your constant companion for many years to come.

Information for your safety

Battery disposal

Batteries do not belong in household rubbish!

Please use a recycling facility in your area to dispose of used batteries.

Please only recycle discharged batteries.

As a rule, batteries are discharged if the device being run

  • shuts off and signals “Battery empty”.
  • no longer functions properly after extended use of the batteries.

Environmental influences

  • Do not under any circumstances look through the riflescope at the sun or laser light sources! Serious eye injury may otherwise result.
  • Never leave the device in the sun for extended periods without the protective lens cap. The objective lens and eyepiece can function as a burning glass and damage the interior components.
  • Avoid touching the metal surface after exposure to sunlight or cold.

Danger of swallowing

Do not leave the batteries and removable exterior parts within reach of children (danger of swallowing).


  • Before working on the gun-mounted riflescope, always check to ensure that the weapon is not loaded.
  • Be sure to leave sufficient eye relief in the mounted position to prevent injuries.
  • Please make sure that the riflescope is functioning properly before use.
  • Look through the lens to ensure it provides a clear, undisturbed image.
  • It may no longer be properly adjusted due to rough handling.
  • Check correct setting of the reticle by test shooting.

Table of contents

Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual
Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual

Description of components

Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual
Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual
Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual
Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual

Scope of supply

ZEISS VICTORY® HT Riflescope with reticle illumination

Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual
Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual

Focusing the reticle

Focusing the reticle is done by turning the eyepiece. (4).

We recommend making this adjustment with a higher magnification level. The reticle then remains in sharp focus over the entire range of magnification.

Please note that simultaneous focusing of the reticle and the image at high magnifications and distances less than 100 m is not possible with ZEISS VICTORY HT series riflescopes, because these are tuned parallax-free to 100m.

We recommend using a lower magnification setting for distances significantly less than 100 m.

  • Note: A rubber ring (3) is attached to the eyepiece mount.

Changing the magnification

All magnifications, from the lowest to highest magnification level, allow infinitely variable setting. Change of magnification is done by turning the changer (5) on the eyepiece support. The magnification levels are marked by numbers and markings.

  • Note: When using at dusk or at night:
  • Turn left as far as possible – maximum magnification
  • Turn right as far as possible – minimum magnification.
  • The middle magnification is set when the cam of the magnification changer is pointing upward.

Inserting/removing the battery

To change the battery (model CR 2032), turn the cover (10) to the left (counterclockwise). The battery is inserted with the positive pole pointed up. Then screw the cover (10) back on. Make sure it is seated properly and check the condition of the sealing ring. Replace the sealing ring if it is damaged.

Note: If the riflescope is not used for an extended period of time, remove the battery

Reticle illumination

Illumination is turned on by pulling out the adjustment knob (11). Turning the knob to the right (clockwise) increases brightness. Turning to the left (counterclockwise) reduces brightness. Control is infinitely variable up to a preset minimum or maximum and has no mechanical stop. Push in the knob in the direction of the riflescope housing to switch it off. When the brightness is adjusted to the corresponding surrounding conditions, the illumination can be switched off. The set brightness is now saved, even if the adjustment knob (11) is turned to the off position. When turned back on, illumination returns to the previously set brightness. If the reticle illumination adjustment knob is not activated for three hours when in the turned on position, the illumination switches off automatically. Low battery charge is indicated by the reticle lamp flashing.

The flashing can be suppressed if desired: Push in the adjustment knob and pull out again immediately (within 2 seconds). By using this cancellation process the reticle illumination can be used until final failure without further flashing. After a battery change or switching off the illumination, the warning flashing function is reactivated.

Basic mounting setting

To ensure that the weapon and riflescope work together perfectly as a single unit, the riflescope should always be mounted by a qualified gunsmith. Eye injury, caused by recoil of the weapon, can be avoided by proper mounting with the correct eye relief. The correct eye relief also guarantees a complete field of vision.

Adjusting the ZEISS VICTORY HT riflescope to the weapon

Adjusting the ZEISS VICTORY HT riflescope to the weapon, i.e. correction of deviations for the point of impact, is simplified by the click-catch in the elevation and windage adjustment of the reticle. Proceed as follows:

  • a) After unscrewing the protective lens cap (1 or 2) the reticle can be adjusted by turning the adjustment knob (6) in elevation and (7) windage. For ZEISS VICTORY HT series riflescopes, 1 click corresponds to an adjustment of 1 cm to 100 m.

If the weapon shoots low, it requires a shot correction upward (direction “H”), corresponding to one clockwise turn of the adjustment knob (6).

If the weapon shoots high, it requires a shot correction downward, corresponding to one counterclockwise turn of the adjustment knob (6).

If the weapon shoots left, it requires a shot correction to the right (direction “R”), corresponding to one clockwise turn of the adjustment knob (7).

If the weapon shoots right, it requires a shot correction left, corresponding to a counterclockwise turn of the adjustment knob (7).

  • b) After shooting, pull the knob (6 bzw. 7) upward out of the catch and set the zero mark of the sub-ring (8) on the index mark (9). Press the knob (6 or 7) downward into the catch. The index is used to again find the original location when adjusting the reticle later (for other distances or other loads).

  • c) Do not forget: Screw the protective lens cap (1 or 2) back on.


When the ZEISS VICTORY HT series riflescope is delivered, the reticle is set to the middle of the adjustment range and the zero mark of the adjusting ring (8) to the indexmark (9). From this initial setting, an upward, downward, right or left adjustment is possible for more than half of the adjustment ranges given in the following table.

The elevation shot correction for the riflescope with BDC+ rapid reticle is described in detail in the enclosed instructions for use for the rapid reticle.

The ZEISS VICTORY HT riflescopes are designed so that when the reticle is adjusted, even a corresponding movement of the reticle to the centre of the image is not noticeable. The reticle always remains in the centre of the image during all adjustments.

Seal integrity

The riflescope is waterproof, pressure tested to ISO 9022-80 and filled with nitrogen. The integrity of the seal is also guaranteed if the protective lens caps (1 or 2) of the reticle adjustment are not screwed on. However, always ensure a good seat of these protective lens caps (1 or. 2) and the sealing ring under them.


Your riflescope is equipped with the reticle of your choice. For the ZEISS VICTORY HT models the reticle is in the second level. The reticle is not magnified during magnification change, but rather it always remains the same. Thus for these riflescopes the dimension of change of the reticle is dependent on the magnification.

For an overview of the reticles and dimensions of coverage currently available,

visit or contact us at:

Carl Zeiss

Sports Optics GmbH

Carl Zeiss Group

Gloelstraße 3 – 5

D-35576 Wetzlar

Reticle retrofitting

The ZEISS VICTORY HT riflescope can of course also be retrofitted with other available reticles. For reticle retrofitting, please send the riflescope to our customer service.

Care and maintenance

Your riflescope has Zeiss LotuTec® coating. The effective protective coating for the lens surfaces noticeably reduces contamination of the lenses through an especially smooth surface and the resulting water-beading effect. All types of contamination stick less and can be quickly and easily removed without smearing. LotuTec® coating is durable and abrasion-resistant.

Your Zeiss riflescope requires no special maintenance. Do not wipe coarse particles (e. g. sand) from the lenses. Blow them off, or use a soft brush! Over time, fingerprints can corrode the lens surface. Breathing on the lens and polishing with a clean optical cleansing cloth/tissue is the easiest method of cleaning the lens surface.

To avoid a possible fungal coating which is common in the tropics, store the optics in a dry place and always ensure good aeration of the lens surface.

Replacement parts for ZEISS VICTORY HT

If you need any replacement parts for your riflescope, e.g. protective lens caps, please contact your local dealer, your country’s distributor or our customer service team.

Our customer service team is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm (CET) should you have any questions.

Tel.: +49 (0) 64 41-4 67 61

Fax: +49 (0) 64 41-4 83 69

Accessories for ZEISS VICTORY HT

Rubber sunshade 52 83 75 – 0000

Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) for elevation and windage, for new orders

  • * Accessory not included in the delivery program!

Technical data

Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual
Zeiss Victory HT Rifle Scopes instruction manual



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