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Zeiss Victory FL Binoculars Instruction Manual

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Product: Zeiss Victory FL Compact 10×32 T*


Congratulations on your outstanding new binoculars. Enjoy the impressive experience of undistorted image reproduction which is distinguished by perfect brilliance and excellent colour accuracy.

ZEISS brand products are characterised by outstanding optical performance, accurate processing and long durability. Please observe the following instructions for use, so that you enjoy optimum use of your product and it can be a faithful companion to you for many years.

Zeiss Victory FL Binoculars Instruction Manual

Zeiss Victory FL Binoculars Instruction Manual

Viewing with and without glasses

If you do not wear glasses when viewing, use the binoculars with the eyecups extended (Fig. 1/A). To do this, turn the eyecups upwards to the top click stop position by turning them to the left (counter clockwise). The eyecups can be set to four click stop positions – the positions at the top and bottom and two intermediate positions (Fig. 2). These adjustment options permit the distance from the exit pupil to be varied according to the specific requirements of each user.

If you wear glasses when viewing, turn the eyecups to the right (clockwise) to the lowest click stop position as shown in Fig. 1/B.

Cleaning and changing the eyecups

The eyecups (complete modules) can be removed from the binoculars for cleaning or exchange. Turn out the eyecup counter clockwise to the stop, then unscrew it completely via the thread (continue to turn in the same direction). After cleaning or exchange, turn the eyecup clockwise to the lowest click stop position. Then attach the module to the binoculars, through the rubber edge of the eyepiece tube, turn it in clockwise as far as it will go and tighten it.

Adjustment of the interpupillary distance

Adjust the two barrels relative to each other about the central axis until you see one circular field of view when viewing with both eyes.


The binoculars have a centre focusing mechanism (focusing knob Fig. 3/C) and a dioptre adjustment wheel. Dioptre adjustment is activated by pulling the focusing knob (Fig. 3/C) upward.

For focusing, close your right eye and focus the image in the left barrel using the centre focusing mechanism (Fig. 3/C). Then close your left eye – and if necessary – adjust the focus in the right barrel using the dioptre adjustment wheel. The dioptre adjustment wheel is provided with a scale (visible when the focusing knob has been pulled out, Fig. 3), the signs “+” and “–”, and a click stop in the zero position (0 D). The graduation lines of the scale are used for orientation (setting the dioptre adjustment for different users).

After completion of this procedure, push the focusing knob back in all the way.

Note: Always use the same object to focus on both images! For subsequent focusing on varying distances, use the focusing knob only (Fig. 3/C). When the long ridge of the focusing knob coincides with the arrow on the bridge (Fig. 3/D), the binoculars have been set to infinity. This only applies if the dioptre adjustment mechanism has snapped in at the zero position (0 D).

Mounting the carrying strap and the protective covers

The carrying strap, the rainguard and the protective caps for the objective lens are provided in the packaging. Attach the carrying strap to the eyelets pro-vided on the binoculars and mount the rainguard on the strap as shown in Figs 4 + 5.

Note: Simply thread the carrying strap through the eyelets on the rainguard. Before mounting the carrying strap as shown in Fig. 5, adjust the length of the strap as required by loosening or tightening it accordingly using the clip. The rain guard needs only to be attached on one side; however, it can be attached to both sides.

Use of the eyepiece cap

The eyepiece cap is held on the eye cup with a snap latch. Remove the eyepiece cap with your index fingers before using the binoculars. The eyepiece cap should be reattached after using the binoculars to protect the eyepiece.

The protective caps for the objective lens are attached to the binoculars as shown in Fig. 6.

Mounting on a tripod

The binoculars of the ZEISS VICTORY FL series can be mounted on any commercial camera tripod using the ZEISS universal tripod adapter for binoculars.

  • Cat. No.: ZEISS Alu tripod kit 1778-480
  • Cat. No.: ZEISS tripod adapter for binoculars 52 83 87

Care and maintenance

ZEISS binoculars need no special care or maintenance. Do not wipe off coarse dirt particles (e.g. sand) from the lenses, but blow them off or remove them with a soft brush. Fingerprints on the lens surfaces may affect them in the course of time. The easiest way to keep the lenses clean is by breathing on them and wiping with a soft optical cleaning cloth or optical cleaning paper. To avoid a possible fungal coating which is common in the tropics, store the optics in a dry place and always ensure good aeration of the lens surface.

Warning: Do not under any circumstances look through the binoculars at the sun or laser light sources! Serious eye injury may otherwise result.

Accessories for ZEISS VICTORY binoculars T* FL

Zeiss Victory FL Binoculars Instruction Manual

Tehnical data

Magnification 8x 10x 7x 8x 10x 8x 10x
Objective lensdiameter (mm) 32 32 42 42 42 56 56
Field of view at 1000 m (m) 140 WW 120 WW 150 WW 135 WW 110 WW 130 WW 110 WW
Exit pupil (mm) 4 3 – 2 6 5.25 4.2 7 5.6
Shortest focusing distance (m) 2 2 2 2 2 3 3
Dioptre adjustments range ≥ +/- 4 dpt +/- 4 dpt +/- 4 dpt +/- 4 dpt  +/- 4 dpt +/- 4 dpt +/- 4 dpt
PD from/to (mm) 52 – 74 52 – 74 54 – 76 54 – 76 54 – 76 55 – 76 55 – 76
Height with retracted eyecup (mm) 117 117 152 161 161 188 188
Width with PD of 65 mm (mm) 116 116 128 128 128 145 145
Maximum width (mm) 129 129 138 138 138 158 158
Weight (g) 560 560 740 755 765 1220 1250
Waterproof in acc. with DIN ISO 9022-8
Nitrogen filing

Subject to changes in design and scope of delivery as a result of ongoing tehnical development.

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