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Zeiss Conquest HD Binoculars Instruction Manual

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Instructions for use

Congratulations on purchasing your new Zeiss CONQUEST® HD binoculars. Enjoy the impressive experience of undistorted image reproduction which is distinguished by perfect brilliance and excellent colour accuracy.

ZEISS products are famous for outstanding optical performance, precision engineering and a long service life. Please observe the following instructions for use in order to obtain the best from your product and to ensure that it remains your constant companion for many years to come.

Zeiss Conquest HD Binoculars Instruction Manual

Zeiss Conquest HD Binoculars Instruction Manual

Information for your safety

Environmental influences

  • Do not under any circumstances look through the binoculars at the sun or laser light sources!
    Serious eye injury may otherwise result.
  • Never leave the binoculars in the sun for extended periods of time without the protective lens
    cap. The objective lens and eyepiece can function as a burning glass and damage the interior
  • Avoid touching the metal surface after exposure to sunlight or cold.

Danger of swallowing

Never leave the removable outer parts in reach of children (danger of swallowing).


  • Description of the components
  • Scope of supply
  • Viewing with and without glasses
  • Cleaning and replacing the eyecups
  • Adjustment of the interpupillary distance
  • Focusing
  • Mounting the carrying strap and the protective covers
  • Use of the eyepiece cap
  • Use of the protective lens cap
  • Mounting on a tripod
  • Care and maintenance
  • Replacement parts for Zeiss CONQUEST HD
  • Accessories for Zeiss CONQUEST HD
  • Technical data
  • Guarantee

Description of the components

1 Diopter compensation
2 Eyecups
3 Focusing knob
4 Carrying strap eyelets

Scope of supply

Zeiss CONQUEST HD binoculars:

Product Order number Scope of supply
8×32 52 32 11 Binocular

Eyepiece cap

Protective lens cap

Strap for fastening protective lens cap

Carrying stra

Carrying case incl. carrying  strap

Lens cleaning cloth


Warranty card

Quality certificate

Tripod adapter 1/4″ (only 15 x 56)

8×42 52 42 11
8×56 52 56 31
10×32 52 53 12
10×42 52 42 12
10×56 52 56 32
15×56 52 56 33


Viewing with and without glasses

When viewing without glasses, use the device with the eyecup extended. To do this, turn the eyecup (Fig. 4) to the left (anti-clockwise) and upwards to the top click stop position (Illustration A).

The eyecup can be locked in four positions – at the bottom and top and in two intermediate positions. These adjustment options allow the the distance of the eye from the exit pupil to be varied according to the specific requirements of each user.

When viewing with glasses, turn the eyecup down to the right (clockwise) until it locks in the lowest click stop position (Illustration B).

Cleaning and replacing the eyecups

The eyecups (complete modules) can be removed from the binoculars for replacement or cleaning. Turn the eyecup (Fig. 4) upwards to the stop, then unscrew it completely via the thread (continue to turn in the same direction). After cleaning or replacement, turn the eyecup clockwise to the lowest click stop position. Finally, place the eyecup onto the binoculars and screw on well by turning it clockwise until it stops and tightens.

Adjusting the interpupillary distance

Adjust the two barrels relative to each other about the central axis until you see one circular field of vision when viewing with both eyes.


The binoculars have a focusing knob (Fig. 1/3) and a diopter adjustment wheel (Fig. 1/1). To adjust, close your right eye and focus the image in the left barrel using the centre focusing knob (Fig. 1/3). Then close your left eye and, if necessary, adjust the focus in the right barrel using the diopter adjustment wheel (Fig. 1/1). The diopter adjustment is provided with a scale with “+” and “–” and has an index point as a reference point (setting the diopter adjustment for different users).

Note: Always use the same object to focus both images! For subsequent focusing on varying distances, use only the focusing knob (Fig. 1/3).

Mounting the carrying strap and the protective covers

The carrying strap, the eyepiece cap and the protective lens cap are supplied with the binoculars. Attach the carrying strap to the eyelets provided on the binoculars, and mount the eyepiece cap on the strap as shown in Figs. 2, 3 and 5.

The strap for the protective lens cap is attached directly (either right or left) to the protective lens cap. To fasten on the device, use either the carrying strap or one of the two carrying strap eyelets.

Note: Simply pass the carrying strap through the eyelets on the eyepiece cap. Before attaching the carrying strap, as shown in Fig. 3, the strap length should be set at the desired length by shortening or lengthening the strap. Follow the same sequence for the opposite side. Some prefer to thread through the cap on both sides, and some on only one.

Use of the eyepiece cap

The eyepiece cap is kept on the eyecups. Remove the eyepiece cap with your index fingers before using the binoculars.

Use of the protective lens cap

The protective lens cap is kept on the eyecups. Remove the protective lens cap with your index fingers before using the binoculars.

Mounting on a tripod

Binoculars from the Zeiss CONQUEST HD series can be mounted on any commercial camera tripod using the ZEISS Tripod adapter 1/4” or the ZEISS universal tripod adapter for binoculars. The order numbers for ZEISS tripods and the Binofix tripod adapter can be found under Accessories for Zeiss CONQUEST HD.

Care and maintenance

The binoculars are provided with ZEISS LotuTec® coating. The effective protective coating for the lens surfaces noticeably reduces contamination of the lenses through a special smooth surface and the combined beading effect. All types of contamination adhere less and can be quickly and easily removed, smear-free. The LotuTec® coating is also durable and abrasion resistant.

We recommend using the ZEISS lens cleaning cloth (included) to clean the surface of the lenses. Even grease, fingerprints and dirt can be removed with no effort and without smears. Do not wipe coarse dirt particles (e.g. sand) from the lenses; instead blow off or remove with a fine brush. Other textiles, such as clothing or handkerchiefs can scratch the lenses and statically charge them.

We recommend regular cleaning of the lens surfaces. Contamination, especially grease or fingerprints, can attack the lens surfaces after a while. Dry storage and keeping the outer lens surfaces well ventilated, especially in the tropics, helps to prevent a possible mould film forming on the optics.

Replacement parts for Zeiss CONQUEST HD

If you need any replacement parts for your binoculars, e.g. protective lens caps, please contact your local dealer, your country’s distributor or our customer service team. Our customer service team is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm (C ET) should you have any questions.

Tel.: +49 (0) 64 41-4 67 61
Fax: +49 (0) 64 41-4 83 69

Accessories for Zeiss CONQUEST HD

Air Cell comfort carrying strap                                                                   52 91 13

Aluminum tripod set, incl. video head and carrying strap                00 00 00-1778-480

Carbon tripod set, incl. video head and carrying strap                       00 00 00-1793-996

Tripod adapter 1/4”                                                                                          52 83 88

Binofix binocular tripod adapter                                                                52 83 87

Magnification attachment 3 x12 mono                                                     52 20 12

Adapter for Zeiss CONQUEST HD                                                              42 52 83 77

Adapter for Zeiss CONQUEST HD                                                              56 52 83 79

Tehnical Data

8×32 10×32 8×42 10×42 8×56 10×56 16×66
Magnification 8 10 8 10 8 10 15
Objective lens diameter (mm) 32 32 42 42 56 56 56
Exit pupil diameter (mm) 4 3,2 5,25 4,2 7 5,6 3,7
Twilight Factor 16 17,9 18,3 20,5 21,2 23,7 29,0
Field od view (m/1000m) 140 118 128 115 125 115 80
Subjective angle of view (°) 64 68 59 66 57 66 69
Close-up setting limit (m) 1,5 2 3,5
Diopter Adjustments Range (dpt) +/- 4
Exit pupil diameter (mm) 16 18
Pupil distance (mm) 54 – 74 57 – 74
Lens type HD-Typ
Prism system Schmidt-Pechan Abbe-König
Coating Lotu Tec®/ T*
Nitrogen Filled Yes
Waterproof (mbar) 400
Operation Temperature (°C) -20 / +63
Length (mm) 132 150 210
Width with an eye spacing of 65 mm (mm) 118 120 145
Weight (g) 630 795 1265 1275 1295


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