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Vortex Razor HD AMG | Optics Trade Debates

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Hello and welcome to another one of our Optics Trade Debates. Today, we will talk about the top end riflescope series made by Vortex, the Razor HD AMG – a completely American-made riflescope that was introduced in 2016.

At the moment, there is only one model in the series. When they were choosing which model to introduce first, they chose this 6-24x50, and it was not the best choice to make. That is because people are buying numbers, and when someone is introduced a 4x zoom scope with a 50 mm objective lens and a 30 mm tube, the numbers are not as great as the ones on super-zoom scopes and other products from Vortex. All things aside, the quality of this scope is unbeatable.

When they were first introducing this scope, they came across two problems; the first one being Vortex as the great American company, but not having any products made in the USA – that is why they introduced the AMG, which is made in the USA. The second problem was that their Razor HD Gen II offered everything, but it was heavy. That is why they decided to make a fully-featured tactical MIL/MIL scope, which is light. They addressed the concerns and made a light American-made scope.

They used a 30 mm tube, which is uncommon. It also has a lot of elevation (27 MILS) for a 30 mm tube. The scope offers everything, including superb optics, handling, it is slick, compact, light, with really good tracking. However, it is expensive and when you look at the specification sheet, it offers fewer features than the Gen II scope. If you are searching for a quality and light scope, this is it. There are not many competitors out there that would offer this kind of philosophy when building tactical scopes. Everybody forgot about really lightweight, elegant, tactical MIL/MIL scopes, except for Vortex.

In terms of performance, it can even outperform all the heavier scopes. If you put it on 24x magnification and you look at the optics, it can surpass much heavier, bigger, and similar tactical scopes. It is available in both MOA/MOA and MIL/MIL (1 cm clicks, or 0.1 MIL clicks) versions.

The only feature that it lacks is the turn indicator. However, it does have a locking function, a zero stop (5 clicks bellow 0 – which is very smart), it has perfect clicks which you can feel and hear nicely. It is multi-turn, and you have 10 MILS of elevation per turn – the best option to have. It is also interesting to see that the fast-focus is made a bit differently, so the whole eyepiece moves, as well as having a locking function. Even though this was more common with older scopes, it is still a smart idea because you only set the diopter once, and then lock it.

Everything is fully made out of metal, and the magnification goes from 6 to 24. It is also true that with a 4x zoom, you can achieve a premium optical performance easier. It has lockable illumination, which is the same as with the Razor HD Gen II. It includes 10 different illumination settings and requires a CR2032 battery. The scope has a side focus parallax setting from 24 yards to infinity, which you are always able to set precisely. The locking turrets are also easy to set to zero.

There is the EBR-7B reticle option, which is similar to other reticle designs made by Vortex – nice and usable. There is a small dot in the center, which is preferred by some, but others prefer a space in the center, to be able to see through the reticle.

Along with the scope there comes an instruction manual, a reticle manual – which is typical for Vortex, a Vortex AMG sticker, a tool for the setting of the turrets, and a sunshade. This is also the only scope from Vortex which comes with really nicely-made defender flip caps – their best-selling accessory. Vortex is proud of its American line, so let us go over the positive sides again:

  1. lightweight
  2. provides great optical performance
  3. includes all features (except the turn indicator)
  4. 30 mm tube
  5. nice fit and finish
  6. Vortex VIP warranty

When you look at the specifications and see a 30 mm tube, 50 mm objective lens, and a 6-24 magnification range, you are most likely not impressed. However, these numbers do not tell you anything about the quality. What you lose with the zoom factor, you gain with an outstanding optical performance.

We have an individual in-depth review of this model, so feel free to check it out. There, you will find even more useful information. Thank you, and see you in that video.


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