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Vector Optics Marksman Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual

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Instruction for Vector Optics Marksman First Focal Plane Riflescope

Vector Optics Marksman Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual

Vector Optics Marksman Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual


The eyepiece is designed to provide a precise fast focus at certain eye relief. The eyepiece will focus faster than your eye can compensate for any inaccuracy in your adjustment.

The riflescope is installed on gun by means ofa pair of weaver or dovetail mount rings. Use qualified mount with base designed to fit your particular rifle. The riflescope shall be mounted as low as possible without touching either the barrel or the receiver. For safety reasons, allow at least 3 inches of clearance between the riflescope and your eyes when shooting. Slide riflescope forward or backward to acquire the proper eye relief that allows you to see full field of view. Rotate the riflescope in the rings that the vertical crosshair is vertical and horizontal crosshair is horizontal. Then tighten all screws to fix riflescope firmly on the rifle.
Do not over tighten the mount rings. It may lead to damage to the riflescope and mount.

Marksman FFP riflescope features finger-adjustable audible-click elevation and windage adjustments. Eleva-tion is the vertical (up-and-down) adjustment, usually on the top of the riflescope. Windage is the horizontal (left-to-right) adjustment, usually on the right of the riflescope.

The scope feature 1/ 10 MIL windage and elevation adjustment with audible clicks, meaning that 1 click moves the point of impact 1/10 MIL at 100 yards or 1cm at 100 meters.

With the riflescope mounted, rest the firearm onto a solid support and aim at a target 100 yards away. Slowly shoot a small 3 to 5 round test group onto your target. Adjust windage & elevation screws in the direction you want to move the bullet impact. Each click of adjustment moves the point of impact. Shoot another 3 to 5 round test group. Repeat until you are satisfied with the point of aim.

To change magnification, simply rotate the Power Selector Ring to achieve the designed power with index dot. Generally speaking, lowest power to have the widest field of view for quick shots at close range. Higher power should be reserved for precise long-range shots.

Parallax is a condition that occurs when the image of the target is not visible as an apparent movement between the reticle and the target. This side wheel parallax is designed for permission of precise focusing, focused precisely on the reticle plane. Parallax is while simultaneously readjusting the parallax free distance , for any range from 10 (20) yards to infinity. One can look through the optical sight and turn the side focus ring until the target, at whatever range, is sharply focused. This feature makes the highly accurate side winder range of riflescopes ideal for both hunting and target purposes.

The riflescope is nitrogen-purged to remove any vestige of internal moisture, also has O-ring to prevent the entry of dust or moisture.

Your riflescope, though amazingly tough, is a precision instrument that deserves reasonable cautious care.

  • When cleaning the lens, first blow away any dirt and dust, or use a soft lens brush. Fingerprints and lubricants can be wiped off with lens tissue, or a soft clean cotton cloth, moistened with lens cleaning fluid.
  • All moving parts of the riflescope are permanently lubricated. Do not try to lubricate them.
  • No maintenance is needed on the riflescope’s outer surface, except to occasionally wipe off dirt or fingerprints with a soft cloth.
  • Use lens covers whenever convenient.

Avoid storing the riflescope in hot places, such as the passenger compartments of vehicles on hot days. The high temperatures could adversely affect the lubricants and sealants. A vehicle’s trunk, a gun cabinet or a closet is preferable. Never leave the riflescope where direct sunlight can enter either the objective lens. Damage may result from the concentration (burning glass effect) of the sun’s rays.

Vector Optics Marksman Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual

Vector Optics Marksman Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual

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