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Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 Riflescope Review | Optics Trade Reviews

This time we'll look at the Continental 1-6x28 riflescope from Vector Optics.

Vector Optics company was founded in 2007. They began as an OEM supplier for other manufacturers, but in recent years they have focused on their brand. They developed the Continental series of riflescopes, which are their most expensive series of riflescopes. All Continental riflescopes have a 34-millimeter tube diameter and come packed with numerous features.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28

Interested in Vector Optics Continental?

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28

Physical Properties of Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28

Let's begin with the physical characteristics. The whole scope is composed of metal, the only rubberized component is ocular. The scope features a 6x zoom factor with magnification from 1-6x. The magnification ring is tactile and has a nice grip, making the transition through the whole range quite pleasurable.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28

The main tube diameter is 34 millimeters. With a 34-millimeter main tube, I'm confident that Continental scope is extremely durable and can withstand any amount of usage. But because of this, the scope is one of the longest and also one of the heaviest riflescopes in the same magnification and price range.

Vector Optics Continental is shock-resistant up to a .338 Lapua Magnum. It's also dust-proof and water-resistant, withstanding a 30-minute dive at a depth of one meter. It is almost 30 centimeters long and the weight is approximately 660 grams.

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The reticle is in the first focal plane (FFP rifle scope) and features a horseshoe design. This is a crucial element of the Continental scope's reticle because the horseshoe design is the only visible point at the lowest magnification setting. When we increase the magnification the reticle gets visible. Because of that, you may use the reticle at any magnification for bullet drop compensation without using the turrets.

Reticle at the lowest and highest magnification
Reticle at the lowest and highest magnification

A bullet drop compensation reticle is used in a Continental 1-6x28 scope, with marks up to 800 meters for factory .223 Remington ammunition with 62-grain bullets.

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Illumination System

Let's say a few words about illumination system on this Continental riflescope. The reticle is illuminated with six intensity levels and features off positions between each level.

The only thing that is illuminated is the horseshoe and the dot in the reticle's center. Even on the strongest brightness setting, I would say it isn't bright enough for daytime usage.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 Illuminated Horseshoe and Dot vs. Unilluminated


This Continental riflescope has tactical lockable turrets with a turn indicator, which is unusual for this price range. I'm a fan of the tactical locking turrets, which have really positive and tactile clicks. In one revolution you make exactly 10 milliradians of elevation.

Another excellent feature of these turrets is the mechanical and visual turn indicator, which emerges when you complete your second revolution. When you're in the third revolution, the turn indicator protrudes even farther.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28

Zero Stop

Another fantastic feature of Continental 1-6x28 scope is the zero stop, which does not have any clicks under the zero. It's exactly at zero and it is very easy to adjust.

To sight in the scope, simply make the necessary adjustments, lock the turret, and remove the screw. There's a bigger screw beneath the turret that you must wind back until you hear a tiny click. Then you replace the turret, reinsert the screw, and you're sighted in.

The windage turret also has a locking function.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28

The improvement of the windage turret with a "Zero Stop" on extremes

Where I see room for improvement is in some kind of a zero stop on windage turret, but not on the zero, but the opposite side. Because when you're on the range, you can easily adjust the whole rotation of the windage turret. And if you forget in which revolution you are in, you get lost. With such a "zero stop" on half the revolution you could easily go back to the zero setting in the opposite direction after you have reached the extreme.

Pro-tip for zeroing the elevation turret under zero

When you're zeroing the scope for the first time, after bringing it straight from the box to the rifle, a bullet may land below zero stop. We suggest that in such a scenario, you take the turret off completely and do the zeroing with the internal mechanism. When your scope is properly zeroed, you just correctly reinstall the turret, that Zero stop corresponds with the scope's actual zero setting.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 internal mechanism

Another way to zero the scope is to remove the turret (which was originally installed on the scope) and replace it with the turret without the zero stop (the turret that comes in the box). With this turret, you can simply zero the scope on 100 meters. Once the scope is zeroed you simply install the zero stop turret back to the scope and you are all set.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 with turret without the Zero stop

Need a Neoprene scope cover?

Vector Optics Riflescope Coat Gear

Optical properties of Continental 1-6x28

The objective lens diameter of this Continental riflescope is 28 millimeters, and it features a magnification range of 1 to 6x. However, what makes this scope stand out is its 40.8 m field of view at 100 meters, which is comparable to many much more expensive rifle scopes in the 2000 euro price range. The field of view with the highest magnification is 6.8 meters at 100 meters.

Furthermore, the image quality for this 629 euro Vector Optics scope is outstanding. It's in a completely different league from what you'd anticipate for this price. Vector optics claims light transmission rate through the entire scope is more than 90%.

The eye relief is approximately 10 centimeters long. At the 1x magnification eye box is excellent. At 1x magnification, keeping the eye behind the reticle is quite simple. Compared to other scopes at 6x magnification, the eye box on Continental rifle scope is average.

Vector Optics Warranty

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 scope is built in China and comes with a 15-year warranty.

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What about the scope of delivery?

In the box with the Continental 1-6x28 riflescope, you'll find:

  • user manuals in different languages,
  • lens protection,
  • a cleaning cloth,
  • 34 millimeters Picatinny rings mount made of aluminum,
  • zeroing tool,
  • a warranty card for registering your product,
  • some additional advertising material, and
  • another elevation turret.

Looking for Flip-Up Caps for your scope?

Vector Optics Continental Flip-up Cap
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 - In the Box

It's astounding that for this low price, you get Picatinny rings with the scope.

The additional elevation turret included in the box does not feature a zero stop and has no turn indicator. With this turret, you can use the entire elevation range, which is 52 MIL.

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For a quick rundown, here's what I like most about Continental 1-6x28 scope. It delivers excellent optical performance. It has a wide field of view that is comparable to more expensive rifle scopes. Then there's the substantial elevation range of 52 MILs with an option of an additional turret without a zero stop and turn indication.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 - turret without Zero stop and turret with Zero stop

Overall build quality of Continental scope is excellent, and it feels sturdy in your hand. The turret has very precise positive clicks and a hard-stop locking function with a turn indicator. It's fantastic. Zeroing is very easy, but there is room for improvement. It's simple to zero, but you can only zero in one direction.

What I want to say, is if you have to zero in one direction (up from Zero stop), it's easy. You just follow the steps I told you before, but if you have to zero below the Zero stop, you have to make it differently. You have to first unscrew the turret and do the zeroing with the inner ring. When zeroing is done, put the turret back on and set the Zero stop correctly.

PROS summary:

  • excellent optical performance
  • wide FOV
  • additional turret
  • simple to zero
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 FFP
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 FFP


The problem that I noticed is that when the turret is unlocked, the upper part begins to wiggle a little. I believe this issue may be easily corrected. It's not a major problem, but it's good to know.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28

Then there is a question of the turn indicator. It's great for the first and second revolution, but when you come in the third revolution, it pops just a fraction of a millimeter out. So you don't have a good visual indication if you are in the second or the third turn.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 - Turn Inidicator

I also have to mention the turret on this Continental riflescope. It is very loud when you lock it. It's not a big problem if you are on the range, but if you are hunting this is not ideal. 

The windage turret, as I mentioned before has no stop on the opposite side of the turret, which with you can easily make a big mistake about the whole turn of the turret.

The last thing to mention about Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 scope is that it's one of the heftiest and lengthy in its price and magnification range.

CONS summary:

  • the upper part of the turret wiggles
  • visual turn indicator could be better
  • heavy and long riflescope

Interested in Vector Optics Continental?

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28

Final Thoughts on Vector Optics 1-6x28

Overall, I'm quite pleased with Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 scope's versatility in this price range, especially considering all of the extra features and included scope rings.

Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28
Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 with included scope rings
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Vector Optics Continental 1-6x28 Riflescope
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