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Welcome to Optics Trade debates. In each episode, we talk about a different topic and try to answer the most common questions we receive about it. Today, we are going to discuss turn indicators on riflescopes.

A turn indicator is a feature of a multi-turn or double turn turret. It indicates in which revolution the turret is in and the user can know how many clicks he has dialed in. It particularly comes in handy when switching from close to long range because the turret usually needs to be turned multiple times. When multiple turns are needed, counting clicks is very impractical and that’s why there are turn indicators to aid the user.

Capped hunting turrets usually don’t have turn indicators.

The most common multi-turn turret indicator is just a diagram of lines underneath the turret. When the turret is at zero, there are no visible lines beneath the turret, but when clicks are dialed in, the turret moves up and uncovers lines that indicate in which turn it’s in. This type of turn indicator isn’t accurate, and the lines usually wear out. They are also hard to see from a normal shooting position and are not visible in low-light or darkness.

A similar solution is used on some double turn turrets.

There is a more sophisticated turn indicator used on multi-turn turrets. There are numbers on the top of the turret that mark the turn the turret is in. When the turret goes into the second turn, the number changes from one to two. This method is a lot more accurate, but it’s also not visible in low-light or in the dark.

Kahles makes multiturn turrets that have mechanical turn indicators. A knob pops up from the turret. As it’s going up, different colors are revealed for every turn. It’s a good solution but it’s not that accurate and it isn’t visible in low-light situations.

The best turn indicators are on premium double turn tactical turrets. An indicator pops up from the top of the turret when it reaches the second turn. It has only two positions – in and out. So it is easy to know in which turn you’re in even by touch in the dark.

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