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Trijicon RMRcc Footprint

Trijicon RMRcc features a unique mounting surface with only two screws holes (there are no recoil-stopping sockets).

Dimensions of the Trijicon RMRcc footprint

Trijicon RMRcc Footprint
Trijicon RMRcc Footprint
All the distances are in millimeters.

A photo of the Trijicon RMRcc footprint

Trijicon RMRcc Footprint
Trijicon RMRcc Footprint
Trijicon RMRcc Footprint
Click here to find out more about the unique mounting standard on the Trijicon RMRcc.
Trijicon RMRcc Footprint
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Trijicon RMRcc Footprint
Trijicon RMRcc features a unique mounting standard. Here, you can see the dimensions and the photo of the footprint.
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Optics Trade
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  • I have a Springfield XD 9mm 4 in barrel. I recently purchased an XD OSP factory slide from springfield for my pistol so I can mount a micro red dot. I want to install a Holosun 507K x2 on the new slide but can’t figure out what type of base plate I need. The slide came with one of 3 available base plates The one I have is for a Leopold sight. I also ordered from Springfield another base plate for holosun and trijicon but after reading your website I don’t think the holosun 507K will fit it. Is there a 3rd party manufacturer who has a base plate that will fit my XD OSP
    factory slide (3 screw holes) that will mate up to the holosun 507K x2? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.

    • The plate for Holosun/Trijicon that you ordered is surely for the Trijicon RMR footprint, so it won’t fit. I do not know of any manufacturers of such plates (XD OST factory slide to 507K) at the moment, so the best thing to do is to modify a Shield/Leupold plate so that it can be paired with the 507K – shortening the front pins, removing the rear pins.

  • I blindly bought a Trijicon RMRcc for my PSA 5.7 Rock that already has pre-milled slide cuts to fit for Shield Footprint Optics. No amount of searching has helped me figure out how to mount the RMRcc to this gun, nor have I been able to find an adapter plate that would work. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated?

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