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ThermTec Unveils New Ares Series of Thermal Scopes


At the latest IWA 2023, we were able to get our hands on the latest ThermTec products. Among other things, we got to see the new Ares series of thermal scopes. The series introduces new thermal imaging scopes designed to meet the demanding needs of modern hunters: Ares 335, Ares 360, Ares 635, and Ares 660.

What we especially liked about these new models is the fact that ThermTec managed to combine thermal imaging with the classic riflescope design, which is always a great sign of the manufacturer’s awareness of the market’s desires.

ThermTec Ares 660
ThermTec Ares 660 (Image Source: Night Vision Australia)

The Ares 335 and 635: Performance Meets Innovation

At the heart of the Ares series are the Ares 335 and 635 thermal scopes. The former features a 384×288 pixel sensor while the latter has a bigger 640×512 sensor. The pixel pitch of both sensors is 12 µm and they have a NETD of <35mk, providing a clear thermal image even in inclement weather. Both scopes feature a 35mm lens.

The scopes also sport the latest NUC technology, providing users with a consistent view of the target. There are no frames freezing during use, thanks to the fact that no shutter is locked while aiming, which is a rarely seen feature.

Ares 360 and 660: Dual Field of View

Ares 360 and Ares 660 are considered to be the pinnacle of the Ares series. The first one has a 384×288 sensor resolution while the second one comes with a 640×512 pixel sensor. Other sensor capabilities are the same as on the 335 and 635 models.

Ares 360 and 660 take the technology a bit further in other fields, though.

For one, they have a superior “Dual FOV” feature made possible by a 2-lens system. They have one 20 mm lens and one 60 mm lens which can be swiftly switched from one to the other by simply rotating the ring next to the objective lens. The 20 mm lens offers a wide FOV that is crucial for initial observations and detection of the game. But once the potential target is detected, the user can swiftly switch to a 60 mm lens with a narrower FOV. This setting offers a more concentrated view, ideal for precise aiming and identification of distant targets. It essentially magnifies the target area, providing clear detail and ensuring your shot’s accuracy.

The base magnification of the Ares 360 on the 20 mm lens is 1.8x, and the 60 mm lens has a magnification of 5.5x.

Ares 660, on the other hand, has a 1.1x base magnification of the 20 mm lens, while switching to a 60 mm will bring the magnification up to 3.2x.

The Design and Features of ThermTec Ares
The Design and Features of ThermTec Ares

Advanced Features for the Modern Hunter

The image of Ares scopes is displayed on a 1024×768 AMOLED display which ensures sharp, richly contrasted thermal imaging. The display also offers 6 different color palettes.

Scopes feature both automatic and manual zeroing, saving time and ensuring consistent zeroing. And with an IP67 rating, these scopes are designed to perform flawlessly even in the harshest of conditions.

They are charged by rechargeable and removable 18650 or 18500 batteries, delivering a total battery life of up to 6 hours. This ensures that Ares won’t let you down during those long hunting sessions.

On top of that, all scopes from the series offer 16GB of internal storage, allowing users to record videos and photos of their hunts to share with friends or for later viewing. Data is transferred through Wi-Fi or a Type C cable.


If it weren’t for their large booth at the IWA 2023 event, we might miss the new ThermTec Ares series of thermal riflescopes. We are glad we didn’t because they are definitely something to pay attention to.

They are packed with modern thermal imaging features. We especially like the fact that ThermTec was able to pack a quality sensor and display in a thermal riflescope that very closely resembles classic riflescopes. We are always slightly reserved with scopes that look almost unnatural on the rifle due to their size, which isn’t something we could say about the Ares series.

It is well-designed and sleek, and above all, it offers almost anything a modern hunter could wish for in a thermal riflescope.

One thing we are looking forward to as well is the on-field comparison of all 4 models. We especially wish to know how the dual lens system affects the optical performance. We will conduct tests as soon as we get the scopes in our hands, so make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel to be among the first to see the results: Optics Trade YouTube Channel.

ThermTec Unveils New Ares Series of Thermal Scopes
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ThermTec Unveils New Ares Series of Thermal Scopes
The ThermTec Ares series introduces new thermal imaging scopes designed to meet the demanding needs of modern hunters.
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