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The New ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 Riflescope

First Impressions

ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24x50
ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50

During the IWA 2023 event back in March, our team had the opportunity to see the new ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 Riflescope. Immediately after picking it up, we were amazed by just how light this scope is. It looks well-made and it is apparent that it is a high-quality product.

ZeroTech offers two distinct models of the Trace Advanced, differing mainly in the reticle. The base model features an RMG FFP Illuminated reticle, while the more tactically oriented model is equipped with a TREMOR3™ FFP reticle.

The primary objective of the Trace Advanced 4-24×50 riflescope is to seamlessly blend precision with speed, catering to competition shooters and potentially expanding to military applications. In line with recent trends, the windage turret is capped, which has become a standard feature in modern scopes. However, the elevation turret lacks a locking mechanism and features a basic turn indicator, which is perhaps somewhat disappointing, but of course, it does the job. The turrets’ clicks are smooth and satisfying.

Additionally, the ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 Riflescope includes a zero stop and comes with a removable magnification throw lever. The magnification ranges from 4x to 24x.

ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24x50 at IWA 2023
ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 at IWA 2023

Build Quality and Design

Manufactured in Japan, the ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 Riflescope boasts a lightweight yet durable design, constructed from high-quality materials. It weighs only 770 g and features a 30 mm one-piece tube and a 50 mm lens, thus providing a robust yet reliable foundation.

The glass-etched reticle is designed to withstand wear, and the lenses are coated with a protective layer to ensure longevity. It also comes equipped with Tenebraex Tactical Tough flip-up covers, offering additional protection.

In an effort to prevent internal fogging and maintain optimal performance in various weather conditions, the ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 Riflescope is filled with Argon gas. This feature not only ensures the scope’s reliability but will undoubtedly also contribute to its overall appeal to professional shooters.

The Price

ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 with RMG FFP Illuminated reticle costs 2429 €.

The model with a TREMOR3™ FFP reticle costs a bit more, though. It is currently priced at 2829 €.


Upon purchasing the ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 Riflescope, the box will also include:

  • Tenebraex Tactical Tough flip-up covers
  • Sunshade
  • Neoprene protective scope cover
  • 2mm turret hex key
  • ZeroTech vinyl transfer stickers
  • QR welcome card & Instruction Manual
  • Reticle range chart
  • Microfiber cloth


It’s always great to see companies like ZeroTech making strides to further penetrate the already highly competitive market. Their new Trace Advanced 4-24×50 Riflescope really stands out. It is very light, which we especially like, and everything a pro shooter might want. We think it’s perfect for those who care a lot about keeping their gear light, but still want a top-notch compact scope for competition or tactical use.

The price is a bit high, and that might put some people off. But good quality usually costs a bit more, and we believe this scope is worth it. We are sure it will find its place with those who want the best in their shooting gear.

We are still waiting for the right opportunity to properly test this new riflescope, but once we do, we will post our in-depth review on our YouTube channel. Make sure you’re subscribed to: Optics Trade YouTube Channel.

The New ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24x50 Riflescope
Article Name
The New ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24x50 Riflescope
During the IWA 2023 event back in March, our team had the opportunity to see the new ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24x50 Riflescope.
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Optics Trade
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