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The new Swarovski ATX Interior


Swarovski is one of the most innovative companies in the optics industry, and they constantly introduce products that are unique in many ways. In this overview we see that they have made it again – Swarovski introduced their first-ever indoor spotting scope, the ATX Interior.

Swarovski ATX Interior
Swarovski ATX Interior

Overview of the products

Swarovski ATX Interior is the first spotting scope from this company that is specifically designed for indoor use. With the elegant spotting scope also a unique tripod is included, which has a design that fits perfectly in a stylish room or home.

The tripod is made of wood, which has many layers of protecting coatings, what makes the tripod completely weatherproof and waterproof for outdoor use. On the tripod is a fixed aluminum tripod head and a spirit level for precise adjustments.

The spotting scope has also a unique design, which has a nice terra brown armoring, so it fits perfectly the well-designed tripod in a nice room. The spotting scope comes also with the ATX eyepiece and the 85mm objective module Interior.

The ATX Interior spotting scope has the same optical and mechanical parameters as the ATX 25-60×85 spotting scope which was introduced in the years 2012, so it can be used with the same phone adapters for making beautiful pictures through the spotting scope. With the big magnification, the user is able to see the smallest details on extreme distances, thanks to the great optical properties of Swarovski optics. The lenses on the ATX spotting scope have all the special coatings for protection and a better picture – SWAROTOP, SWARODUR, and SWAROCLEAN.

Swarovski ATX Interior
Swarovski ATX Interior


The Swarovski ATX Interior spotting scope in combination with the elegant WT wooden tripod is the perfect set for any modern house. The design is really unique and beautiful, but also the quality is on the highest class as we would expect it from Swarovski. The retail price for this set will be 4.580€ and will be available from November 2018.

Swarovski ATX Interior



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