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The New Pard TS34/36 Thermal Riflescopes (LRF)


It looks like Pard is intensifying the competition in the thermal riflescopes market. At the recent IWA 2023, we were able to see the new Pard TS34 and TS36 (LRF) Thermal riflescopes. They are almost identical with a few minor differences which we discuss below.

The New TS34/36 (LRF) Thermal Imaging Scope
The New TS34/36 (LRF) Thermal Imaging Scope (Source: Pard)

Two Models with Similar Features

Pard released two new models of the TS series riflescopes: TS34 (LRF) Thermal Riflescope and TS36 (LRF) Thermal Riflescope. They both have very similar features and there are only a few differences to set them apart.

Both models are available in different versions. TS34 is available with four different objective lenses (19, 25, 35, and 45 mm), while the TS36 is available with only three (25, 35, 45 mm). They can also be ordered with or without the LRF. Ordering the device with the LRF will cost approx. 200 € more.

The New TS34/36 Thermal Imaging Scope without the LRF
The New TS34/36 Thermal Imaging Scope without the LRF (Source: Pard)

The TS34 (LRF) Thermal Riflescope comes with a 384×288 sensor, while the TS36 model will come with a bigger 640×480 sensor. The NETD of the sensor doesn’t differ, though, with NETD of <25 mK, which will allow for the smallest temperature differences detection. This will be especially useful to those that are used to hunting in challenging weather conditions, such as rain, fog, etc.

Both TS34 and TS36 LRF thermal riflescope employ the so-called Infrared Image Enhancement Algorithm (IREA) which greatly reduces image distortion and enriches details that you see while looking through the scope.

Image is displayed on an 800×800 circular display, which is somewhat unique and we really can’t think of any other thermal riflescope featuring this. All digital settings are then displayed around the outer edges of the digital image, so they don’t interfere with your focus. On top of that, all models also have an integrated ballistics calculator that can precisely calculate the bullet’s trajectory and automatically determine your aiming point.

The Circular Display of the New The New TS34/36 (LRF) Thermal Imaging Scope
The Circular Display of the New The New TS34/36 (LRF) Thermal Imaging Scope (Source: Pard)

In regard to magnification, Pard TS34 LRF Thermal Riflescope features optical magnifications of 2x, 2.5x, 3.7x, and 4.7x, and digital zoom of 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x.

Pard TS36 LRF Thermal Riflescope, on the other hand, has an optical magnification of 1.6x, 2.2x, and 2.8x. Its digital zoom is 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x.

Users will also be able to choose from 6 reticle styles and 4 reticle colors, and there are also 6 image modes to choose from.

Build Quality and Design of the New Pard TS34/36

When it comes to design choices, Pard is quite known for often choosing functionality over looks. We think it is fair to say that the same applies to the new TS34/36 models. Their design is rather crude, but they compensate for it with the quality and number of features.

The housing of Pard TS34/36 (LRF) Thermal Riflescope is made of aluminium alloy and the lenses are multi-coated to resist the wear. It can withstand temperatures of -20° to 50°C, and all models from the series are IP67 rated.

Overall, Pard TS34 and TS36 riflescopes look and feel like a traditional riflescope, apart for the LRF module on top of the device. Getting the device to look as close as possible to a traditional scope was an intended desire for the Pard designers, and they surely came close.

TS34/36 (LRF)Thermal Imaging Scope
TS34/36 (LRF) Thermal Imaging Scope with the Classic Riflescope Design (Source: Pard)

Multimedia and WiFi Connectivity

Pard TS34/TS36 LRF Thermal Riflescope can be connected to PARDVision app via WiFi.

Users can also take 1536×1536 .jpg photos and 768×768 .mp4 videos, which are stored on TF card with max. 128 GB of storage.


Both TS34 and TS36 LRF Thermal riflescopes are charged by an interchangeable Lithium Ion 18650 battery that guarantees up to 5 hours of work.

To re-charge the battery, users must plug the device to a charger with a Type-C cable.


When we see a new thermal riflescope announced, the first thing we usually think of is the design. There have been some misfortunate designs on the market in the past, and we are also aware that this is by far not the most important thing when it comes to riflescopes. Regardless, though, we are thrilled to see that Pard opted for a more traditional design with the new TS riflescopes. They really look and feel good in hands and on the rifle, and things can only improve frome here.

It also offers pretty much everything that the user can possibly wish for. True, this is not exactly the top-of-the-line device that some might aim for at much higher price rates, but we see these new Pard TS thermal riflescopes as an excellent middle-ground choice.

We are looking forward to finally getting them on our shelves and getting the chance to fully test them out. Once we do, we will post our review on our YouTube channel, so make sure you are subscribed: Optics Trade YouTube channel.

The New Pard TS34/36 Thermal Riflescopes (LRF)
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The New Pard TS34/36 Thermal Riflescopes (LRF)
At the recent IWA 2023, we were able to see and quickly review the new Pard TS34 and TS36 (LRF) Thermal riflescopes.
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Optics Trade
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