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The New Element Optics Theos 6-36×56 FFP

At this year’s International Weapons Association (IWA) event in Nürnberg, our team got another shot at diving headfirst into the world of optics, checking out the latest and greatest in the industry. Among the highlights of our journey was a visit to the Element Optics booth, a familiar and friendly face in the industry. We were especially excited to get a closer look at their new Theos 6-36×56 MIL/MIL tactical riflescope. Suffice to say, the quality and performance of the product left us genuinely impressed.

Technical Specifications of Theos 6-36×56 FFP

We took a liking to the Theos 6-36×56 riflescope right off the bat and it became clear to us why it took the company over three years to develop it.

Theos features a robust 34 mm main body tube made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The reticle design is straightforward, emulating the classic Christmas tree style, located in the first focal plane. The exposed elevation feature allows for 12 MIL per revolution, and according to the manufacturer, one can extract up to 30 MIL of usable elevation.

Theos 6-36x56 FFP
Element Optics Theos 6-36×56 FFP, Source: Element Optics

The turret design deserves a nod too, with a handy revolution indicator flag on the elevation turret. This little gem lets you know if you are in the first or second revolution, and the upper row of numbers comes in handy when that second revolution is hit. We were also impressed by the side parallax adjustment, ranging from 10 m to infinity. The ED glass lenses are fully multi-coated, come with an anti-fouling layer and offer a clear, sharp image across the board.

Turrets and revolution indicator flag on Theos 6-36x56 FFP
Turrets and revolution indicator flag on Theos 6-36×56 FFP, Source: Element Optics

Additionally, the reticle is illuminated which many users will be happy to hear. You can quickly adjust between ten brightness levels with a tap, and a longer press turns the illumination on or off. The device remembers the last setting used, which is always nice. However, the illumination does need a CR2032 battery, which unfortunately is not included in the package.

Theos 6-36x56 FFP

The engineers gave some attention to the renewed zero-stop mechanism as well, which now rolls back five clicks beneath zero when you rotate the turret fully counterclockwise and requires no tools. The holdover numbers are a bit larger for easier reading at low magnification, and they’ve reduced the center dot size for increased precision at higher magnifications. The turrets are larger as well and feel firm, making them easy to manipulate. Despite the lack of a locking function, they are responsive and precise and the windage turret is capped following modern trends.

Theos 6-36x56 FFP
Theos 6-36×56 FFP, Source: Element Optics

As one would expect, the Theos 6-36×56 riflescope is waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof, having undergone nitrogen purging. It also comes with some neat extras: a removable magnification throw lever, sunshade, aperture ring, and neoprene cover.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that a lot of thought and care went into the design and functionality of the device. We really enjoyed the compact design and the tactile feedback from the turrets – with each click feeling solid and satisfying. Adjusting the parallax and magnification felt smooth, adding to the overall positive user experience.

Theos 6-36x56 FFP
Theos 6-36×56 FFP, Source: Element Optics

But let’s talk about the glass quality. It is without question hitting it out of the park, competing with some of the top-tier glass out there. The clarity and sharpness are impressive, especially considering the price point of 2799 €. In fact, it could easily be one of the best optics options in this range. However, in the competitive landscape, this scope is likely to be directly rivaled by brands such as Leica, Steiner, Minox, and Kahles.

It is also nice to see Element Optics standing toe-to-toe with the big players in the tactical riflescope market. We are genuinely excited to be part of the company’s journey and cannot wait to see what they will come up with next.

The New Element Optics Theos 6-36x56 FFP
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The New Element Optics Theos 6-36x56 FFP
At this year's IWA 2023, we were especially excited to get a closer look at the new Theos 6-36x56 MIL/MIL tactical riflescope by Element Optics.
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Optics Trade
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