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The new Vortex Diamondback Tactical


Diamondback is one of the most successful entry-level optics series made by Vortex. In the series, you will find both binoculars and riflescopes. With Diamondback, Vortex set the boundaries of quality in the affordable segment of the world of optics.

Vortex Diamondback Tactical

Vortex has made an update in their popular riflescope series, Diamondback Tactical. These affordable riflescopes were generally well accepted because they offered quite a lot for the price – a nice build quality, decent sharpness, and great finish. The most notable feature is definitely the exceptional tactical turrets which are better than turrets on some more expensive riflescopes.

The only major feature that they lacked was the option of choosing an FFP model, which discouraged some potential customers from buying the riflescope. Vortex has taken heed of their customers’ wishes and decided to launch the Diamondback Tactical in an FFP version. They also improved the zoom factor – the old models featured a 3x zoom factor while the new ones come with a 4x zoom factor, which is outstanding considering that they cost a little bit over 400 €.

Two new models have been launched: 6–24×50 FFP and 4–16×44 FFP. Since the riflescopes are of the FFP type, Vortex added suitable reticles to the offer. There are two to choose from – EBR-2C MRAD and EBR-2C MOA.

The old models were very lightweight. The new models are considerably heavier. The 4–16×44 weighs 655 g while the 6–24×50 has a weight of 700 g. This has to do with the increase in the tube size – the old models featured 1-inch tube while the new models are equipped with a 30mm tube.


The riflescopes are already available. The prices are slightly higher which is understandable since the zoom factor has been increased. Still, they are well worth the money.



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