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The New Aimpoint 3X-P Magnifier

In January 2024, our team made the annual visit to the Shot Show in Las Vegas where we had an opportunity to explore the newest innovations in the industry. One of our key stops was at the Aimpoint booth, where they walked us through the latest expansions in their product lineup. This year, the company introduced several exciting updates, including the new Acro S-2 red dot sight series, fresh color options for the P-2 red dot sight series, and the all-new 3X-P Magnifier.

A New Addition in Professional Grade Optics

The 3X-P Magnifier is a professional-grade optic – this can be felt and seen right away. The device feels good in the hand and has a well-thought-out design. It is equipped with a variable dioptric setting ranging from -2 to +2, enabling users to fine-tune the magnifier to their specific vision requirements. It pairs seamlessly with any Aimpoint red dot sight (RDS).

Aimpoint 3X-P Magnifier
Aimpoint 3X-P Magnifier

A variety of mounting options are available, and during our visit, we observed it coupled with a new Spuhr mount that innovatively allows the device to flip down directly rather than to the side of the firearm. This mounting solution positions the magnifier slightly higher, at just over 40 mm, making it a good choice for use with an AR platform in our opinion.

Aimpoint 3X-P Magnifier
Aimpoint 3X-P Magnifier, Source: Aimpoint

Technical Specifications and Price of the Aimpoint 3X-P

The device stands out for its exceptionally light weight, tipping the scales at just 203 g (7.2 oz), and offers 3X optical magnification.

The magnifier provides a 7,3° field of view and an eye relief of 56 mm (2.2 inches). It is durable enough to be submerged up to 25 meters (82 feet) and operates across a temperature range from -46°C to +71°C (-50.8°F to +159.8°F).

Aimpoint 3X-P Magnifier
Aimpoint 3X-P Magnifier

Aimpoint backs the device with a 10-year warranty, setting the price at around 400 € for the magnifier without the mounting solution. We are pleased to see Aimpoint’s dedication to enhancing its magnifier lineup and are looking forward to what the future brings for the company.

The New Aimpoint 3X-P Magnifier
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The New Aimpoint 3X-P Magnifier
At this year's Shot Show 2024, Aimpoint introduced several exciting updates, including the all-new 3X-P Magnifier.
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Optics Trade
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