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Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 Riflescope Review | Optics Trade Reviews

Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 riflescope was introduced in 2018. In 2016 the Z8i came out with four different riflescope models.  Many believed that Swarovski would introduce a new Z8i in the upper magnification range, perhaps around 4-30x after the initial launch.

Contrary to what was generally assumed, Swarovski released the 0.75-6×20 model – something that hadn’t been seen before since no other company produces rifle scopes with starting magnification below one.

Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20
Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 riflescope

Interested in Swarovski Z8i riflescope?

Introduction of Z8i 0.75-6×20 model

Many producers struggle to achieve even 1x magnification, let alone anything lower. I wasn’t aware that magnification below one could bring any advantages. It never crossed my mind that a riflescope with magnification below one could be produced. However, when I spoke to the people from Swarovski, they informed me that this idea is actually quite old.

They had already been considering it during the production of the Z6i line but hadn’t acted on it because a 4x upper magnification limit seemed too low. Now that they have an 8x zoom series though, there’s no problem implementing it.

The ability to go below 1x means the scope can be used as a red dot. Although I must admit, a 0.75-6×20 riflescope is still not as effective as a standard red dot sight. Eye box of the red dot is still better.

You can watch the entire Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 Review below

Swarovski Z8i series

The Swarovski Z8i rifle scopes are top-of-the-line and perfect for hunters. With an 8x zoom range, a high light transmission rate, and a second focal plane reticle, these scopes allow for clear shots even at long distances and in low-light conditions.

The illumination system on Z8i scopes can be adjusted to any need and they also have the Swarolight function that automatically shuts off the scope when the rifle is not in a shooting position. These scopes also have a wide view angle at any magnification, making them perfect for use in any situation.

The Z8i series includes the following models:

Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20
Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 front view

Optical performance

The Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 has an impressively wide field of view, with 56 meters at 100 meters. To put this into perspective, most riflescopes stop at 40 or 43 meters – which is already considered pretty good. Having 44 meters of field of view is rare, so 56 meters is something special indeed.

The Z8i 0.75-6×20 scope is perfect for users who want an extremely wide-angle scope, with a magnification below one.

This scope has an eye relief of approximately 90 millimeters. The eye box is slightly improved from the 1-8 model, but it still does not measure up to conventional red dot sights such as those from Docter or Aimpoint.

With this riflescope, you’re not getting a true red dot. However, a red dot only allows for up to 50 or 60 meters of shooting range. With a Z8i 0.75-6×20 scope there is no limit to how far you can shoot because you can go up to six-time magnification.

The magnification ring clicks at 1x magnification which is something completely new.

I was curious about the optical quality because of the 56-meter field of view. I have to say that 0.75-6 is exceptional in terms of edge sharpness, central sharpness, and other factors compared to the 1-8 model, which has been the best wide-angle scope until now.

Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20
Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 objective lens

When should you use the Z8i 0.75-6×20?

The bottom line is that the Z8i 0.75-6×20 scope can be used at close range, which is what all one-to-something magnification riflescopes are ordinarily meant for. “Close range,” in terms of the Z8i 0.75-6×20 riflescope, refers to anything that is 20 meters away or closer.

1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-8, or 1-10 rifle scopes are commonly used for driven hunts or CQB applications if they’re tactical. They are also becoming more popular with IPSC shooters (a general term used for these scopes is LPVO).

Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 vs Z8i 1-8×24

The 0.75x magnification may not look like much of an improvement when compared to the 1-8 model, but at five meters you will start to see a significant difference.

0.75-6 riflescope has a much wider field of view at minimal magnification than the normal 1-8 model and is easier to use with both eyes open.

The benefits of this rifle scope become more apparent when you start to view items at a closer range, such as 10 meters, 15 meters, or even five meters. In other words: if you’re planning to go on a hunt in a densely forested area where most of your shots will be taken from within 20 meters, then you’ll want to use the 0.75x magnification setting. This gives you an advantage over the normal 1-8 model which only offers 1x magnification.

If you’re looking to shoot from a distance, there’s not much of an advantage to using a 1-8 scope over a 0.75-6. If you look at the 0.75-6×20 scope with its 6x magnification and compare it to the 1-8×24 model with 8x magnification, I will say that the 8x magnification option gives you only a slight advantage -smaller than the advantage that you have on 10 meters when your magnification is set to 0.75x compared against 1x magnification.

Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20Swarovski Z8i 1-8x24
Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 vs Z8i 1-8×24

Physical properties of Z8i 0.75-6×20

Although the design of the Z8i 0.75-6×20 riflescope is almost identical to that of its 1-8×24 model, it is shorter and lighter, measuring 28 cm in length and weighing 500 grams.

The scope is waterproof, shockproof for any caliber, and filled with dry nitrogen for fog-proofness. This means that there will be no internal fogging even if the temperatures are low.


Z8i 0.75-6×20 riflescope features a fixed parallax. Parallax is fixed at 100meters.


The Z8i 0.75-6×20 has a second focal plane reticle, meaning that the size of the reticle will remain consistent regardless of changes in magnification. Reticles remain thin on high magnifications to avoid obscuring your target, and they’re all very brightly illuminated so you can use them in broad daylight.

Riflescope is available with two different reticles:

  1. 4A-IF reticle and
  2. D-I reticle.
  • D-I reticle
  • 4A-IF reticle

The first option, reticle 4A-IF, is a familiar style that features an illuminated dot in the middle. The flex reticle design has the option of having a circle around the dot, or only the dot itself.

The second option, D-I (dot illuminated), is a novelty; it’s simply a red dot at the center of your field of view without any additional lines. It gives you the closest possible experience to using a red dot in a wide-angle riflescope.

Interested in Reticle 4A-IF? Watch our Reticle Subtension Video Below

Interested in Reticle D-I? Watch our Reticle Subtension Video Below

Illumination system

The illumination control on the Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 is an updated and more polished version than what was seen on the second generation of the Z6i scope. The buttons and overall design are sleeker, giving it a modern look.

The illumination system on the Z8i still follows the same general principles as previous models:

  • a default setting for low light or bright daylight,
  • plus and minus buttons for changing brightness levels slightly.

The switch on the illumination system has two positions – low light on the left and daytime on the right. You can use the plus and minus buttons to fine-tune it so that it’s set correctly for whatever lighting conditions you’re in at that moment.

The illumination system has an automatic turn-off function. The scope feature includes a position sensor–which turns off the power if you tip the scope to either side or aim it upwards/downwards–to conserve battery life. When you’re ready to shoot again, simply point it horizontally and it’ll turn on immediately; its reaction time is nearly instantaneous.

You can adjust the brightness of the scope to fit nearly any level of light, from dim for use in low light up to extremely bright for daytime.

  • Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20
  • Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20
  • Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20


Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 can be ordered with standard hunting, low-capped turrets. The turrets on the Z8i models are now improved, and more elegant, with a better feel and click sound. The turrets are still made of plastic.

The Z6i’s caps are a tad bigger than on Z8i. The windage turrets on Z8i also come with an extra battery for the illumination system. If your original battery runs out of power, you always have a backup–a great concept.

The turrets are resettable. One click on the turrets equals 1 centimeter on 100 meters.

  • Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20
  • Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20
  • Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20

BTF turret

This scope is meant for extremely close range. If you would like a ballistic turret, you can order the Z8i 0.75-6×20 scope with an optional ballistic elevation and/or windage turret.

The Swarovski ballistic turret can also be bought as a separate accessory and installed quickly and easily; no tools required. All Z8i scopes are the same in this manner, and with the BTF turret on a six-time magnification, you can shoot accurately up to 300 meters or even further.

The Swarovski ballistic turret has the potential for 70 clicks in one revolution, meaning that each click of the turret will adjust your point of impact by 1 centimeter at 100 meters away from your target.

A ballistic turret can be placed on either the top elevation turret or the side windage turret.

Swarovski BTF Ballistic Turrets
Swarovski BTF Ballistic Turrets

If you want to learn more about the ballistic turret on the Swarovski Z8i line, check out our separate video

Mounting solution

You can order the Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 with a Swarovski SR rail or with 30-millimeter tube. If you choose the rail option, you will need an SR rail mount to attach the scope to your rifle. If you select the latter, you will need 30mm scope mount rings for mounting it properly.

Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20
Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 with Swarovski SR rail

Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 price and warranty

The Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 scope comes with a 10-year warranty and is made in Austria. The base price for the scope is 2620€, but there are additional options available at an extra cost. If you wish to have the SR rail, it will be an additional 50€. For a BDF elevation turret, the price will increase by 290€. And finally, if you want both a BTF elevation and windage turret, it will be 580€ more expensive.

Scope of delivery

Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 riflescope comes with a:

  • bikini covers
  • instruction manuals
  • lens cloth
Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20
Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 scope of delivery

You may also purchase the following accessories for this riflescope:

  1. Swarovski PBR for BTF
  2. Swarovski TL Throw Lever
  3. Swarovski BTF Ballistic Turret Flex
  4. Swarovski CSO Cleaning Set
  5. Swarovski Scope Guard (Neoprene)


If you’re planning on going on a driven hunt, then the Z8i 1-8×24 model is a great choice. However, I would argue that the Z8i 0.75-6×20 riflescope would be an even better pick depending on what kind of driven hunts you have in mind. If you find yourself having to shoot often at close range (20 meters or less), then the 0.75-6×20 scope should be your go-to option.

With the 0.75-6×20 model, you have a wider field of view and can shoot more accurately at close range by using both eyes open. If you get the chance to try them out, look at something that is five meters away with both eyes open. Use the 0.75-6×20 model and 1-8 the standard model, side by side, and you’ll see that the 0.75-6 model works better.

Many comparable models on the market fall short in comparison to this wide-angle riflescope, especially when considering its ability to be used with both eyes open. This scope’s quality is excellent, and its price is on par with the 1-8 model.

In terms of sales, I anticipate that half the users will go for the 0.75-6 model, and half will choose the 1-8 model. It all depends on what kind of driven hunts you are doing.

Pros summary:

  1. great for shooting at close range (20m or less)
  2. wide FOV
  3. great optics
  4. great for use with both eyes open
  5. price
Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6x20
Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 with SR rail


There are only a few drawbacks to the otherwise excellent Z8I 0.75-6×20 riflescope. One could say that the turrets should be made of metal, rather than plastic and that the BTF turret could also be constructed of a sturdier material. But other than those two points, I can’t find anything else wrong with it.

Cons summary:

  • plastic turrets

Final thoughts

Overall, I am very impressed with the Swarovski Z8i 0.75-6×20 riflescope. It provides an excellent field of view while maintaining superb optics, making it perfect for close-range shooting. Additionally, the price is very reasonable when compared to similar models on the market. I would highly recommend this scope to anyone in the market for a quality riflescope. I cannot recommend it enough, especially because the price is the same as on Z8i 1-8×24 model.

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