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Swarovski SR rail mounting of Rifle Scopes

Swarovski SR rail mounting system

The mounting of riflescopes with rings is the most common way of mounting in today’s time. However, due to the disadvantages of this type of mounting all premium European scope manufacturers are now offering their scopes with different types of rails for mounting. In the past, European scopes were produced with a prismatic rail that is today usually referred to as LM rail and needed to be drilled when the scope was mounted on the rifle. Now, with new technology, almost all major manufacturers of telescopic sights in the EU developed their own mounting rail standard. Swarovski Optik has developed a standard known as Swarovski SR rail.

Need Swarovski SR rail mount?

Swarovski SR Rail Mounts

Swarovski SR Rail and INNOmount
Swarovski SR Rail and INNOmount

Scopes with SR rail

All riflescopes that come with this rail for mounting are marked with SR in their name and this is equally true for Swarovski rifle scopes or Kahles rifle scopes since both of these two companies use the same standard for mounting rails.

Interested in scopes with Swarovski SR rail?

Swarovski SR rail

You can see a couple of examples below:

Check out our video about Swarovski SR rail mounting

A similar concept that the Swarovski SR rail has to that of the Zeiss ZM/VM rail standard and S&B Convex rail standard is that the rail is hollow.

With these scope rails, one mounting part goes inside the rail and the other mounting part clamps the rail onto the outside. What is specific with the Swarovski SR – rail is that it has small “teeth” on the lower side, which work as recoil stoppers. All mounts made for Swarovski SR rail have suitable shapes to grab these small recoil stoppers and if the mounts are in two parts, only one part grabs the teeth and the other mounting part lets them loose. This way all lateral tensions between front and rear mounting parts are eliminated.

Swarovski SR rail and MAKuick mount
Swarovski SR rail and MAKuick mount

Reliability of SR rail mounting

One of the key advantages of rail mounting of riflescopes is the reliability and robustness of such mounting solutions. Even with the hardest recoil, there will be no play in mounts and tolerances will not change, even with years of constant use. The additional material due to rail on the scope construction also adds stiffness and robustness to the scope housing. With the added teeth on the Swarovski SR – rail, an unchanged position of the riflescope is guaranteed for an unlimited number of shots.

Swarovski SR Rail and ERAMATIC swing mount
Swarovski SR Rail and ERAMATIC swing mount

Stress-free mounting

With Swarovski rail mounting of riflescopes, there is no stress applied to the scope tube and construction and thus all damages to the scope are prevented. Mounting with rings in contrast to mounting with rails can cause accidental damages to the riflescope’s central tube. This damage can be so severe that optical performance of the scope is changed or reticle tracking mechanism (clicks) functions are hindered.

Need Swarovski SR rail mount?

Swarovski SR Rail Mounts

Swarovski SR Rail and Mounts
Swarovski SR Rail and Mount

Perfect horizontal leveling

Every shooter who practices long-range shooting will tell you how important it is that the reticle is on a perfect horizontal level. Only when the reticle is perfectly leveled will the elevation clicks move the point of impact in a perfect vertical line. When the reticle is tilted to the left or right side, clicking on the elevation turret will cause the point of impact to move sideways and not only in the wished vertical direction. With SR Swarovski rail mounting this problem doesn’t exist since the reticle in the scope is always leveled with the rail and in this way always in a perfect horizontal direction.

Swarovski SR Rail and Recknagel Picatinny mounts
Swarovski SR Rail and Recknagel Picatinny mount

Easy mounting without marks

Correct mounting is of paramount importance for the accuracy of the rifle and scope setup. Since mounting with rings is very challenging for an average shooter it is best done by a professional gunsmith. Mounting of scopes with rails such as Swarovski SR rail is much easier and on top of everything else, in most cases doesn’t leave any marks whatsoever on the scope.

Swarovski SR Rail and ERAMATIC Swing Mounts
Swarovski SR Rail and ERAMATIC Swing Mount

Swarovski SR rail mounts manufacturers

Riflescopes with SR rail are widespread on the market since this rail standard has been used for a couple of years by Austrian premium riflescope manufacturers Kahles and Swarovski. Mount producers have also followed this trend and today there are plenty of these mounts available on the market.

You can see the list of best-known producers of these mounts below:

1 Pivot mounts for Swarovski SR rail producers

• Henneberger

2 Picatinny/Weaver mounts for Swarovski SR rail producers

• Recknagel

3 Monoblock mounts for Swarovski SR rail producers

• INNOmount
• Blaser

4 Suhl Claw mounts for Swarovski SR rail producers

• Ziegler


As we have established in this article, the mounting of riflescopes with rail is far more reliable and superior than mounting them with rings. This is the reason Swarovski and Kahles are offering variants of their scopes with the Swarovski SR rail standard. This standard is similar to other modern scope rail standards with a distinctive feature of recoil stoppers in the form of a series of small teeth on the lower side of the rail. SR rail thus guarantees the perfect position of the scope even after numerous shots.
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Interested in scopes with Swarovski SR rail?

Swarovski SR rail




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  • Hi I have a Sauer 202 classic and a swarovski sr rail z8i 2-16×50 I would like to know which types of mounts i would need. Please if you could list the different types of examples INNOmount, Recknagel what are the bases I need. Personally I like INNOmount. Would that be possible.

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