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Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 Review | Optics Trade Reviews

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 is a PRS riflescope that is sure to deliver a solid shooting experience on a tight budget. Let’s take a closer look at all aspects of the Warhawk 5-25×56 so you can make an informed decision when choosing your next precision rifle scope.

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56
Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 with flip-up caps

Swampfox Optics

Swampfox is a fresh, emerging company founded in 2018 and established in Colorado, USA. Whether you are looking for prism scopes, red dot sights, or rifle scopes designed especially for long-range or close-range shooting – Swampfox has it all! They offer an impressive selection of products to help equip your journey into the great outdoors.

Swampfox has 5 riflescope series, two of which are focused on wider-angle shooting and three that are geared towards longer-range sports. Of all the series, the Warhawk is by far the most costly one available.

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 Review

Swampfox Warhawk Scopes

Back in 2022, the Swampfox Warhawk series of tactical scopes was released onto the market. Created exclusively for PRS-style shooting or differing distances with swift engagement, these models don’t demand adjustments through the turret – instead, you can trust its first focal plane reticle. Furthermore, every scope within this range boasts a remarkable 5x zoom.

Looking for Swampfox Warhawk?

Physical Properties

This Warhawk model has a magnification range from 5x to 25x. It has a 56-millimeter objective.

To mount your night vision or thermal clip-on device, you must adhere to the outer diameter of 63.5 millimeters for your objective lens. Make sure you get it right so that all equipment fits securely in place.

Waterproof and Fogproof

This scope is waterproof and nitrogen filled, ensuring that there will be no internal fogging even in cold climates. Thus, you can rely on this device for optimal performance regardless of the environment.

The Warhawk series, according to the maker’s promises, is shockproof. This 5-25×56 optic can be used with the mightiest calibers like 50.BMG and could still function perfectly after several rounds. At least this is claimed by the manufacturer.

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56
Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56

Metal Construction

To ensure its longevity, this riflescope is crafted with a solid aluminum body that makes it suitable for use even in the most rugged conditions. Moreover, at 34 millimeters wide, the main tube is designed to withstand more pressure than the 30mm standard.

Looking for a scope mount?

Comparatively, the 391mm length and 1044 gram weight of this 5-25x 56x riflescope is considered average amongst other brands; however, its quality surpasses expectations.


On the ocular bell, you’ll find a European-style eyepiece. The eyepiece is easy to adjust and quite stiff. This is good because you only need to adjust the eyepiece once. If the adjustment is stiff enough, it will stay in the preferred position forever and you cannot accidentally move the eyepiece.

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56 with European-style eyepiece
Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 with European-style eyepiece

Magnification Ring

The magnification ring is nice and grippy. I think it’s also easy to use it with gloves. It takes only a 180-degree turn to switch from the lowest to the highest magnifying power, with its transitions feeling smooth and effortless.

Magnification ring on Warhawk 5-25x56
Magnification ring on Warhawk 5-25×56

2 Throw Levers

This magnifying ring comes with optional throw levers, making fast magnification changes a breeze. There are 2 levers supplied in the product box – one large and one small – so you can pick whichever size suits your needs best.

Installing the Warhawk throw lever is effortless. Just slide it into the knurls of your magnification ring and secure it with a few screws. It only takes moments, yet you’ll be able to quickly access any power setting – making accuracy even more attainable.

Parallax Adjustment

On the base of the side turret, you can observe a parallax adjustment knob. The upper section is allocated for reticle brightness control.

This parallax ranges from 15 meters to infinity. The parallax wheel offers a smooth, though slightly stiff movement. It’s still easy to adjust, just requiring the ideal amount of power for modification.

Across the 15 meters to 250 yards range, you can easily adjust your parallax for maximum precision. In contrast, from 250 meters upwards, there is not much space between the distances. When adjusting in this range, you have to be more careful and delicate not to miss the mark entirely.

Parallax adjustment on the side turret
Parallax adjustment on the side turret

Tactical Turrets

The turrets on the scope are tactical, featuring 0.1 MIL clicks in milliradians. Every click will move the point of aim one centimeter at a distance of 100 meters. The MOA version of Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 scope offers 1/4 MOA clicks and caters to US market.

The clicks feel positive – tactile and audible. The turret mechanism is reliable. When you want to make one click, you won’t accidentally make 2 or 3. So you can be confident with your corrections.

Tactical turrets
Tactical turrets

Multi-Turn Elevation Turret

The elevation turret is a multi-turn turret In one revolution of the turret, you make 10 MILs of vertical adjustment. So one meter at 100 meters. If you choose the MOA version of this Swampfox, a single revolution will give you 25 MOA of reticle travel

This riflescope is an absolute steal, providing a whopping 90 MOA or 26 MIL of internal elevation. This is more than enough travel for your shooting needs.

Locking Function

The Warhawk elevation turret is lockable with a push-and-pull design. Pull the turret out to unlock it. With a simple push downward, the turret is locked again. This solution is very user-friendly as you can manipulate the turret with a single hand.

No Turn Indicator

The one issue I have with this elevation turret is that it lacks a turn indicator. Without any lines under the turret or a mechanical turn indicator, you’re essentially left in the dark when determining your current revolution – which could lead to costly mistakes or missed opportunities. If this is a deal-breaker for you, consider more expensive PRS scopes.

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56
Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56

No Zero Stop

The next thing the elevation turret does not enable is a zero stop. You’ll have to return to the lowest click position before making changes to the vertical reticle position. Otherwise, you’re likely to lose track and go past the intended turret setting.

Setting the Zero

Resetting the turret to zero is easy. First, lock the turret by pushing it down. Then take the included tool or a coin. Unscrew the upper part of the turret. Take the turret down and adjust the dial so that the zero is facing forward. Put all the pieces back together and tighten the turret.

I thoroughly enjoy the simplicity of this zeroing process; it’s so fuss-free and quick.

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56
Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56

Windage Turret

Let’s take a closer look at the windage adjustment. The windage turret is lockable for added security, and I must emphasize that this function works without a hitch. The turret has a positive feel. Clicks on the windage are also easily audible so you can hear each step.

No Zero Stop

On the windage thread, you have 5 MILs of adjustment in both directions on the turret. But again, this is a multi-turn so you can go even further. It’s not optimal that the turret does not have a hard stop and you can make multiple revolutions. It’s too easy to get lost and make an error of a whole revolution.

But at least with windage, we usually don’t need to go that high with clicks. It’s also more logical to return to zero by counting the clicks downward. Not in the other direction – moving past the maximum adjustment to land back at zero.

Optical Properties

The optical performance is good for the price of €849. There is a little bit of chromatic aberration but nothing major. Again, for a budget-friendly option, Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 shows a clear image and the colors are accurate. 

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56
Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56

Field of View

The field of view at the lowest magnification is 8.1 meters at 100 meters. At the biggest magnification, the FOV is reduced to 1.5 meters at 100 meters. All in all, pretty decent for the money spent.

Eyebox and Eye Relief

With a generous eye relief of 89-110 millimeters, you’ll be able to shoot even the most powerful calibers without worry. The effectiveness of this scope extends further too – its eye box is good at all magnifications. Staying on target with this 5-25×56 Warhawk scope won’t be an issue.

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56
Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56

FFP Reticle

The reticle in this riflescope is positioned in the first focal plane. For speedy PRS competitions, it is vital that you can use the reticle for measuring or calculating the distance for bullet drop compensation.

You can compensate for bullet drop using both the reticle and turret if your scope is in the first focal plane. Additionally, you have the option to only utilize the Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 reticle since it has been calibrated with either MIL or MOA subtensions that are equivalent to turret clicks.

MOA or MIL configuration

There are 2 reticle options available. The Sharpshooter MOA or Sharpshooter MRAD. Both of them have a Christmas tree-style design. If you order the MIL version, the reticle, and turrets are all in MIL. The same goes for the MOA reticle, it has turrets in MOA as well. 

Sharpshooter MOA reticle
Sharpshooter MOA reticle
Shrapshooter MRAD reticle
Shrapshooter MRAD reticle

Reticle Illumination

The reticle is illuminated with 12 adjustable intensity settings that can be modified utilizing the top portion of your side turret. Plus, between each illumination setting there’s an OFF so you can swiftly turn off the reticle when needed and next time come back to its desired level of brightness. The gaze from this tool is forceful – spotless visibility even on a vibrant summer day!

The illumination is strong. You can easily see the subtensions on a bright, sunny day. Despite being used in low light conditions, the reticle illumination on its lowest setting still appears too bright for my taste. However, focusing on a white target won’t be as much of an issue. It can be far more troublesome when attempting to hunt dark animals against scarce lighting; I believe the reticle will prove too luminous and make spotting wildlife difficult.

The battery compartment is located under the turret. For the operation of the illumination system, you need only one CR2032 battery.

Battery compartment on Warhawk 5-25x56
Battery compartment on Warhawk 5-25×56
Illumination system runs on a single CR 20232 battery
Illumination system runs on a single CR 20232 battery

Scope of Delivery

This riflescope comes with a comprehensive manual that contains all the pertinent facts and figures you need to know, such as reticle data and subtensions. Plus, there are instructions on how to accurately gauge distance from your target.

What else do you get in the box with this riflescope? You get plenty of accessories, more than you’d expect for the price.

The user receives a big cleaning cloth and flip-up covers made from hard plastic. The lens caps feel pretty nice. Next, there’s a sunshade and a honeycomb filter to eliminate glare. A tool for zeroing and two throw levers (S and L size) are also in the box. Finally, you get a CR2032 battery with 2 white Swampfox logo decals.

Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery

Similar Scopes to Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 FFP

Finding the right scope for your rifle can be a daunting task, with so many options available on the market. One of those options is the Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 FFP riflescope which offers great features at an affordable price. In this section, we will take a closer look at this scope and compare it to similar scopes in its class to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II vs. Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 FFP

First of all, we have Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II. This is a 4x zoom factor, with a smaller FOV and a 50-millimeter objective lens. In lower light conditions, the picture is not as bright. But Arken also has great turrets. Unfortunately, there is no zero stop and no locking function on SH4.

If you’re price-driven, know that Arken Optics SH4 6-24×50 Gen II is approximately 60 euros cheaper than Swampfox Warhawk. 

Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 FFP vs. Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 FFP

The next one is the Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 FFP. It is the same price. It has a 6x zoom factor, a zero-stop function, and a superior turret design. Vector Optics Continental is smaller and lighter in weight, but it does not come with so many accessories like Warhawk 5-25×56. 

With Warhawk 5-25×56, you don’t need to purchase almost anything else except for the scope mount. By contrast, wIth the Vector optics, you get the mount rings included, but not much else.

Athlon Helos BTR GEN2 6-24×56 vs. Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 FFP

The next one is the Athlon Helos BTR GEN2 6-24×56. It has 4x zoom, a smaller field of view, and costs €889. But Helos BTR is also much shorter and lighter in weight than Warhawk. 

Arken Optics EP5 5-25×56 vs. Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 FFP

The next one is Arken Optics, EP5 5-25×56. This Arken does not feature a locking function on turrets. It is heavier. It is approximately 80 euros or more expensive, but it is shorter and offers more elevation. It has also a zero stop, the turrets are good, and optically it is a bit better.

Vector Optics Continental 5-30×56 FFP vs. Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 FFP

The last competitor is the Vector Optics Continental 5-30×56 FFP. This one is much more expensive, at approximately €949. Vector Optics does not come with many accessories, but the 34mm ring mount is included. VO Continental has a 6x zoom factor. Thanks to the 30x magnification, you get approximately 5x more zoom on the upper range.

The turrets on the Vector Optics Continental 5-30×56 FFP are a little bit better because they have a turn indicator, a zero stop, and also a mechanical turn indicator. The vector optics is also approximately 200 grams lighter in weight.  

Where are Swampfox Scopes Made?

Swampfox Scopes are made in China by an OEM producer. This supplier is well-known in the industry and is used by many other manufacturers to produce their scopes as well.

All of Swampfox’s scopes are designed and tested by their experienced engineers while following strict quality control guidelines, ensuring that each and every rifle scope meets industry standards. Obviously, you cannot expect the same craftmanship and absolute precision you’d get with premium PRS scopes like Zeiss LRP S5 5-25×56.

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56
Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 Price

The price of the Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 is certainly a key factor in its appeal. Priced at 849 euros, it is significantly less expensive than many other similar scopes on the market and offers excellent value for money. Not only that but with all the accessories included – such as sunshade and throw levers – you’ll cut down on additional expenses that come with a scope purchase.

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56
Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56

Final Thoughts on 5-25×56 Swampfox Warhawk

When taking all factors into account, I wholeheartedly believe the Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 is a great riflescope for its price range. Not only does it have clear optics and a reliable reticle, but also comes with plenty of accessories that don’t necessarily require you to purchase more separately – except for when purchasing the mount. Although I personally opt to buy independent rings and mounts as opposed to using what’s included anyway.

Interested in this scope?

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56 accessories
Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 accessories

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