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Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 Review | Optics Trade Reviews

Are you looking for an affordable medium-magnification riflescope that can help you achieve mid-range to long-range accuracy? Then the Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 is a good choice. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features of this rifle scope and see how it compares to other models on the market today.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50

Interested in Kentucky Long?

Swampfox Optics

Swampfox is a young American company that was founded in 2018 and is based in Colorado. There are a total of 5 series of riflescopes available. Out of these, 2 series consist of wide-angle rifle scopes while the other 3 series are designed specifically for tactical use in longer-range shooting.

The company also produces red dot sights, prism scopes, and some additional accessories for optics and rifles like mountings solutions.  

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Kentucky Long Series

The Kentucky Long series of rifle scopes was released in 2019 and comprises four tactical scopes with FFP reticles. The Swampfox Kentucky Long offers a 6x zoom ratio, making it suitable for sports tactical shooting. The Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 belongs to the mid-range price tier of long-range optics and features magnification from 3x to 18x with a 50mm objective lens.

All riflescopes in the Kentucky Long series:

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50

Where is Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 Made?

The Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 riflescope is manufactured by an OEM producer based in China, which is common for affordable riflescopes. Although some companies have a European or USA business front, they usually have their scopes made by an OEM partner in Asia according to their specifications.

Physical Properties

Crafted from an aluminum alloy, the main tube is 30 mm wide, and the scope is shockproof, nitrogen-purged, waterproof, and fog proof for optimal performance in any condition.

The Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 is a bit bigger than other similar models as it measures 376 millimeters in length. According to their website, it should weigh 799 grams, but it actually weighs 850 grams.

The exterior diameter of its 50 mm objective lens is 57.5 mm, an important consideration when mounting clip-on night vision or thermal devices.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50

Parallax Adjustment

The parallax adjustment can be finely adjusted over a vast range; from 10 meters to an infinite distance. A precise change is possible at up to 200 meters, giving you plenty of room for refinement.

From 200 meters upward, there is not a lot of space left on the wheel. If you shoot at longer distances, you have to make small adjustments for the parallax, which is not great, but still doable. 

The texture of the turrets is extremely gripping and offers a sturdy hold when making larger alterations. If you make adjustments with a gloved hand, Swampfox parallax shouldn’t pose a challenge.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 – parallax adjustment

European-Style Eyepiece

The European-style eyepiece on the Swampfox Kentucky scope is easy to adjust and it has the right amount of stiffness for the adjustment. It’s neither too stiff nor too loose. You don’t need to be afraid that you’ll unintentionally change the adjustment when transporting this 3-18×50 scope or bumping it against something.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 feature European-style eyepiece

Magnification Ring

The magnification ring is also grippy and is not too sharp. It’s also easy to handle the ring with gloves as the surface is nicely textured. The magnification goes from 3x to 18x. You can move through the whole magnification range in an approximately 180-degree turn.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Magnification ring

2 Throw Levers

Two throw levers are included – one small and one larger – giving the user a choice of preference.

Swampfox Kentucky throw lever can be easily mounted. You just have to push it from the front side onto the magnification ring knurls. When it’s in position, tighten the screw inside to set the lever in place and you’re all done.

In my opinion, these throw levers are sufficient and there is no need to purchase any additional ones. Note that Swampfox adds additional screws to the ziplock baggie with the levers. Even if you lose a screw, you still have some on the reserve.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Two throw levers are included

Elevation Turret

Kentucky Long 3-18×50 features a tactical elevation turret. The turret is lockable with a push-and-pull design. A single click value is 1/4 MOA. The scope’s elevation turret is designed to make multiple turns. Each revolution offers 15 MOA of travel, but the overall elevation range of the turret is 110 MOA, which is quite extensive.

The turret can be easily set to zero and it rotates in a counterclockwise direction. The clicks feel nice; they are positive yet not tactile.

It is a shame that this scope does not come with MIL clicks.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Elevation turrets on Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50

Weak Turret Lock

For a scope in this price range, I would say these turrets are nice. But the locking function is far too soft. You can easily lock and unlock these turrets without meaning to.

When you make your clicks, you have to constantly pull the turret upwards a little bit. You have to be careful when you click so that you don’t push the turret back down. As soon as that happens, the Swampfox Kentucky locking function is engaged. Do this a few times too many and the internal mechanism of the turret could be permanently damaged. Although it’s a significant design flaw, you can learn to accept it with time.

No Mechanical Turn Indicator

I noticed that the scope has no turn indicator. With the multi-turn design and no visual guideline or mechanical indicator, it’s difficult to keep track of the number of revolutions made. This gives way to frequent mistakes of an entire rotation – not ideal for any user.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 features tactical turrets

No Zero Stop Function

The turret also has no zero-stop function; you have to count every rotation you make. If you shoot at 800 or 1000 meters, you will have to make multiple revolutions. You must count the click rotations, as when coming back, you have to return to your zero point and not make an error of a full revolution. Therefore, you have to be careful. 

Setting the Zero on Elevation Turret

Resetting the elevation turret to zero is easy. After making adjustments, ensure that you lock the turret back in place. To unscrew the middle part of the turret, you can use a coin or the tool provided.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Setting the Zero on Elevation Turret

To make the adjustment, you need to place the turret down and then put it back on with the zero facing forward. After pushing the turret back down, screw the screw back in to complete the zeroing process.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Setting the Zero on Elevation Turret

Windage Turret

The windage turret is similar to the elevation turret in several ways, and it has a smooth and easy-to-use mechanism. Resetting the windage turret to zero is identical to resetting the elevation turret.

Making adjustments to the turret produces a satisfying clicking sound. Remember to lift the turret when making adjustments.

Multi-Turn with No Zero Stop

The windage turret has a total adjustment of 110 MOA, just like the elevation turret. It can rotate 7.5 MOA in either direction and is a multi-turn turret, which means it can perform multiple revolutions in each direction.

Again, I’m not a fan of this type of turret because you can make an error of an entire revolution. When adjusting your scope’s windage by 7 MOA on the range, it can be confusing to remember which way to turn the adjustment dial to get back to zero later. It would be helpful to have a “stop” function at 7.5 MOA instead, making it easier to return to zero without having to second-guess the direction of the adjustment.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50

Optical Properties

The Kentucky Long 3-18×50 has a magnification range of 3x to 18x and comes with a 50mm objective lens. The 50-millimeter lens allows the image to remain bright even in low-light conditions. Additionally, the scope can be utilized for hunting purposes. The image quality of this product is good considering its price point, although there may be some chromatic aberration, especially on white targets.

Field of View

The scope has a zoom factor of 6x. At 3x magnification, the field of view is 11.2 meters at 100 meters. At 18x magnification, the field of view measures 2 meters at 100 meters, which is still considered good. Additionally, there is no tunneling effect present in the scope.

Eye Relief and the Eyebox

The scope has an eye relief of 79 to 92 millimeters. The eye relief is forgiving and not too sensitive. This means that you can be further away or closer to the scope, and still have a clear image. It is not sensitive.

The eye box is satisfactory, especially taking into account the scope’s price point.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50

FFP Reticle

The riflescope has a reticle in the first focal plane, which means that when you adjust the magnification, the reticle will change size in relation to the target. However, the relationship of the reticle’s markings stays consistent. With the reticle in the first focal plane, you can calculate distances for bullet drop compensation.

The riflescope is exclusively in MOA configuration which applies to both the turrets and the reticle. This means it is a genuine MOA-MOA scope. If you need to adjust the reticle by 2 MOA, you have the choice of using either the reticle or the turret, as they are equivalent.

The design of the reticle is known as Sharpshooter MOA and features a Christmas tree-style design.

I would love to see the MIL/MIL version of this scope.

Sharpshooter MOA Reticle
Sharpshooter MOA Reticle
Sharpshooter MOA Reticle
Sharpshooter MOA Reticle

Reticle Illumination

The scope features an illumination system with eleven intensity settings. The reticle is day-bright when set to the strongest intensity level; however, I find the two lower intensity levels too bright for use in low light. If you aim at a white target, the brightness won’t be a problem. But if you plan to use the Kentucky Long 3-18×50 for low-light hunting, the Sharpshooter MOA will be too bright when used on a dark animal.

The battery compartment for the illumination system is located on the same side of the turret as the system itself, and it is powered by a single CR2032 battery.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Battery compartment

Mounting solution

To mount the Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 scope to your rifle, you will need scope mount rings that match the scope’s 30 mm main tube diameter.

Looking for a scope mount?

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 price and warranty

This riflescope is priced at 680 euros, which makes it an affordable option. It also comes with a 2-year warranty for extra protection.

Scope of Delivery

What do you get in the box? The package includes a cleaning cloth that is larger than what other manufacturers typically provide, and hard plastic flip-up covers for the eyepiece and objective that have a pleasant feel. Additionally, there is a tool included for resetting the turrets.

You will also receive a sunshade, two throw levers (one small and one large), a CR 2032 battery for illumination, and some stickers.

There are two booklet manuals included with the rifle scope – one for the scope itself and another for the reticle subtensions. These booklets contain all the information you need to know about the scope specifications and operating instructions for your reticle.

Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery


At 680 euros, this optic is great value for money. Despite its affordable price, it offers excellent build and optical quality. Resetting the turrets to zero is also easy.

The illumination is good and very bright even in daylight, which is typically not necessary. Even on the lowest level, the reticle is still visible in low light conditions.

I am impressed with the number of accessories included in the box. It is great that you do not need to buy any additional accessories when you purchase this rifle scope; unlike most manufacturers who only provide instructions and a hex key for their most affordable scopes.

Pros summary:

  1. great value for money
  2. good build quality
  3. good optical performance
  4. many accessories are included in the box
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50


Where do I see room for improvement? I believe that a turn indicator is necessary for a tactical rifle scope because currently, turrets do not have one.

It would be convenient to have a zero-stop function because it eliminates the need for counting revolutions of the turret.

The parallax wheel is difficult to adjust after 200 meters or yards and could use some improvement.

Lastly, I have concerns about the turret-locking function being too soft. I suggest that it should have more resistance so that it’s not easy to accidentally engage the lock while making adjustments, which can damage the internal mechanism.

It is a shame that a MIL/MIL version of the scope is not available.

Cons summary:

  1. no turn indicator
  2. no zero-stop function
  3. parallax is difficult to adjust after 200m
  4. soft locking function
  5. no MIL/MIL model
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50

Similar Scopes from Other Brands

Which other brands or models directly compete with the Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 riflescope?

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 vs. Sighhmark Citadel 3-18×50 

The Sightmark Citadel 3-18×50 is a strong competitor of the Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50. I believe that even though the Sightmark Citadel is cheaper than the Swampfox scope by around 100 euros, the Swampfox is a better product overall.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 vs. Arken Optics SH4 4-16×50 Gen II

The next competitor is the Arken Optics SH4 4-16×50, which is priced similarly to the Swampfox Kentucky Long. In my opinion, the Arken has much better turrets, but it doesn’t have a locking function and only offers four times zoom. Its field of view is narrower due to the smaller zoom factor.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 vs. Sightron S-TAC 3-16×42

The Sightron S-TAC 3-16×42 is another contender in this category, but it is pricier at €739 despite having a zero stop and being offered in MIL and MOA options. Its field of view and magnification range is also smaller, but in terms of optical performance, the Sightron is better.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 vs. Meopta MeoPro Optika6 3-18×50 SFP 

The Meopta MeoPro Optika6 3-18X50 is more expensive compared to the Kentucky Long 3-18×50, with a price difference of around 50 to 100 euros. You have the option to select it with or without illumination. Moreover, there is also an illumination system offered that comes with a Dichrotech reticle, providing a distinct form of illumination. The Meopta MeoPro Optika 6-18X50 comes in both MIL and MOA options and has lockable turrets as well as a zero-stop function.

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 vs. Vector Optics Continental 3-18×50 CDM

The Vector Optics Continental 3-18×50 CDM is the other option to consider alongside the Kentucky Long 3-18×50. Despite being more expensive by almost 200 euros, I believe that the Vector Optics scope outperforms the Kentucky Long.

Final Thoughts on Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50

Overall, I believe that the Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50s is a decent riflescope considering its price. With its great value for money, good build quality, and good optical performance, this scope offers a lot of features at a reasonable price. The riflescope has many accessories included, which is one of its strongest attributes. However, there are some areas that could be improved upon.

In comparison to other brands and models, I think the Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50 is a great option if you’re looking for a good, budget-friendly scope.

Looking for a Swampfox Kentucky Long?

Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18x50
Swampfox Kentucky Long 3-18×50
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