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Stream Vision Ballistics Application

The New Definition of Accuracy

Pulsar, a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging devices, has recently introduced the Stream Vision Ballistics mobile application at the Shot Show 2023 in Las Vegas. The application is a comprehensive tool for accurate long-range shooting, designed to provide shooters with the necessary calculations and data to improve their performance.

It uses personalized algorithms for precise ballistic calculations and can be connected to supported Pulsar riflescopes through Bluetooth technology, making it easy to use and accessible in the field. The app offers an alternative to the Swarovski DS and Burris Ballistic Laser Scope which were one of the first devices with in-built ballistic calculators.

Stream Vision Ballistics App
Stream Vision Ballistics App (Source: Pulsar)

Simple Operation

The Stream Vision Ballistics app is designed for ease of use. Once a profile is established and uploaded to the thermal riflescope, the device can be disconnected from the app. The calculations are then done by the scope itself. The holdover accuracy depends on the magnification used. The recommended point of aim will appear on the screen of the scope after measuring the range, and it will remain there until the next measurement.

This new feature is available with the firmware update 3.1 that was released on the 4th of May, but can currently only be used with Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro. However, Pulsar claims that the Thermion 2 LRF XG50 and Thermion 2 LRF XQ50 Pro will be added to the list in the near future. There are certain speculations that the older models such as Trail 2 could eventually receive the update as well.

Moreover, with the release of the 3.1 update, Pulsar has refined the user experience of the laser rangefinder for increased convenience. A simple double-tap on the LRF button will now provide you with an accurate distance estimation. The initial press powers up the LRF, while the subsequent one measures the distance and triggers ballistic calculations if this feature has been enabled in the main menu. The update will improve the smoothness of the digital zoom.

The app can also work as a standalone ballistics calculator with traditional daytime riflescopes. It is precise, flexible and very easy to use due to the trajectory corrections calculation algorithms. Additionally, the app allows for the easy creation of a ballistics profile for the desired ammunition and will calculate the vertical and horizontal corrections for the riflescope based on the provided data. The application takes into account information about the angle and outdoor weather conditions such as temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind speed and wind direction. The distance drag bar in the application suggests that calculations are possible up to a distance of 2000 m, depending on the scope and profile used.

Customizable to Personal Needs

The Stream Vision Ballistics app is designed to cater to the personal needs of the user as it allows the creation and storage of a limited number of ballistics profiles, each with a variety of ammunition configurations, in the memory of your smartphone for future reference. This feature enables shooters to easily switch between different ammunition types and configurations without the need to recalculate or reprogram the app.

Stream Vision Ballistics App
Stream Vision Ballistics App (Source: Pulsar)

Corrections for custom hand-loaded ammunition can be calculated easily. Moreover, the app offers an extensive ammunition database that is constantly updated with new options. This database covers multiple brands and calibers for all types of rifles and various long-range shooting scenarios, providing shooters with numerous options to choose from.

Finally, multiple options for displaying ballistic data are available, allowing the user to choose the mode that best fits their individual needs. This feature ensures that the user can customize the app to their specific needs, making it a highly useful tool for anyone looking to improve their long-range accuracy and take their shooting skills to the next level. Based on our knowledge, Pulsar currently stands out as the sole manufacturer of civilian thermal riflescopes that equipped some of their devices with integrated ballistic calculator technology. The unveiling of the app has been eagerly anticipated and we are happy to finally see it available to the public.

Stream Vision Ballistics Application
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Stream Vision Ballistics Application
Pulsar, a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging devices, has recently introduced the Stream Vision Ballistics mobile application at the Shot Show 2023 in Las Vegas.
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    • The update should be available in Q1, 2023. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the exact release date for your device, as specific dates were not given to us by the manufacturer.

  • Has anyone got this update and the BC to actually work on their scope?? I tried 6 weeks ago and got the app to partially work and loaded some profiles.

    When I tried to get the scope to run the BC I could not get the LRF to work with the BC. I got a RED screen when pushing the LRF button. Talked to Pulsar and they said send it back for warranty. I got it back 5 weeks later.

    Well the damn thing still does not work. The app has bugs all over the place. I spent the last two days trying everything I can think off. I still get a RED screen when trying to get the BC to work and get the X.

    The scope and LRF works just fine when I Turn the BC OFF.

    I will be contacting Pulsar tomorrow and this $6,000 scope is going back again.

    I’m not sure this BC is worth the effort. Sounds cool but not sure I want to depend on it when out in the woods.

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