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Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 Riflescope Review | Optics Trade Reviews

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 is an advanced hunting riflescope that was designed for great accuracy on mid to long-range shots. This scope is the second largest model in Steiner’s prized Ranger 8 series of reasonably priced scopes with a premium touch.

Looking for an 8x zoom scope?

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56

Steiner Optik

Steiner Optik is a German optics manufacturer that was founded in 1947 by Karl Steiner. In its early days, the company specialized in producing binoculars for sport and military use. During this period, Steiner established itself as a leader in the optics industry by using cutting-edge technology and producing products of unparalleled quality. In modern history, the company joined the Beretta group. Now they’re in this international conglomeration of various hunting and shooting manufacturers like Sako, Burris, Tikka, and others. 

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - 56mm Objective Lens
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 – 56mm Objective Lens

Steiner Hunting Riflescopes

Hunters who are into optics may recollect that about 10 years ago, Steiner sold the Nighthunter series of premium rifle scopes, which were priced at about €2500. Unfortunately, those models weren’t as successful because the company was not known for hunting riflescopes. All scopes they produced before Nighthunters were made for the military. With virtually no brand recognition, it’s no surprise hunters overlooked Steiner in favor of illustrious brands like Leica, Swarovski, and Zeiss.

Steiner Ranger Series

In 2017, Steiner introduced Ranger scopes with a 4x zoom and a price point of around €1000. They truly made a mark on the world of hunting scopes with that one.

2021 marked the introduction of Steiner’s Ranger 4 series.

The recently released Ranger 8 line has everyone buzzing with excitement. It’s the first time ever that a hunting riflescope with 8x zoom from a European brand was this accessible.

Steiner Ranger 8

After the rocky start in 2012, Steiner is once again producing rifle scopes for €2000 – the Steiner Ranger 8 models. With inflation rates on the rise, premium scopes now cost more than €3000, which would be equivalent to the Nighthunter line if it were made available today.

So while Ranger 8 and Nighthunter models have a similar price tag, bear in mind that they aren’t at all comparable. The Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 is not a top-tier riflescope but rather an upper mid-level model.

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56

Physical Properties

This is the 3-24×56 low-light model with capabilities for a little bit of long-range shooting. One glance is enough to tell you that this scope follows the traditional Steiner template, although its length of 375 millimeters may not be ideal for some users.

With a 30-millimeter central tube and nitrogen purging, the Ranger 8 series is shockproof and rated for any caliber. Ranger 8 3-24×56  is built to last, thanks to its rugged construction and weatherproof coating that make these hunting scopes ideal for use in the toughest conditions. No matter the climate – from scorching hot to chillingly cold (-25°C to +65°C) – you can rely on Steiner’s performance.

Want a Quality-Made Scope Mount?

Adjustable Parallax

The Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 offers a side focus with two small ball bearings at 100 meters on its parallax adjustment for intuitive, no-look turret control. The parallax turret can be adjusted from 20 meters to infinity.

This turret additionally houses the illumination system, with a total of 11 possible intensity settings. But more on that later.

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Side Parallax Turret
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 – Side Parallax Turret

Elevation and Windage Turrets

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 windage and elevation turrets have 1-centimeter clicks. They are single-turn turrets, which is unusual.

Ranger 8 scopes have a nice hard zero stop. These turrets are easy to zero, just remove the 2 screws on top of the turret. 

The BT elevation turret is the perfect solution for finding the ideal distance with its four distinct rings. It’s rather impressive that the 3-24×56 model with this upgraded turret costs only €150 more than the basic model with a low and capped elevation turret.

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Uncapped Windage TurretSteiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Capped Windage Turret
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 – Capped/Uncapped Windage Turret

Optical Properties

With its dependability of optics, this Ranger 8 makes an excellent choice for any shooter or hunter looking for solid performance without breaking the bank.

It has an eye relief of 95 millimeters or almost 10 centimeters. The eye box is acceptable, but not to be compared with the premium class.

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Fast-Focus EyepeiceSteiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Fast-Focus Eyepeice
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 – Fast-Focus Ocular


This Steiner scope has an impressive range of magnification, beginning with 3x and progressing up to 24x. In fact, when dialed all the way to the maximum magnification it can substitute a spotting scope for a mountain-type of hunt.

Low-Light Riflescope

This is a low-light model. But thanks to 24x magnification with a BDC turret, it offers quite substantial long-range capabilities. Steiner claims that Ranger 8 models have a light transmission of above 90% in the majority of wavelengths.

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Open Illumination Turret with CR2032 Battery
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 – Open Illumination Turret with CR2032 Battery

German 4 Reticle

Now, let’s move on to the reticle. There is only one option – a German 4 reticle with an optical fiber inside. The illuminated reticle helps in low light conditions and provides enhanced contrast and clarity for improved accuracy.

The illumination is daytime bright, and nicely adjustable in low-light situations. With intensity levels up to 6x, the user can use dimmer illumination settings, then day mode levels.

Note that the reticle lines are fuller than what the German 4 design looks like on scopes from Leica and Swarovski. It’s a bit thick reticle, which is an advantage because it’s going to be easier to use it when there is not enough light.

Field of View

The field of view is approximately 12.6m/100m at 3x magnification, which is decent. Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 does not offer the same FOV as true premium counterparts like Swarovski Z8, Zeiss V8, or Blaser Infinity. But note this Steiner Ranger 8 is also 1/3 cheaper than the absolute best European 8x zoom scopes.

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Rubberized Magnification Ring
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 – Rubberized Magnification Ring

Similar Riflescopes

All in all, Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 is one of the strongest scopes in the whole Ranger 8 series.

The 1-8×24 model has many competitors. Many 1-6×24 scopes can match that Ranger 8 model in terms of optical performance and are cheaper. Steiner Ranger 8 2-16x model is very strong but still has a few attractive alternatives.

By contrast, this 3-24×56 is almost alone in its own class. If you’re searching for a long-range hunting scope, this is the best pick in the €2000 price range. 

Zeiss Victory V8 4.8-35×60

European producers of premium scopes with similar features don’t offer wide and powerful magnification ranges like 3-24x. The only exception is Zeiss V8, which is available in a 4.8-35×60 configuration. But that’s a completely different scope and also costs over 1000 euros more.

Swarovski Z8 3.5-28×50

The Swarovski Z8i 3.5-28×50 P scope is perfect for chamois in the mountains, and it’s lightweight too. Swarovski costs almost 1000 euros more and is optically superior to Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56. Be careful though, Z8i 3.5-28×50 has an illuminated reticle as well but it is not a low-light model. It sports a 50-millimeter objective lens rather than 56mm – making it better suited for those seeking optimal performance during daylight hours. It won’t last long in twilight or dusk.

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56

Leica and Blaser

Leica Sport Optics offers Leica ER 6.5-26×56 LRS, which has a high magnification and customizable features. Blaser has two powerful models, Blaser Infinity 2.8-20×50 and Blaser Infinity 4-20×58. Those two are much more expensive and are completely different optics.

F-Class and Tactical Scopes

There are a lot of similar scopes in F-class and tactical segments if the magnification range and lens size are the only parameters. But those scopes are not meant for hunting and come with a completely different set of features.


The first positive is definitely the build quality. This is a rugged and durable piece of equipment that will last you for years to come. The illumination system is well-made with an integrated optical fiber. The intensity is precise and nicely adjustable. 

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Plastic Lens CapsSteiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Plastic Lens Caps
Ranger 8 – Capped/Uncapped Objective Lens

What’s true is that lens caps are the first thing that people buy after getting themselves a Ranger 4 or Ranger 6. Here, you get them included. At the same time, it needs to be said that the quality of the lens caps is not equal to the aluminum caps of Swarovski. But again, those aren’t included in the Swarovski product box either. They’re available as a stand-alone product and cost more than 200 euros. So that’s understandable. Note that with scopes in this price class, you usually don’t get anything in the box except for the scope and a manual.

  • Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Elevation Turret
  • Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Elevation Turret
  • Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Elevation Turret

The BDC turret has 3 rings, which have a marking of 2, 3, and 4 for 200, 300, and 400 meters. The BDC is just outstanding for this price point. Again, this Ranger 8 is not to be compared with BDC turrets made by Leica that cost 300 Euros and more.

Pros Summary:

  • build quality
  • BDC turret
  • optical fiber illumination
  • lens caps included

FAST FACTS on Ranger 8 3-24×56!


What could have been done better?

Edge sharpness is something that could be improved. It’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination. But again, compared with top premium optics with 8x zoom, it does not impress. For absolute edge-to-edge sharpness, you’ll have to spend more. 

The field of view is acceptable for €1899, but everybody expects that the scope should be closer to Swarowski Z8i or similar scope. 

The scope is quite long. Because it only has 1.1 meters of internal elevation, you need 20 MOA mounts for long-distance shots, just to be on the safe side.

Cons Summary:

  • edge sharpness
  • limited elevation
  • long scope
  • not made in Germany
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Turrets
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 – Turrets

Where is Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 Made?

The fact that the Ranger scopes are made in the USA yet cost €1899 is not the best. We know that the USA is not famous for high-quality products. That could be said for American-made optics from 50 years ago but not anymore.

Plenty of manufacturers like Kahles, Leica, and Schmidt & Bender make 2000-euro scopes in Europe. No, they’re not German-made. But Austria, Portugal, and Hungary are all still preferable locations to the United States. Also, Steiner already makes tactical scopes in Germany and they’re not substantially pricier than Ranger 8 line.

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 Price

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 has a highly attractive price point of €1899 euros for the base model with capped turrets. For 150 euros more, you can get the same model with an upgraded BDC turret.  

There is no other European premium 8x zoom scope available in the range of €2000. It is true that Steiner Optik is not going after Zeiss and Swarovski’s target audience as the optical quality of Steiner Ranger 8 cannot compete. Instead, Steiner invented a class of their own.

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56 - Scope of Delivery
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 – Scope of Delivery

Steiner Ranger 8 Warranty

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 comes with a 10-year warranty on mechanics and lens parts. The illumination system has a 2-year warranty, as it is custom for all electro-optical scopes. Each scope is made with German precision engineering and built to last.

Steiner is famous for superb after-sales services. If need any kind of scope maintenance or repair, you will be more than pleased with their work. Steiner Optik’s commitment to quality has earned them a loyal following among avid hunters.

Steiner Ranger 8 3-24x56
Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56

Final Thoughts on Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 

To summarize, the Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 is a powerful and versatile riflescope designed for mid to long-range hunting. Its impressive magnification range, combined with its affordable price tag and high-quality construction make it the perfect choice for hunters who are looking for solid performance on a 2000-euros-and-below budget.

When you compare the Steiner Ranger 8 3-24×56 with other top-of-the-line scopes, it stands out as a great value for the money. That’s pretty much all there is to say. We like it.

Interested in this 8x ZOOM scope?

Photos of 3-24×56 Ranger 8

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