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Hello and welcome to yet another Optics Trade debate. Today, we are going to talk about the differences between Steiner Ranger 4 and Steiner Ranger 6 riflescopes.

The first and the most noticeable difference is in the zoom factor: The Ranger 4 comes with a 4x zoom factor, and the Ranger 6 comes with a 6x zoom factor. Because of this, these two series are also positioned within different price classes. The Ranger 4 costs about 1.000 €, and the Ranger 6 costs around 1.500 €. Steiner is stepping up their game, as they are, in Europe, one of the strongest brands in the 1.000 € price class, and because the first Ranger series was such a success, the new series is even better.

Both series also offer different models. The Ranger 4 is available in 4 different models, namely 1-4×24, 2.5-10×50, 3-12×56, and 6-24×56. The Ranger 6 offers 2 models: 1-6×24 and 3-18×56. There are rumours going around that 2 additional models will be introduced sometime in the future, 5-30×56 and 2.5-15×50.

Regarding the design, the two series have the same fit and finish. The new anodizing Steiner uses is a bit more scratch-resistant than the one on the old Ranger series, and they use it on both models. The warranty is 10 years. There is a difference in illumination, as well as the reticle.

Ranger 4 has a fine dot that floats in the centre, whereas the Ranger 6 has a similar reticle to the older models – the intersection in the middle where the illuminated dot appears. Ranger 6 is also daytime usable, while the Ranger 4 can only be used in low-light situations. The former has a bit wider field of view and the light transmission rate is more or less the same on both.

The models all have 30 mm tubes – in the future, Steiner is planning on coming out with Scopes that have a Zeiss integrated rail. On the Ranger 4, they are going to be available on the 1-4×24 model, and on the 3-12×56 model. The turrets are also different. Ranger 6 has non-quick resettable turrets with 80 clicks in one revolution, and the clicks are extremely crisp. Compared to the first generation of Ranger, this is a big step forward.

On Ranger 4, the turrets are quickly resettable, which is a feature not available on Ranger 6. The former models are currently unavailable with the BDC turrets, but we think they will be. As for the latter, they will surely be available with the BDC turrets.

Size-wise, the Ranger 4 is even bigger than the Ranger 6, which is really interesting. The bikini covers are practically identical. If you are a fan of aesthetics and practicality, opt for the flip-up covers instead. Steiner is extremely successful in the field of riflescopes in the price range from 1.000 € to 2.000 €, and they dominate this market.

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