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Steiner Ranger 4 2.5-10×50 Riflescope Review | Optics Trade Reviews

In April 2021, the Steiner Ranger 4 2.5-10×50 became available for purchase. The release of this scope was a major event because Steiner Ranger is one of the most popular rifle scopes series with a price range of roughly 1000€. Before we get into the details of this rifle scope, let us take a moment to discuss Steiner and how Ranger series originated.

The beginning of Steiner Ranger series

Steiner is still one of the biggest producers of binoculars in Europe, but they’re quite new when it comes to rifle scopes. The first rifle scope they introduced was Nighthunter. This was around eight, nine years ago. And they went straight for the premium class where is a lot of competition, and a lot of rifle scopes made by traditional optics manufacturers based in Europe. Because of that Nighthunter didn’t sell that well, even though it was a good rifle scope for the price.

After that Steiner made a better move in 2015. They introduced the Ranger series and placed it between 900-1200€. In this price class, there wasn’t much competition from the renowned European manufacturers. And as it was a decent product for the price – both optically and mechanically, it soon became popular among hunters.

At the time, their biggest competitor was Zeiss Conquest DL, which was then followed by the Conquest V4 in 2018. There were a few other manufacturers, such as Minox, Docter/Noblex, but no others at the time offered comparable rifle scopes for around 1000€. It was a good idea for Steiner to put the scopes in this price range.

Steiner Ranger 4 2,5-10x50 Rifle Scope
Steiner Ranger 4 Series of Rifle scopes

The new Ranger 4 series

After six years, popular Steiner Ranger series of five rifle scopes has finally received an upgrade. We can refer Ranger 4 as the second generation of Ranger. Steiner also released the Ranger 6 series early in 2021. This is probably an indicator that Steiner is also trying to break into the premium class yet again in the field of rifle scopes. Ranger 6 is a series with a 6x zoom factor and it is a little bit more expensive than Ranger 4 model.

Ranger 4 models:

Ranger 4 1-4×24, 2.5-10×50, and 3-12×56 models are virtually the same as their predecessors in the Ranger series. The 6-24×56 rifle scope model is rather new. This isn’t much of a surprise because the 6-24 is a very popular magnification range, and with a 56mm lens that gathers plenty of light, the rifle scope is ideal for long-range hunting.

The absence of the stalking model is what we don’t like as much. Steiner Ranger 2-8×42 was a rifle scope meant for stocking that is no longer in the Ranger 4 series. It might become available in the future. The previous Ranger 4-16×56 configuration has been replaced by the 6-24×56, which is no surprise.

You can also watch the entire Review below

Physical properties of Steiner Ranger 4 2.5-10×50

We’ll go through the features of the Ranger 4 2.5-10×50 rifle scope in further detail here. It’s an all-around hunting model that we’ll examine more closely.

Let’s look at the mechanical upgrades made to Ranger 4 2.5-10×50. You may notice that the magnification ring and dioptre ring on this model move more smoothly than they did on the previous version. This gives the rifle scope a more premium feel.

Steiner Ranger 4 2,5-10x50 Rifle Scope
Steiner Ranger 4 2,5-10×50 Rifle Scope

The chassis is now a little bit different. It is a tad glossier compared to the previous generation. This is due to the scratch resistant hard anodizing that covers the body of this rifle scope. It also gives it a little bit more elegant look.

Rifle scope weighs 620 grams it is 34 centimetres long, nothing out of the ordinary, so standard for an all-rounder. It is filled with nitrogen. So even if you like to hunt in winter, you will not have problems with internal fogging. It can withstand temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius. The housing is rugged. And this is nothing new when it comes to Steiner. Their devices are known for ruggedness. And as said before, the 2.5-10×50 from Ranger 4 is no exception.

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Steiner Ranger 4 2,5-10x50 Rifle Scope


The turrets now produce crisper clicks, and the clicks are further apart from each other so that you can feel them better. The same applies to the illumination turret on the left. If you wear gloves, you’ll appreciate these improvements. You will be able to feel the clicks better, and it will be simple to arrange everything correctly.

Ranger’s standard hunting turrets kept a low profile, they can also easily be reset to zero. One click equals 1 centimetre at 100 meters. So, we have 0.1 MIL clicks. Altogether we have 14.5 MIL of elevation, and we have 60 clicks in one revolution of the turret.


The reticle has been modified, as well. In the instruction manuals, the reticle is still referred to as 4-AI (4-A Illuminated). The difference between the old and new reticle is in a fine dot in the middle instead of the intersection of lines. The old model has an intersection of lines and when you turn on the illumination dot, the dot illuminates behind the intersection. With the new model, the dot is separated from the lines. When you turn on the illumination, the dot will illuminate. It’s a little bit different.

Interested in 4A-I Reticle? Watch our Reticle Subtension Video Below


The illumination is not as daytime bright as it used to be in the first generation. Even though the illumination turret is still divided into daytime and dusk time sections.

The dot, however, is finely adjustable for low light conditions and also for when there is no strong daytime brightness. If you want to use it in strong daytime, however, you will have some problems seeing the dot.

The Steiner Ranger 4 2.5-10×50 has 11 illumination levels. The off switch between each level is another thing we appreciate. You may just quickly turn it off and then back on without having to twist the knob all the way if you have a favourite illumination setting. This is a fantastic feature to have.

Steiner Ranger 4 2,5-10x50 Rifle Scope
Steiner Ranger 4 2,5-10×50 Rifle Scope

Reticle position

Ranger 4 2.5-10×50 scope have the reticle position in the second focal plane. SFP is a common feature for an all-round hunting rifle scope.


Ranger 4 2.5-10×50 has a 30-millimeter mounting tube. In Ranger 4 series 3-12×56 and the 1-4×24 models feature a Zeiss ZM/VM mounting rail. Configuration with mounting rails is 100€ more expensive. For the 2.5-10×50 model, there is currently no rail option.

Thermal and Digital adapter

The outer objective diameter differs from the original model as well. It was previously 58 or perhaps 58.4mm in diameter. Now it’s 57.5mm, which is significant information since any thermal or digital attachment for mounting on the objective would need a different adapter now. It’s critical to get an adapter that fits precisely on the objective’s diameter.

Optical performance of Steiner Ranger 4 2.5-10×50

What about the optical improvements compared to the previous generation? Well, they do come with a somewhat wider field of view. At 2.5x magnification, this rifle scope provides 16 meters of the field of view at 100 meters. It also fared slightly better at the dusk, when compared to the previous model.

The first Ranger was already one of the finest optics in its price range. The second one merely follows in the footsteps of his predecessor. Even on the edges, the image is clear, and there is no tunnel effect. And, to put it another way, even if you compare this to the previous generation, the colours appear to be perhaps just a little bit livelier.

The parallax is fixed at 100 meters.

Steiner Ranger 4 2,5-10x50 Rifle Scope
Steiner Ranger 4 2,5-10×50 Rifle Scope


The 2.5-10×50 comes in a well-protected box with some standard rifle scopes accessories. A basic standard bikini cover is provided for the protection of lenses, as well as a complete instruction booklet in many languages. Of course, there’s also a lens wipe to clean your lenses of any debris.

We would recommend the flip-up covers as an excellent add-on if you plan to use this rifle scope frequently, since they have been very popular on the first-generation models. They’re simple to put up, and they’re well worth the money.

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Steiner Flip Up Cover for Ranger 2.5-10x50_cta

Where are Steiner Ranger 4 scopes made?

The Rangers 4 series is made in the United States. Many people believe it’s produced in Germany, but that isn’t the case. The new and previous versions are both manufactured in the United States.

Need more information about the origin of Steiner scopes?

Steiner Warranty

The Steiner 4 2.5-10×50 scope comes with a 10-year warranty. You can trust Steiner to repair your rifle scope even if something goes wrong. When it comes to service, Steiner has a great reputation. They have one of the best maintenance departments in the business. That is something worth emphasizing.


We’d like to highlight some of the benefits and drawbacks of this rifle scope. So, let’s get started with the advantages.

I think that the mechanical upgrades do lift this rifle scope to a whole new level. Ranger 4 2.5-10×50 does have a more premium feel. The magnification ring is smoother. The clicks are crisper on the turrets and further apart so you can feel them better, etc.

Optically, this rifle scope is still one of the best in this price class. The image is sharp edge to edge, there is great colour fidelity and contrast. And I also liked the increase in the field of view and a better light transmission rate as we found out on the test.

Steiner Ranger 4 2,5-10x50 Rifle Scope
Steiner Ranger 4 2,5-10×50 Rifle Scope


About the things I think could be improved on 2.5-10×50 scope.

The most obvious one is a lens cover, which we believe does not do justice to such a high-quality rifle scope. Therefore, we recommend Steiner flip up caps, which are available. Because of their flip up design, you won’t have to remove them all the time, and they adequately protect the lenses while also looking nice.

What we think that some people might not like is the new reticle design. So, it’s still 4-AI, but it uses a dot in the middle instead of the intersection of the lines. Also, the illumination is not as daytime bright as it used to be. However, we think this is all up to the user preference, at least the reticle design that is.

Some might say that the scope only features only 4x zoom factor. But if zoom factor was to be increased, the optical quality is usually compromised.

Final thoughts on Ranger 2.5-10×50

If you’re searching for a great hunting all-rounder in the price range of around 1030€ then the Ranger 4 2.5-10×50 is a great option. The second generation brings many improvements that will surely convince even more people into purchasing one of these.

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