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Steiner Nighthunter H35 – Real Battery Life

You can watch how this device performed below


Battery life: 4:58 hours


Steiner Nighthunter H35

Steiner Nighthunter H35
Steiner Nighthunter H35

Our Observations

With Steiner Nighthunter H35, the manufacturer states that the battery life is up to 4.5 hours at 25°C. We tested the device, and our measured time was 4:58 hours.

We tested the device at 24 – 25.6°C, as you can see in the video. The temperature was similar to the temperature that the manufacturer provides and is usually used for testing.

Please keep in mind, that while testing the device, we did not use any functions. Using different functions (such as video recording, Wi-Fi, etc.) usually affects the battery, so we can expect that the battery life will be a little shorter when you use it in real-life situations.

We tested the device with the default settings, as it comes out of the box. As mentioned before, the Wi-Fi was turned off and all the other functions (such as color mode, brightness, and contrast) were left at the default setting.

Steiner Nighthunter H35 features a built-in battery. As the battery is not removable, you should always check the battery status before going out in the field.

When turning the device off, you just simply hold the on/off button, until all parts of a circle turn red (it looks kind of like a countdown), and then you can release the button. If you release the button sooner, the Steiner Nighthunter H35 goes in Standby mode, which is a nice battery-saving feature. To exit the Standby mode, you simply press any button, and the device is ready to be used.

Check out the real start up time of this device

Specifications provided by the Manufacturer

NameSteiner Nighthunter H35
Made inGermany
In production since/
Start-up time/
Battery life≥4.5 hours at 25°C (only watching)
Battery Type2x 18650, 6000mAh, built-in
Removable batteryNo



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