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Steiner MX7i 2.9-20×50


Steiner, a renowned optics manufacturer with headquarters in Bayreuth, Germany, has announced a release of a brand-new riflescope in the high-end M7Xi series. The 4-28×56 model, which has been the only one in this series up to now, is known for its impressive optical quality and robust design. It can be purchased with the unique IFS (Intelligent Firing Solution) system that features a built-in ballistic calculator, customizable display, and plenty of sensors (temperature, air pressure, etc.) to increase the precision in long-range shooting.

The new riflescope has a configuration of 2.9-20×50. It is lighter and more compact than the 4-28×56, and the narrower objective lens makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Steiner MX7i 4-28x50 (source:
Steiner MX7i 4-28×50 (source:
Steiner MX7i 4-28x50 IFS (source:
Steiner MX7i 4-28×50 IFS (source:

MX7i 2.9-20×50 – a quality, all-round tactical, riflescope

The new addition to the MX7i family features a 6.9x zoom factor, military ruggedness, and a compact chassis. The combination of a universal magnification range, first focal plane reticle and a 50mm lens works great in a variety of tactical scenarios. It can withstand up to 900Gs, making it robust enough to resist strong recoil, and it will prove a worthy companion in extreme cold (up to -46°C) and extreme heat (up to 63°C). The MX7i 2.9-20×50 is completely waterproof.

Even though the turrets are robust as befits a high-quality tactical riflescope, they are of a low-profile design – they do not interfere with the situational awareness of the shooter. The turrets track well, and the clicks are crisp, audible and tangible. They lack the locking function.

The riflescope is equipped with a 34mm tube for mounting purposes – as this is an industry-standard dimension of many tactical riflescopes on the market, finding a suitable mount does not pose a problem. There are 27 MILs of elevation at disposal, enough for the user to be able to shoot at great distances with considerable precision.

Steiner MX7i 2.9-20x50 (source:
Steiner MX7i 2.9-20×50 (source:

The 2.9.20×50 is a compact scope – it measures 352 millimeters in length and weighs 920 g. The compact size is especially useful when combining the riflescope with a night vision or thermal clip-on as there is more rail space for it.

The illumination is powered by a CR2032 battery. The user can switch between 11 levels of it, 4 of them suitable for daytime use and 7 of them designed for night/dusk use. There are two reticles at disposal, both illuminated: G2B Mil-Dot and MSR-2. It would be great if Steiner offered more reticles for this model – a Christmas tree type reticle will be missed by many.

As is the case with 4-28×56, the all-new 2.9-20×50 can be purchased with the IFS (Intelligent Firing Solution) compartment on the ocular. It provides the user with an individually customizable display, a built-in ballistic calculator, a range of sensors, and Bluetooth connectivity. The display can be set to meet the user’s needs. One of the possibilities is to set the display to show information regarding the levelling and the current turret setting. Without the system, the 2.9-20×50 weighs 920 grams; with it, it weighs 1100 grams.

Steiner MX7i 2.9-20x50 (source:
Steiner MX7i 2.9-20×50 (source:

The riflescope is manufactured in Germany and comes with 10 years of warranty. Optical quality is on a high level, and it boasts an impressive field of view – at the lowest magnification, it offers a field of view of 12 meters.

Based on its features and usability, this riflescope is a competitor to the Schmidt & Bender 3-20×50 PM II Ultra Short riflescope. Without the IFS system, it is priced at around 2800 € (2900 with the MSR-2 reticle), so it is around 500 € cheaper than the S&B (or even more if you have special reticle and colour wishes on the 3-20×50 PM II). For what it offers, the price is a bargain. The IFS system increases the price for around 1800 € but also lifts the user experience to a whole new level.


M7XI is, without a doubt, an excellent addition to the MX7i series. Its size, features, and optical quality make it a worthy competitor of the famous S&B 3-20×50 PM II Ultra Short. The 2.9-20×50 is already available. If you settle for nothing but maximum precision at long-range shooting, consider getting the IFS version.

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Steiner MX7i 2.9-20x50
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Steiner MX7i 2.9-20x50
Based on its features and usability, The MX7i 2.9-20x50 is a competitor to the Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50 PM II Ultra Short riflescope.
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