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Sightron SV SS ED Series


Approximately 2 years ago, Sightron introduced the SV series. Manufactured with the purpose to be used for long range competitive shooting and in F-class competitions, it came at a steeper price than the popular SIII series. Unfortunately, SV series was not as well-received by the public as the SIII models – potential buyers did not regard the new focusing system, the turrets’ locking function and a huge amount of elevation as worthy of spending a considerable amount of money on.

First impressions

On Shot Show 2017, Sightron introduced a similar model, named Sightron SV SS ED – it has turrets with a locking function, large elevation because of the 34 mm tube and F.A.S.T. focusing system which allows the user to make precise adjustments via two dials.

Sightron SV SS ED
Sightron SV SS ED

New features

The only notable upgrade from the previous models is that it is equipped with ED glass which focuses the wavelengths to a more precise point and thus greatly supplements all the other features that the riflescopes offers. It reduces colour fringing and chromatic aberration, which results in a sharper, clearer image. This enhancement classifies the SV SS ED model among the best F-class riflescopes in the world. Sightron SV SS ED riflescopes will enable its users to see hits on targets far away. Because of all the improvements, we believe that this series of scopes is going to be a hit on the market.


Although Sightron SV has not been the most popular among riflescopes, its optical qualities are unquestionable. We anticipate more people will consider buying it now that it is equipped with ED glass. At Shot Show, it was difficult to determine whether there is a major difference regarding the glass; anyhow, Sightron claims that ED glass has taken this series to another level of optical quality. Undoubtedly, Sightron SV SS ED will be a great buy and a strong competitor on the market among the producers of riflescopes for long range shooting (Kahles, Schmidt & Bender, March and Nightforce). Many satisfied SIII users will probably switch to SV SS ED  riflescopes in the future.

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