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Sightron SRS-2 red dot sight


At Sightron, they have decided to expand their offer of red dots sights with SRS-2, a compact, lightweight reflex red dot sight.


The design is quite familiar with what’s already on the market – a big window for quick target acquisition and two buttons on the side for illumination intensity regulation. What’s interesting is that Sightron offers this dot with both 2 MOA and 6 MOA dot size. 2 MOA red dot sights are very rare on the market. The 2 MOA version features a very fine dot that is designed to provide a minimum coverage of the target, which makes it a perfect choice for rifle users. The other, 6 MOA version, features a big dot that will provide rapid target acquisition when shooting at targets close by – this makes it perfect for anyone who is using a pistol.

Sightron SRS-2 red dot sight
Sightron SRS-2 red dot sight

The sight offers 10 illumination settings which means that it can be used in all lighting conditions. The battery life is from 300 to 1500 hours, depending on the setting used. The user can look through the lens with both eyes open because of the proper 1x magnification. There is no tint of any colour that would reduce image quality. The mount for a Picatinny rail is included in the package. Because of its shape, the red dot sight will be compatible with Docter mounts.

In the package, you also get a cover that is flat on the top, giving the covered device an appearance that it is longer than it actually is (the red dot sight with a cover put on can be seen in the video).


This red dot sight is a welcome addition to Sightron’s current offer. Because of the design that’s already well-accepted in the optics market, we believe that SRS-2 will attract attention of red dot sight enthusiasts.



  • What mount is available for this Sightron SRS-2 red dot that will fit the Stevens 301 20 gauge shotgun.?

    • Unfortunately, we do not have information about the Sightron SRS-2 mounting standard, we can only assume that it uses the same one as C-more RTS and STS red dot sights because of the similarities of their exterior.

      Which mounting surface does your Stevens 301 feature?

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