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Sightron SIII 45×45 ED

Sightron Scope SIII SS 45×45 Competition

Sightron is a highly popular brand among benchrest shooters. They are known for producing quality optics for a decent price. At IWA 2018, they presented a new, fixed-magnification riflescope with extra-low-dispersion glass, Sightron SIIISS 45×45 ED.

Sightron SIIISS 45x45 ED
Sightron SIIISS 45×45 ED

SIII 45×45 Benchrest scope

Because of the ultra high fixed magnification, the scope is great for those who compete in Benchrest 50 and similar disciplines. Benchrest shooters will find the model appealing because it is of the highest optical quality. With the introduction of this model, Sightron has penetrated the market previously dominated by Leupold and March.

Sightron SIIISS Competition 45x45 ED-01

Sightron SIIISS 45x45 ED
Sightron SIIISS 45×45 ED

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ED Glass

The ED glass contributes to the high-quality images. At magnification this high, it is important for the image to be crystal sharp. Its basic function is to eliminate chromatic aberration and add to the contrast of the images, allowing the user to see more details.

Sightron SIIISS 45x45 ED
Sightron SIIISS 45×45 ED

Click Value on SIII 45×45

The clicks on the turrets are designed for an absolutely precise POI adjustment – 1/10 MOA. This is the first riflescope that we know of with clicks so precise. The riflescope is equipped with turrets, typical for a target scope (high-profile, covered with caps). The parallax can be adjusted with the turret on the left (Side Focus). It can be set from 10 yards to infinity.

You can watch our video below


Because of the ED-glass, the SIIISS 45×45 ED is sure to become a hit (Sightron already has a decent amount of followers among benchrest shooters). Elevation and windage adjustments that can be manipulated with so precisely are a novelty on the sport shooting market – the 1/10 MOA click value is sure to attract attention.

Sightron SIIISS 45x45 ED
Sightron SIIISS 45×45 ED

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  • Really interested in this scope. Currently using Sightron 36×42 for .22 Benchrest ( 20 & 25 yds., 50 metres and 100 yds. )

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