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Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60 Review | Optics Trade Reviews

This article is about the Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60, a rifle scope designed for precision shooting at long ranges. The scope is part of the new SIII PLR series and is offered in two configurations. Users can choose from two available reticles when placing their order.

Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60 Riflescope
Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60 Riflescope

About the Sightron

Sightron, a company that specializes in optical manufacturing, was established in 1993 in North Carolina, USA. Its headquarters remain in the same location to this day. Sightron’s parent company, Kenko Tokina, is based in Japan and has been in the optical business since 1957.

Sightron has two production facilities, situated in Japan and the Philippines. They manufacture their products in-house, with no outsourcing of products or parts. One facility in the Philippines is dedicated to producing mid-range and entry-level products, while the other in Japan solely produces premium products.

Sightron SIII PLR series

The SIII PLR series of riflescopes was launched in 2021 and is the second most costly series, but they offer a fantastic price-to-performance ratio. This is a well-known feature of all Sightron products.

The SIII PLR series stands for Precision Long Range. The scopes in this series have a brand-new turret design and red markings. They also come with an illumination system, parallax adjustment, and zero-stop function. Additionally, all riflescopes in this series offer high magnifications.

The SIII PLR series includes the following models:

Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60 Riflescope
Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60 Riflescope

Physical properties

The SIII PLR 10-50×60 has a magnification range of 10 to 50 times and an objective lens size of 60 millimeters. Its outer objective lens diameter measures 69 millimeters, which is necessary information for calculating the appropriate height for the scope mount rings when purchasing this scope.

The riflescope is fully constructed from metal and does not contain any rubber parts. It is designed to be shockproof so that it can be mounted on high-recoiling calibers such as the 50 BMG.

Because it is nitrogen-purged, internal fogging should not occur even in cold temperatures, and it is also waterproof.

The scope is 44 centimeters long, which is quite large due to its high magnification. However, it only weighs 950 grams, making it relatively lightweight.

Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60 Riflescope
Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60 Riflescope


The reticle of the SIII PLR 10-50×60 is located in the second focal plane, a common feature of target rifle scopes. When purchasing the scope, users can select one of two available reticles, both of which are illuminated.

The available reticles are:

  1. MOA-H
  2. MOA-2
MOA-2 reticle
MOA-2 reticle
MOA-H reticle
MOA-H reticle

You need to use caution when using the riflescope with a reticle in the second focal plane, as its MOA markings are calibrated specifically for 24x magnification. This means that the markings represent true MOA only at a 24x magnification level.

If the reticle is in the first focal plane, the markings on the target will remain the same size regardless of the magnification. On the other hand, if the reticle is in the second focal plane, the markings are only precise at 24x magnification.

To shoot using only the reticle and without relying on clicks for bullet drop compensation, you need to use a 24x magnification. Similarly, if you want to calculate distance or make bullet corrections, you need to zoom in to 24x magnification to see the impact and determine how far off the target you are. Remember to always use 24x magnification.

MOA-2 reticle

The MOA-2 reticle is a popular reticle, and it can be used for both short and long-range target shooting. The reticle has a fine crosshair and an illuminated floating dot in the center. It also has hash marks along all four quadrants in 2 MOA increments.

MOA-H reticle

If you’re into long-range target shooting, the MOA-H reticle is a great option. It has a thin crosshair with a dot in the middle, and hash marks going out in 2 MOA increments in all four directions. The reticle also has windage dots that go up to 5 MOA and are marked in one MOA increments. The whole center part of the reticle is illuminated. This reticle would make much better sense in an FFP configuration.

Illumination system 

The illumination system is situated on the left side turret. It’s not made to be very bright during the day, but after examining the reticle, I can confirm that it is quite bright. If the target is white and it’s a sunny day, you may not be able to see it clearly, but on a dark target, the reticle is visible even on a sunny day.

Illumination system is located on the left side turret
Illumination system is located on the left side turret

No turn-off function and no position sensor

The scope does not have a turn-off function or a position sensor. To prevent the battery from draining, make sure to always turn off the illumination when the scope is not in use.

There are 11 intensity settings for the illumination, and there is an off position in between each intensity set so that you can easily return to your desired level of intensity.

The battery compartment is located on the same side turret. You only need one CR 2032 battery for operation.

Battery compartment on  SIII PLR 10-50x60
Battery compartment on SIII PLR 10-50×60

I need to point out that the illumination turret is difficult to rotate, but this can be a positive feature in situations where you don’t want to accidentally change the illumination setting when taking the scope from a bag or similar scenarios.

Parallax adjustment

The parallax adjustment is located on the same side turret as the illumination system. It has a range from 13 yards (approximately 10 meters) to infinity and the parallax wheel moves smoothly. The turret provides ample space for precise adjustment of your parallax setting, allowing you to fine-tune your aim at your current target.

Elevation turret

The scope is equipped with tactical turrets that are exposed, allowing you to make direct adjustments.

The scope doesn’t have a locking function and the adjustment per click is 1/4 MOA. Currently, there is no MIL version of the scope available. I suggest that Sightron consider 1/8 MOA adjustments for their high-magnification scope. The current 1/4 MOA adjustments are good, but improved precision for shot placements, especially for F class or benchrest competitions, would be beneficial. In my opinion, this improvement would be worth considering.

The turret clicks are excellent. They are loud and distinct, making it easy to hear and feel each click. They are also precise, allowing you to make a single click without the turret jumping multiple clicks, as on some other rifle scopes. Overall, I think the turret design is fantastic.

Tactical turrets on Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60
Tactical turrets on Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60

Zero-stop function

One of the great features is the built-in zero-stop function. It produces a hard stop and a pleasant sound when it reaches zero, making sure it stops precisely at the position set on the turret.

The process for setting the zero-stop is simple. To adjust the zero stop on your scope, first unscrew the upper screw on the top of the turret.

Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60
To adjust the zero stop on your scope, first unscrew the upper screw on the top of the turret.

Once the turret rotates freely, take it down and locate the small screw on the inner turret.

Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60
Once the turret rotates freely, take it down

Unscrew this screw and align the upper part of the turret with a round part of the turret. When they align, this marks the hard zero stop.

Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60
Align the upper part of the turret with a round part of the turret

You will know when the turret is at the zero stop because it makes a distinctive sound, and you can feel that it has reached the zero stop.

Once you have adjusted the zero stop, reset the turret by placing it back with the zero facing forward and screwing in the main screw. This will automatically set the turret to zero. This method makes it easy to adjust the zero stop and reset the turret to zero.

The elevation turret has a total of 50 MOA of elevation travel, with 20 MOA of travel in one revolution. The turret has two and a half turns, which classifies it as a multi-turn turret.

Turn indicator

The elevation turret has lines located under it that serve as a turn indicator. Each line represents 10 MOA. The left side displays markings for 10 MOA, whereas the opposite side displays markings for 20 MOA, and so on. This makes it easy to determine which revolution you are currently in.

This riflescope does not come with a mechanical turn indicator, but it is usually not needed for a target riflescope.

Turn indicator in the form of line under the elevation and windage turret
Turn indicator in the form of lines under the elevation and windage turret

Windage turret

The windage turret has 50 MOA of travel, just like the elevation turret. It is a multi-turn turret with 10 MOA clicks in each direction. You can easily see which turn you are in thanks to the turn indicator. Since it is a multi-turn turret, there is still a possibility of making errors for an entire revolution.

Windage turret
Windage turret

Optical performance

The Sightron SIII series of riflescopes are renowned for their optical performance at an affordable price, and the SIII PLR 10-50×60 scope is no exception. The quality of the optics is impressive and can even rival some of the pricier riflescopes available on the market.

In my opinion, the image resolution and color accuracy are best in class. The field of view is 3.2 meters at 100 meters when at 10x magnification and 0.73 meters at 100 meters when at 50x magnification.

The riflescope has a forgiving eye relief of 92 to 140 millimeters without any tunneling effect. This means that even if you move your head closer or further away from the scope, you will still get a clear image. The larger eye relief is important because it allows you to mount the scope on a powerful recoiling caliber and still be safe behind the scope.

The eye box performs well up to around 30 times magnification. However, from 30 to 50 times magnification, it’s just average and not as great. Nonetheless, it still functions well, even at higher magnifications.

Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60
Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60 Riflescope

Eyepiece design

The SIII PLR 10-50×60 scope has a European-style eyepiece that requires a significant amount of force to adjust. However, this is useful because the adjustment typically only needs to be made once. The only time you may need to adjust it again is if someone else needs to use the scope, but in most cases, the settings remain the same for a long time.

European-style eyepiece
European-style eyepiece

Magnification ring

The magnification ring has a pleasant texture and can be easily operated with gloves; it can increase the magnification from 10 to 50 by turning it 180 degrees. There is a small line on the wheel that serves as an indicator to know the current magnification. The magnification ring rotates smoothly.

Magnification ring
Magnification ring

Mounting solution

To mount this scope onto your rifle, you will need to use 30mm scope mount rings as the main tube of the scope has a diameter of 30mm.

As previously stated, the scope has a travel range of 50 MOA. If you plan on shooting at longer ranges, such as 1000 meters, I suggest buying a mount with some inclination to compensate for the limited 50 MOA travel. If you mount a scope with normal rings on a .308 rifle, you will only have around 25 MOA left after zeroing at around 100 meters. This means you may run out of travel if you need to shoot further.

To avoid this, I recommend using scope mount rings with some inclination, such as 10, 15, or 20 MOA. However, if you only plan to shoot at shorter ranges like 500 meters or less, normal scope mount rings should suffice.

Looking for a scope mount for SIII PLR 10-50×60?

Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60 price and warranty

The cost of the SIII PLR 10-50×60 scope is 2250 euros, which in my opinion is a fair price considering its quality.

All SIII series scopes, including those from the SIII PLR series, are made in Japan and come with a 10-year warranty. Our experience selling Sightron riflescopes over the years is that very few have needed repairs, indicating that they are well made.

Scope of delivery

What does the box include? The scope comes with a cleaning cloth, flip-up covers, a sun shade, a CR 2032 battery for the illumination system, a sheet containing information about the reticle subtensions, and an instruction manual. The manual contains all the information about using the scope and is available only in English.

Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery


What are the good points of this scope? Firstly, the build quality is impressive. The optical quality is excellent, and the clicks on the scope are precise and firm. As previously mentioned, the clicks are easily audible and tactile. Adjusting and resetting the turrets is effortless, and the zero-stop adjustment can be completed quickly.

The parallax adjustment on this Sightron riflescope is excellent, and like all Sightron riflescopes, the price-performance ratio is also excellent. Overall, it’s a great product.

Pros summary:

  1. good build quality
  2. great clicks
  3. zero-stop
  4. excellent price-performance ratio
Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60 Riflescope
Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60 Riflescope


Where do I see room for improvement? I would prefer finer clicks of 1/8 MOA or 0.05 MIL, considering the scope’s large magnifications and second focal plane position.

I think it would be great if the riflescope with the high magnification came with a MIL reticle and 0.05 MIL clicks. I believe adding a MIL model would be a welcomed addition.

Finally, I believe that the elevation range of the scope should be increased. While 50 MOA is adequate when using the scope mount with inclination, it may not be enough for longer ranges or slower calibers with a greater bullet drop when using the mount without inclination.

Cons summary:

  1. no 1/8 MOA or 0.05 MIL adjustment per click
  2. no MIL model
  3. only 50 MOA of elevation travel
Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60 Riflescope
Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60 Riflescope

Final thoughts

The Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60 is an excellent choice for those looking to purchase a reliable and high-quality riflescope for F-class shooting. It provides great optical clarity and precise clicks. The price point of this scope also makes it attractive in comparison to other similar products on the market. Though some areas could use improvement such as finer adjustment per click or providing a MIL model, these issues do not detract from its overall quality.

Sightron SIII PLR 10-50x60 Riflescope
Sightron SIII PLR 10-50×60 Riflescope
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