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Sightron SIII 8-32×56 Review | Optics Trade Reviews

In this blog post, we will be taking a look at the Sightron SIII 8-32×56 long-range rifle scope. SIII 8-32×56 is one of the best choices for F-class beginners, offering great optical performance, accurate tracking, a fine reticle, fine clicks, and high magnification. It is essentially without competition.

The SIII 8-32×56 model has multiple options for the user to customize. These include selecting from various reticles, turret types, and the zero-stop function.

Sightron SIII 8-32x56 Long Range tactical and target model
Sightron SIII 8-32×56 Long Range tactical and target model

About the Sightron company

Sightron is a venerable company that has been in existence for three decades. Established in 1993, its headquarters are located in North Carolina, USA. The parent company of Sightron, Kenko-Tokina, is located in Japan and has an even longer tradition of optics manufacturing, dating back to 1957.

Sightron has two premier production centers: in Japan and the Philippines. Every Sightron product is made from start to finish on-site; consequently, all of their products are guaranteed to be top quality with no outsourcing involved.

Furthermore, each facility specializes in crafting a specific level of the product; the Philippine factory manufactures mid-range and entry-level optics while only premium optics are created at the Japanese production center.

Sightron is well-reputed for its impeccable price/performance ratio; its riflescopes are designed to offer exceptional tracking capability and reliable craftsmanship.

Where is Sightron SIII 8-32×56 made?

Sightron’s SIII 8-32×56 riflescope is part of the SIII line, which is made in Japan. The entire series stands for quality and refinement: you can be sure that when you purchase a scope from this series, it has been created to exacting standards.

Interested in where are Sightron riflescopes made?

Sightron SIII 8-32x56 Long Range with target turrets
Sightron SIII 8-32×56 Long Range with target turrets

Physical properties

The Sightron SIII 8-32×56 scope features magnification from 3x to 32x and has a 56-millimeter objective lens. The outside diameter of the objective is 65 millimeters, a dimension you will need if you want to calculate the perfect height for your scope mounts. The primary tube diameter measures 30 millimeters.

Constructed entirely from metal, the only rubberized component of this scope is its ocular. The scope is shockproof and can be safely attached even to firearms with hefty recoil rates.

This riflescope is both water and fog-proof, so you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning even during the coldest of days. Its nitrogen-purged design ensures that your lenses remain clear no matter what the temperature outside may be.

Measuring 388 millimeters, this scope is quite average when it comes to length. Surprisingly, however, its weight clocks in much lighter than expected – only 751 grams. With its lightweight profile and high magnification capabilities, I highly recommend using this scope for F-class target competitions or other disciplines that require a low-weight rifle/scope combination.

Sightron SIII 8-32x56 Long Range with target turrets
Sightron SIII 8-32×56 Long Range with target turrets

Second focal plane reticle

For the SIII 8-32×56, the reticle is positioned in the second focal plane. This means that no matter what magnification level you are at, this reticle will always remain consistently sized.

When zooming in to maximum magnification, the reticle becomes thin and exact for accurate shot placement. The first-focal plane options cover too much of the target area, making it inadequate for this type of riflescope; therefore a second focal plane reticle is essential.

In total, there are three types of reticles available:

  1. MOA-2 reticle
  2. Fine Crosshair reticle and
  3. Target Dot reticle.

Previously, it was possible to order a model featuring the MOA-2 reticle with illumination. However, at present, only models without illumination are available for purchase.

Parallax adjustment

The parallax adjustment goes from 36.6 meters/40 yards to infinity, in a 180-degree turn. You have quite a lot of space for fine-tuning the target.

Despite this, I believe the parallax should be adjustable from 10 meters to infinity as it would be optimal for rimfire competitions. This adjustment could make all the difference in my opinion and elevate the scope’s use beyond its current capabilities.

Sightron SIII 8-32x56 feature parallax adjustment on the side turret
Sightron SIII 8-32×56 feature parallax adjustment on the side turret

Target model

The Sightron SIII 8-32×56 scope offers two options for turrets: target or tactical. The target design has capped turrets and can be customized for either 1/8 MOA or 1/4 MOA adjustments per click; however, it does not include a zero-stop feature.

Capped target turrets
Capped target turrets

Target model reticle

With the target model, the user can choose between two different reticles:

  1. Target Dot and
  2. Fine Crosshair

The Fine Crosshair reticle offers clicks in 1/4 MOA and the Target Dot reticle provides adjustments of 1/8 MOA.

Target Dot reticle

The Target Dot reticle is a very fine crosshair with a small 1/8 MOA dot in the middle. This dot is only 1/8 of an MOA in size at the highest magnification. As you lower the magnification when viewing the target, the dot appears to cover more of it because the reticle is positioned on the second focal plane.

This reticle is the perfect choice for both short-range .22 rimfire competitions and mid-range center-fire events.

Dot reticle
Dot reticle

Fine Crosshair

Of all reticles, the Fine Crosshair is renowned for having the smallest aiming point and stands as one of the most beloved choices among target shooters at both short-range and long-range. This precise reticle consists of a delicate horizontal line intersecting with a thin vertical line that meets in the exact center of its scope’s optics.

Fine Crosshair reticle
Fine Crosshair reticle

Elevation turret on the target model

The target model offers a generous 70 MOA of total elevation adjustment, which makes it ideal for long-range shooting. With the Fine Crosshair reticle, the scope provides 15 MOA of travel per rotation; with the Dot reticle, you have 10 MOA per rotation. For both configurations, the elevation turret features a multi-turn design.

The clicks are loud and have a reassuring positive feel, so you can easily sense each click of the turret.

Turn indicator

The scope has no other turn indicator than the fine lines under the elevation turret, which, in my opinion, are very well visible from the shooter’s perspective.

Capped target turrets
Capped target turrets

Resetting the elevation turret

To reset the elevation turret to zero on your target model, all you must do is unscrew the three screws located at its top. Once that is done, simply rotate it until the zero is pointing forward and re-tighten them; this will securely fix your setup in place.

No zero-stop function on the target model

Be sure to pay close attention when resetting your elevation turret, as it does not feature a zero-stop function, and you could easily make an error of an entire revolution.

Windage turret on the target model

The windage turret has markings in only one direction, requiring you to manually count the number of clicks when rotating it counterclockwise. There is room for improvement here; with a more intuitive design, counting clicks would not be necessary.

Like the elevation turret, the windage turret features 70 MOA of total adjustment and 15 MOA of travel per rotation. This means that the windage turret is a multi-turn turret, allowing one to go multiple revolutions in each direction.

To zero the windage turret, follow the same steps as those for the elevation turret.

Tactical model

As stated before, you can also get the SIII 8-32×56 scope with tactical turrets that are uncapped for fast and effortless adjustment of the turrets. The tactical model offers 1/4 MOA click adjustments and is available with or without the zero-stop feature.

Sightron SIII 8-32x56 Long Range
Sightron SIII 8-32×56 Long Range

Tactical model reticle

The only type of reticle available in the tactical model is the MOA-2, which is in the second focal plane.

The MOA-2 reticle is MOA-based, with lines inside the reticle that can be used to calculate distance and bullet drop compensation. The reticle design is composed of a delicate crosshair with a dot in the center and hash marks surrounding it on all four quadrants of the reticle in 2 MOA increments. Because it is in the second focal plane, it has true MOA markings only at 24x magnification.

MOA-2 reticle
MOA-2 reticle

Elevation turret on the tactical model

The elevation turret on the tactical model features 1/4 MOA adjustments per click. The clicks on this model are not as accurate as the clicks on the target model, and they also produce louder sounds compared to the clicks produced by the target model.

The tactical model features a multi-turn elevation turret with 70 MOA of internal elevation and 15 MOA of travel in each rotation.

Resetting the elevation turret

Resetting the elevation turret to zero on the tactical model is simple. First, unscrew the screw on the top of the elevation turret to release it. Then, rotate the turret until the zero is facing forward. Finally, tighten the screw to set the zero.

Sightron SIII 8-32x56 with tactical turrets
Sightron SIII 8-32×56 with tactical turrets

Zero-stop function on the tactical model

The tactical model has the option of being equipped with a zero-stop function. If you choose this feature, there is a large ring located under the elevation turret that serves as your zero stop. It’s incredibly simple to adjust and requires only two steps:

  1. First, rotate the ring until it aligns with the elevation turret.
  2. Second, secure it in place by tightening its screw.

Windage turret on the tactical model

Boasting markings in both directions, the tactical windage turret is more intuitive and requires less effort to use than its target counterpart.

Just like the elevation turret, zeroing the tactical windage turret can be done easily. There is a similar screw located on top of the windage turret that enables you to reset it to zero.

In all other aspects, the tactical and target models are identical; the sole distinction is the tactical turret. All other features remain consistent between both models.

Optical performance

The magnification range of the scope is from 8x to 32x, which means it has a zoom factor of four times. The field of view is 4.06 meters at 100 meters when using 8 times magnification, and 1.03 meters when using 32 times magnification.

The scope does not have any tunneling effect. The eye relief ranges from 91.5 to 101.6 millimeters and is very forgiving, allowing you to adjust your head position forward or backward and still have a clear image without any black surrounding the image.

The SIII 8-32×56 has a great eye box that remains consistent throughout the magnification range, allowing you to move your head without compromising the quality of the image.

In my opinion, the image resolution is great, especially considering the price. The clarity is consistent from edge to edge and the color accuracy is very good.

I believe that this scope provides the best optical performance compared to all scopes that cost less than 2000€.

Sightron SIII 8-32x56 Long Range
Sightron SIII 8-32×56 Long Range

Eyepiece and magnification ring

The eyepiece has a European-style design where only the outer part rotates to adjust the diopter. Its movement is smooth yet stiff, which in my opinion is perfect as it prevents any accidental changes to the diopter setting.

The magnification ring goes from the highest to the lowest magnification in a 180-degree turn. I appreciate the smooth feel of the magnification ring’s rotation.

European-style eyepiece
European-style eyepiece

Mounting solution

To mount the SIII 8-32×56 scope to a rifle, you’ll require 30-millimeter scope mount rings due to the scope’s main tube diameter being 30 millimeters.

Need a scope mount?

Sightron SIII 8-32×56 price and warranty

The Sightron SIII 8-32×56 riflescope costs about 1909 euros and includes a 10-year warranty. You also have the option to choose the model with the tactical turrets with a zero-stop function for an extra 30 euros.

Scope of delivery

In the box with the rifle scope, you will get:

  • flip-up covers for the objective and the eyepiece,
  • a sunshade,
  • a zeroing tool
  • a cleaning cloth and
  • instruction manuals.
Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery


I want to highlight some of the advantages of the Sightron SIII 8-32×56. The scope is well constructed, resulting in excellent build and optical quality considering its price. I believe that the SIII 8-32×56 offers one of the best optical performances in the 2000€ price class.

The clicks on the target and tactical model turrets are excellent. They are both audible and tactile, allowing you to feel each click with ease. Resetting the turrets to zero can be done quickly, taking only a few seconds or a minute.

I appreciate that the scope can be ordered with the zero-stop function. This scope is lightweight and suitable for competitions with weight restrictions. Finally, the price-to-performance ratio is excellent, making the complete package well-suited for its price.

Pros summary:

  1. good build and optical quality
  2. target and tactical turrets
  3. great clicks on both tactical and target model
  4. zero-stop function option
Sightron SIII 8-32x56 Long Range
Sightron SIII 8-32×56 Long Range


What are the drawbacks of the Sightron SIII 8-32×56? Well, the scope is not offered in the MIL version and the tactical turrets do not come with 1/8 MOA clicks. In my opinion, clicks in 0.05 MIL would be ideal.

I find it inconvenient that the windage turret numbers only move in one direction. To adjust in the opposite direction, one must count the clicks.

The parallax adjustment starts at 40 yards or 36.6 meters; however, in my opinion, it would be better if it could start at 10 meters, as when using a scope for a rimfire, targets often need to be aimed at shorter distances.

Cons summary:

  1. no MIL version
  2. tactical model doesn’t have 1/8MOA clicks
  3. windage turret has markings only in one direction
  4. parallax adjustment

The main competitors of the Sightron SIII 8-32×56

In my opinion, in this price class, there is no real competition. The only true competitor is the Sightron SIII 10-50×60, which costs approximately 200 euros more. Many people prefer 8-32x scopes over 10-50x scopes. However, there are no other riflescopes with such high magnification available in this price range.

Sightron SIII 8-32x56 Long Range
Sightron SIII 8-32×56 Long Range

Final thoughts

Sightron riflescopes are a popular starting choice for F-class beginners. As enthusiasts progress, they often upgrade to Kahles, Nightforce, and March riflescopes. Sightron’s F-class philosophy is focused on providing all necessary features for F-class riflescopes, including fine reticle, fine clicks, accurate tracking, high magnification, and exceptional optical performance.

The Sightron SIII 8-32×56 is an excellent rifle scope that offers great value for money. Currently, it is available in four different configurations. The scope has some wonderful features and a few drawbacks. If you’re on a budget, or simply don’t want to spend too much on a rifle scope, the Sightron SIII 8-32×56 could be the perfect choice for precision shooting, rimfire, F class, and benchrest shooting.

Sightron SIII 8-32x56 Long Range
Sightron SIII 8-32×56 Long Range
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