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Shield AMSc – a micro-compact version of the AMS

During our visit to Shield’s booth at Shot Show 2024, we explored their newest products. Shield is renowned for producing red dot sights that are exceptionally small, lightweight, and durable. Given the increasing popularity of optic-ready micro-compact handguns, it’s no surprise that their booth was incredibly crowded.

Shield AMSc
Shield AMSc

The AMSc derives from the previously launched AMS model, with a few notable differences. Continue reading to learn more.

What is the difference between Shield AMS and AMSc?

While both the AMS and AMSc are compact, enclosed reflex red dot sights, the AMSc is slightly more compact (the ‘c’ stands for compact), making it ideal for use with micro-compact optic-ready pistols. In contrast, the AMS is better matched with full-size optic-ready pistols due to its larger form.

Shield AMSc
Shield AMSc

In contrast to AMS, which has both manual and automatic illumination control options, AMSc only has the automatic illumination control. Furthermore, it does not have a switchable reticle but comes in either 4 MOA or 8 MOA.

Built to last

Constructed to withstand challenging environmental conditions, the AMSc is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum with exacting precision. Do not worry if it gets soaked as it is completely waterproof. The nitrogen filling provides fog resistance. Furthermore, its sealed construction prevents any debris from entering between the diode and lens, increasing its reliability.

Shield RMS mounting standard

The Shield AMSc features the popular Shield RMS mounting standard, ensuring direct fit with numerous optic-ready handguns. It fits perfectly on Springfield Hellcat, Glock 43, Sig Sauer 365XL and many other popular pistols. Furthermore, a variety of mounting options are available on the market should you require any.

Shield AMSc
Shield AMSc

Shield AMSc’s illumination properties

In contrast to AMS, AMSc offers automatic illumination only, meaning that the brightness intensity is set automatically according to the ambient lighting conditions. The battery compartment’s side placement is a practical feature, enabling users to change batteries without removing the AMSc from the firearm, thereby avoiding the re-zeroing process. Users also have the choice among three battery types – CR2025, CR2032, or CR2050 – allowing them to prioritize either extended battery life or enhanced concealability.

Shield AMSc’s optical features

The sight functions with a true 1x magnification, making it comfortable to use with both eyes open. The lens offers a distortion-free and tint-free clear view.

Shield AMSc
Shield AMSc

Expected in April, 2024

Shield AMSc stands out as a highly robust, compact, and enclosed reflex red dot sight tailored for micro-compact optic-ready pistols. Crafted, produced, and assembled in the UK, it will be priced at 569 $ in the US. During my visit to Shot Show, I learned that production is already underway, though there may be some wait times involved. Availability for purchase is anticipated in April 2024.

Shield AMSc – a micro-compact version of the AMS
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Shield AMSc – a micro-compact version of the AMS
Shield AMSc's size makes it ideal for use with micro-compact pistols that are optic ready for the Shield RMS mounting standard.
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Optics Trade
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